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A general manager talks about 11 management mistakes

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In the management work, some traditional methods are wrong, we should avoid making these mistakes. The following 11 are wrong. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

01 refuse to assume personal responsibility

Once a job is wrong, the chairman called me a scolding. I told the director said, “this is my fault!” I would never say this in front of the president who is wrong. So I went back to my office, the deputy general call, tell them first I was just saying, when the chairman scold, can not tell you any of a person’s name, I was in front of him a man stirs up all the responsibility, can you give I made such a mistake. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

If I said this is in front of the president, Deputy General Xu’s fault, it is the vice president of the chairman Zhao wrong, say only one thing: the general manager, I white please you, if it is their fault, what are you doing? I if he said so, I have no face to stay go on. So, in the long before my shoulders, this is the responsibility, wrong is wrong, why blame others? Boldly admit mistakes, and then try to solve the problem, absorbing the experience and lessons, this is the most important.

Effective managers will always take personal responsibility for the outcome of the matter, not to trouble others. President Truman was in his office at the door hung a striking slogan: “buckets stop here!” means the problem so far, no longer to others. Every director should put it as their motto. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

There are two kinds of people in the world, a person trying to justify, a people in the non-stop. Do try to charge less performance, to explain, to dare to take responsibility. When there is a problem, look at the reason is not own? When you are ready to ask the boss to ask. Look, there is no burden of responsibility, is not into the boss door not? In a word, we should always remember the famous American management consultant Steven Brown’s words: “if managers want to play the management efficiency, must have the courage to take responsibility”

02 don’t inspire subordinates

The so-called inspiration, is refers to the people, at any time, anywhere education. No matter what time, as long as you see under the wrong, to inspire subordinates, but many are not competent when open to your mouth. Once I saw a clerk in the wrong envelopes, and immediately put other people call together come in and say, you see, that it is the “general manager Liu” 4 words to be as large as the “general manager” 3 characters cannot be lowercase, like people not as the general manager of it; but the capital name is a mistake, the name should be taboo, to write; Dear Sirs, is wrong dear sir, respectfully is open, people with what must open to others? The general manager to write open, jinchic or pro Kai, so polite. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

This is called the opportunity in education, my company spent a lot of time in education, but it is hard in front, easy after. Don’t forget, your subordinates have 70% of the education is to rely on you. But some people say that education is the human resources department of things, such an idea is wrong. Supervisor should bear 70% of the responsibility to educate his subordinates, only 30% of the responsibility by the human resources department and human resources department as basic education. Really competent to do professional education, not “cattle grazing”, to seize any opportunity to inspire your subordinates.

03 emphasize results, not emphasize ideas

The first people to have ideas, and then have the idea, have touched, finally turned into action, for a long time to become a habit. To become a habit is very difficult. The writer Chen Zhifan has the words in “Cambridge” a Book of reflection: many many history can be a little bit of traditional culture, many traditional can cultivate a little culture. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

The culture is a habit for many years, the habit is not a simple thing. For example, the concept of time is a kind of thought, a kind of behavior, if it becomes a habit, it will form a strong power in the world culture. The concept of time is very strong.

Many bosses love a word: don’t tell me, I just need the result. This sounds very handsome, very personality, grace. If you are the commander, commander, you can command men with brothers put down the hill to attack me, don’t tell me how much blood flow do not; how many people with my death, I only ask before noon today to the hill to take me. Yes, in the military have emphasized the importance of this concept, many CEOs love this style. However, today we are doing business, not my subordinates to die. We should emphasize the thought, you do not turn his mind to speak 100 times to no avail. If your subordinates follow you and thought no progress, it came in and out are the same, you will be a successful executive, he told you will have resentment. Under the idea is in charge of education and indoctrination,. The tube should go to their education as the education of their own children. If you don’t have to teach him, he had no idea that it is impossible to produce a behavior on the development of touch, no touch, no behavior is less likely to have habits. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

