Custom Steel Parts Machined

If you need steel parts machined we are one of the most capable and affordable sources, and we can get the job done right. 

Steel is a metal alloy consisting mostly of iron, typically with small amounts of carbon although other elements may be included such as manganese, chromium, vanadium, and tungsten.  


VOHN machine shop manufactures steel parts using Bending, Counter boring, Counter sinking, Drilling, Surface Grinding, Laser Cutting, Milling, Plasma Cutting, Reaming, Band sawing, Shearing, Threading & Tapping. Turret Punching, Turning (lathe), Waterjet Cutting and Wire EDM.


Steel parts are used in countless ways including electronic enclosures, auto parts, engine parts, lighting fixtures, appliances, chassis, bolts, nuts, tools, jigs, furniture, material moving equipment, and decorative architecture.


Steel parts are often economical due to the lower cost of the metal, but sometimes are more expensive than aluminum because of additional time required to machine them. Comparing to aluminum, steel parts are typically stronger. The common metal comes in numerous alloys with a wide variety of properties and is one of the least expensive metals. Steel is easily formed to make enclosures and other shapes and can be hardened, is magnetic and has many alloys that are easily machined.