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[Workplace Story] Even if it is an adversary, we must strive for joy.

— Inamori Kazuo. steel shaft
Respecting each other and caring about other people’s “altruistic” behavior may seem to be a loss to oneself at first sight, but in the long-term perspective, it will surely bring about more satisfactory results.

Kyocera Corporation has a subsidiary in the United States and is an electronic parts manufacturer called AVX. More than a decade ago, because AVX Corporation was a manufacturer of capacitors, Inoue Kazuo stated that Kyocera would need to acquire the company to become an integrated electronic parts manufacturer and submitted an application to the president of AVX Corporation at that time. steel shaft

The other party quickly agreed that the acquisition was in the form of “share exchange.” That is, at the time of the New York Stock Exchange, the stock price of AVX worth about US$20 per share was increased by half, and transactions were made at a price of US$30. Kyocera’s shares were exchanged at a price of US$82.

But later, the other party hoped that AVX’s stock price would be set at 32 US dollars. Due to its inconsistency with the facts, it was opposed by the general manager and lawyer of Kyocera America. But Inamori Kazuo thought that the other party also considered the requirements of the shareholders and therefore agreed to it. steel shaft

Then the average stock price of the New York Stock Exchange began to fall, and Kyocera’s share price fell to 72 US dollars. The other party asked again and hoped to set Kyocera’s exchange share price at 72 U.S. dollars.

Ina Kazuo once again agreed to this unfavorable requirement. Not because of calculations, or because of human nature, in his opinion, mergers and acquisitions are just like unions between companies, and it is necessary to bring together employees from companies with completely different cultures. Therefore, it is necessary to give maximum attention to each other’s situation. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

After the successful acquisition, Kyocera’s share price rose rapidly. AVX also received huge profits. Not only was it inconsistent with the acquisition, it also frankly accepted Kyocera’s business philosophy. As a result, just five years later, AVX re-listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Kyocera gained a huge return from the listing. steel shaft

Prior to this, many Japanese companies acquired American companies, but few succeeded. According to Inamori Kazuo, the biggest difference between these failures and Kyocera’s successful acquisition of AVX is whether it is to consider only the interests or the interests of the other party.

Kazuo Inamori, who likes Chinese philosophy, likes the old Chinese “wholesaling and benefiting”. He said: Respecting each other and caring about other people’s “altruistic” behavior may seem to be a loss to oneself at first glance, but in the long term, it will surely bring about better results. steel shaft

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