04, the management way of no discrimination

Each person’s different background, personality is not the same, not the same experience, the world no two people are exactly the same, then how should education? It is equally refuse management. Only a key to open a lock with a key opens all locks. For example, critics, on the face thick, public criticism; on aimianzi, to be called to the office alone. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

Do managers to spend some thought, to study your subordinates, from their behavior, action, language, thought of eyes, to understand, to judge. If he love money, let him do sales; he works very carefully, so that he can do the design work; see things only to see for people, keep the warehouse; eat with a calculator who should do the people to engage in accounting; womanishly fussy customer service; fidget let him go to the field to do. This is called with strengths. As a supervisor, should pay attention to these problems. I have a manager, he had the right look it is important, not what the big demand for money, I put the seal of the company gave him every day in the office, “bang bang bang” seal, and his position in the office of the middle, let everyone look at him, let him have a sense of power, he was very happy.

The idea is simple, compliance is relatively high, we can give him instructions to him, to give him efficiency requirements, budget control, line management can be implemented from top to bottom; for the educated, sensitive, have seen the world, experience complex, emphasis on team spirit, to let him in, to pay attention to the two-way management, can not engage in a one-way street. A company in the end what method, no complete set, some stressed the importance of human system, some management. A company with a personnel regulation is not what, every company has the personnel regulations, but also the same. So, to adapt the management object, not equally. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

05 forget the lifeblood of the company: profits

One day, President of a company in the restaurant for lunch. Eat half, there are 4 familiar voice from the next room. Those who came to discuss the very warm, he couldn’t resist eavesdropping, found several senior men about their departments in pride.

The chief engineer said: “no one can compare with me, for a company’s success, the biggest contribution is the production department department. If you do not have a decent product, that is what is not.” the sales manager rob said: “wrong! The best product in the world for nothing, unless you have strong sales department to sell it.” vice president in charge of the company’s internal and public relations also have opinions: “if the company does not have a good image, the defeat is absolute, no one will buy a house he doesn’t trust products.” “I think your view is too narrow,” vice president in charge of human resources to attack: “we all know the company’s strength lies in its staff, and remove the strong willingness to work with high employee, company immediately stalled”

4 aspiring young people to continue the discussion, and strive for their department. President until after lunch, the discussion has not ended, he left the restaurant and rooms that stopped at the door. “You,” he said, “I can’t help but listen to your discussion, I am glad that you can feel for their own department proud, but I can not say, in my experience, none of you are right. In any company, no department is responsible for the success of the company. If you find the core problem, you will find that the management of a successful company like stunt people keep 5 balls in the air. The 4 ball is white, which reads: products, sales, business and public relations staff, another is red. At any time, stunt people must remember, no matter what happens, never let the ball fell to the ground, because the two words are written on the red The president: profit. “It is absolutely right. There is no profit, even if the company has the most perfect products, the best image, the most competent employees, the financial basis of the most striking, it will soon be in trouble. As a leader has four major responsibilities, create profits for shareholders to seek employment for the society for the welfare of employees, the quality for the consumers. The most important is the first, to create profits, let the company development, is the primary responsibility of all charge. The total assessment of your company, the highest competent judge you, just ask for one thing: a profit? Of course, we called the pursuit of profit is not to use unscrupulous divisive tactics. To make money, but to the pursuit of profit as the responsibility is the goal, and always keep in mind. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

06, see the problem, not looking at the target

As a supervisor, should pay attention to the target. If a director to focus on minor issues, you will forget your goals, will lose creativity. Many executives seem busy, in fact they spend 90% of the time to do only 10% of the company’s contribution, one of the main reasons for this lack of efficiency is little they note. Things to look at the principles, work every day to do the most important, the most urgent thing to do other things to go, a person can not do all things, always do things. We emphasize the need to look at the target, and it’s not to look at the problem, problem you have to look at, but also to look carefully, because the problem is an opportunity. But only standing on the height of the object on the problem, problem can be turned into opportunities. Therefore, executives don’t say I have a problem, if I face a chance that the meaning is not the same. If only In details, it is difficult to see the real problem, can not see the chance. Don’t do that, you will be one step ahead of competitors, because marketing has a famous saying: learn whatever you think, your opponent will help you think of.

07 don’t be in charge, just be buddies

Do managers should have their own dignity, in the company do not break the rules under the feet once stepped on your shoulder, the next step is to step on your head. We are subordinate to love, to support the reward, but he spoke in your head can not, this is not ethics, bad rules. If a supervisor will finally indulge subordinates are difficult to manage, the first time he began to break the rules of punishment. If there is no punishment, he will become a “model”, the company’s standards will be destroyed, it’s difficult.

A lot of charge is difficult to do this, because he is always hope to get everyone’s support in the company, he is not steady enough, often in the company set of friendship, all with Buddy loyalty together, but he will not speak so dignified. Why? Because he did not put the company’s requirements and discipline it is very important, but the private feelings and personal utility to see more weight, the move, to all as brothers. Sometimes this is. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

08 there is no standard set

The British company, specializing in the world famous dishes, they are broken more than qualified product. A designer throwing dishes, each of the 10 broke 6, qualified only 4, but in order to book 3 years later, no goods. No fear of falling, broken all the dishes are included in the cost of other dishes. It is also difficult to buy, why? It is fine, companies have high standards and with dignity.

A company set standards of conduct is to make the company with dignity, let employees with dignity. There is no standard company, a manager has no design standards, the company will be in a state of disorder. If you go into a company, people ask how you go. You say, is not easy to go ah, to be written, oral that steak a layer of skin. Conversely, if you say, come very easy, just go. People will think this company is not worth staying, without screening, there is no strict criteria. People have such a mentality: the more you have a behavior standard, more is a kind of performance requirements. He felt more dignified.

The so-called standard, is actually a vow, a dignity, a kind of quality. Like the German Mercedes Benz, saw in the street, what would you think? It is a kind of dignity. Why rich people love to buy Benz, if manufacturers do not have that standard, you can buy it in the car? The same reason, who is like Benz as there is a standard, who has dignity. The company with standard, can let the staff feel that the work in this company is a kind of glory. When all the people put the standard as a pledge, a quality, pride in the company will become more and more strong that management has become more and more relaxed. Therefore, not only to the implementation of standards, but only has to set standards, management standards, the management will have a high performance.

09 a person who has insufficient ability

Some executives love looking for love in the office, looking for the love of his subordinates. In fact wrong, management is not a game, see who don’t love the most, when the old man. I often say a word: a man in the company (refers to the principle that only half hearted people) do not work, do not behave if you fail to do this, you put aside, let those who are willing to when black people to be competent. Today the company gave you a task, hope you can finish it. And you are afraid of offending the fear of offending, then simply do not do. Han Feizi is the ancient law a brilliant exposition on this issue, with today’s words: a supervisor can only suppress their own, that is afraid of; a supervisor can only correct yourself, it is chaos; a supervisor can only save themselves, it is not necessary to charge cheap. Tell yourself not to do this don’t do that A correct, here and there, always save yourself. Have the ability, their hands out of order, everything is normal, every day outside the entertainment company customers, this is bad. All is well., if you all dressed and a lamp on your lonely back late at night, finally return to vomit blood, overwork, this is why bitchy.? management like Pyramid, if only the top a little bad, below the solid, not what great things; if the bottom is broken, the top is again good, also will be crumbling. So, you must strictly manage your department, correct your start, call your organization to save. If the supervisor only asks me that is equal to the connivance of incompetent people. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

And Mister love find a capacity of poor people than their own as deputy, deputy for a worse than he for men, like this, is getting worse, so the director always said his men are in fact not, he had caused. Chinese with one the concept of love with their local, regional relations or relations closer to people, even if his ability is poor. This is the connivance of incompetent people. Overindulgence incompetent people, for those who do not have the ability, the nonstriving person in the organization, is unfair to other people, so everyone no strength, poor down result is good, and ultimately caused the collapse of the organization.

10 eyes only super star

Not only in the eyes of the super star, to emphasize team spirit. As a team, if only to emphasize the super star, do not emphasize the efforts of all, is difficult to win. McDonald’s has a word, our company does not have the manager, the manager is called to outsiders. McDonald’s manager for the dinner guests, this is the provisions of the headquarters, the world McDonald’s employees have no position for the dinner guests. They realized that the company can have today’s success depends on the staff, which is not a super star credit.

If you put your line of the top people to your company to the end of a year, or only one person can earn ranking first place. Why? Because so many top players do not exist, even if they exist, only a “first”, and his people are the “losers” of the title. A real super star is very small, most of the company’s business is all those ordinary people do. Only pay attention to the super star, the only result is to reduce the management performance, reduce the performance of the company. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

Even if the company has a superstar, but also dilute his contribution, if he is a superstar, to have the kind of mind. The supervisor will put 90% of the love in the 90% person, don’t put the love of 90% in 10% people, as of 90% other people who for the company to make unfair. The contribution of people should be regarded as company of heroes, this company became a team.

A lot of companies to dig some famous people, treat them as a super star, we can often hear that they soon end part company each going his own way. Why? Because some super star will not be Thanksgiving, they think that they can have today is the result of their own efforts, not the company cultivation results; they think they are not gregarious, stand head and shoulders above others in the company, but also does not compromise the company has encountered difficult, often not willing to put their own; they paid in addition to the requirements, not what contribution to the company. So, do not the boss only in the eyes of the super star, should pay attention to the cultivation of men, for men to become a star.

11 forming opposition within the company

Once, I asked the chairman: what are they doing? Chairman seriously looked at me: who are they? Our downstairs repair ah, I said. At that time, he asked me, I did not react. Once, I asked them: the project. “Who are they?” I haven’t finished, he interrupted me to ask. Then I remembered the same experience, immediately realized what the problem is. I admit that I was wrong. The chairman, chairman, said: “more than the total, there is only us, not them.” it gave me a deep lesson. In the company, in front of the customer, don’t say “they” say “we”. Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

As a supervisor, do not underestimate this difference. For example, I work in the company had to Nikko Tokyo airport once trained fields for raising razor clam, after a nearby supermarket, bought a box of Almond Jelly, go back to eat, is broken. Second days after I go in there, with the salesgirl said, I Almond Jelly bought yesterday is bad. There is no bad?? the lady asked. I said that is not worth what money, I threw it away, never mind, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to ask for some money. No, this is a major event, you wait. She said Dong Dong ran upstairs, not long, dongdongdong ran down, next to a man carrying a bag, walked up to me and said, sir, here are 5 boxes of Almond Jelly, which is fresh, you have to eat, this is Almond Jelly you bought yesterday we return money. Here you are.

Our shop to sell this tofu is our shame, but we have a telephone call, the supplier will come to attend the meeting next week, we’ll take a look at why this happened. Sir, if you have been here next Monday, if you are interested, you can come to me, I will tell you where we are make a mistake. After that, I will go over there to buy things. Why? I believe it, this life I where to buy anything, they will take responsibility. In fact, the time that miss not to sell me, the manager is not, but they did not say, this is not I handled, it is the supplier’s wrong, this is the wrong miss yesterday, this is your own fault. But they only said that this is “our” fault!

The supervisor will often emphasize “we” concept. What if someone makes a mistake, it is our fault, and then to review is wrong. This idea should be from your occupation career start, in the course of time will form a habit, the company will not form a contrast, or your company the Department can truly unite into a whole.

Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

Experienced steel manufacturers near me China Manufacturer

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