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Let’s take a look at the salary of mechanical engineers from all over the world. Envy…

Australian Mechanical Engineer. steel welding

Australia was the first country in the world to introduce a system and project to attract high-skilled immigrants. Recently, the Australian government introduced a more selective policy for foreign immigrants to meet the needs of different regions outside the country, especially big cities. The country has halved the number of visas and revised the scoring system to select immigrants with more skills, experience, better English and higher academic qualifications.

Average salary in the country: US$44,983

German mechanical engineer

Germany is particularly interested in engineers in the automotive industry.

Since 1973, Germany has banned the employment of foreigners to protect its own labor. However, due to the shortage of high-tech professionals in industries such as engineering, information technology and medical care, the German government was forced to implement the EU blue card system in 2012 to facilitate non-EU professionals to work in Germany. Some qualified workers can also enter the country for six months to find a job. steel welding

Average salary in the country: $40,223

New Zealand Mechanical Engineer

New Zealand is one of the first countries in the world to introduce a scoring system that attracts high-skilled immigrants and a shortage of talent. In 2010, the country implemented a new immigration law and introduced short-term work visas so that professionals can start work before they get a long-term work visa. The law also strengthens the company sponsorship system and makes more demands on companies that sponsor immigration. The new immigration law also provides more immigration convenience to investment immigration, entrepreneurs, and visiting scholars and researchers.

Average salary in the country: USD 27,396

Singapore Mechanical Engineer

Singapore needs more than bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in automation and precision engineering. The annual starting salary is approximately 31,200 U.S. dollars.

Because of a series of preferential policies in Singapore, the country has become one of the countries that attracts the most highly skilled immigrants in recent years. There are 93 specialty needs on the list of industries that the country needs. By June 2012, the country had attracted as many as 174,000 high-tech immigrants. In September of the same year, the government raised the salary level of immigrants who were carrying their families to “reduce the pressure on social facilities.” steel welding

Average salary in the country: $31,392

British Mechanical Engineer

Britain needs aerospace professional mechanical engineers. The average salary for a college graduate in this industry starts at 23,000 pounds (about 36,850 U.S. dollars).

Since 2010, the UK’s demand has had a greater impact on the country’s immigration system. In 2010, the government implemented some new regulations to reduce the number of net immigrants, including skilled immigrants, in order to protect the country’s labor interests. This includes capping the number of two types of high-tech immigrants (Tier1 Tier1 and Tier2 Tier2). In 2011, the list of short-term occupations has also been shortened. In 2012, the government adopted some more flexible measures based on the requirements of the industry and employers. steel welding

Average salary in the country: US$44,743

A mechanical engineer in Germany talks about the actual income of the work

According to the survey report of the German National Bureau of Statistics, the average income of engineering is ranked second, and the first place is medicine (dental medicine). The lawyer’s occupation did not appear in the report because lawyers in Germany were going to be in the wrong place. The lawyers in the beginning were very hard and had low incomes. They gradually picked up the lawsuit and they could make a lot of money with the company. So there was no Put lawyers into statistical elements. The industries with the highest income are concentrated in the financial, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, and other fields. The highest-paid occupations include doctors, lawyers, engineers, and computer practitioners. I fully agree with the high income of doctors and lawyers. One is life-saving, the other is for you to deal with lawsuits, and so much money. steel welding

It is not difficult to see that the German engineer is a very good job and can be adequately protected. Taking graduates of automotive industry R&D positions as an example, the starting salary for masters is generally around 48k euros. If the price is high in Munich, Hamburg and other regions with high prices, the annual salary will go up. The amount of floating is generally used to make up for the price gap. Married couples have about 33k Euros after taxation on the premise of 48k Euros. The 15k euro deducted includes various taxes and various insurances. 33k euros of after-tax income only need to bear their own food and shelter, other things do not have to worry about. For example, to see a doctor, you do not need to bring money. As long as you bring a medical insurance card, even if the hospital has to change its mind for the liver, don’t pay for it. A graduate of the first year has a monthly balance of 1,000 Euros to 1500 Euros. In the first few years, the rate of increase was relatively large. If there is no position, the average annual salary rose to 8W euros and it will be the end. It will not rise anymore. steel welding

Under the background of low daily consumption in Germany, the money is inexhaustible. An ordinary engineer can afford villas with three floors, a parking space for parking three or four cars in front of the door, a garage for maintenance garages, and a garden of tens of square meters. If you wish, you can One or two fruit trees are planted in the garden. The family on the weekend grills in the yard and takes a ladder to pick apples from the trees. Adults at home have a car, an SUV, a hatchback or a sedan family car, and a broken car for children who have just got a driver’s license. Some people have a large motorcycle or four wheels at home. Mofa. Some families will also buy a trailer-type RV, which is cheaper than the monopoly RV. It is used for hooking behind the family car. On the holiday weekend, the RV is driven by a family to go sightseeing. After the forty-five-year-old had accumulated more money, he could consider buying a sports car. Most of the open-road sports cars on German streets are middle-aged people. What if the money is still running out? Traveling everywhere, European countries take turns running, sunbathing and surf skiing to see the Aurora, these seem to have become standard for Germans. So I look at the colleagues around me. They are all happy and happy. No one has ever complained to you about the money. No one complains to you that you cannot afford to buy a house.

In contrast, some other positions in Germany are not as rich as their income, such as civil servants. It is not an exaggeration to say that German civil servants belong to low- and middle-income groups and do not need to go to college. After receiving high school education for vocational training, they can be civil servants, and so are the police. However, the bureaucratic style of government agencies in Germany is very heavy. steel welding

Compared to these positions, the position of a mechanical engineer can be described as a citron. For example, when my wife was interviewing for a doctoral degree in Germany at the time, because the scholarship had not yet been applied for at the time, the German medical doctor did not give any money, so the professor asked my wife how to solve the economic problem. My wife said that I have a source of income for work in Germany. The professor asked what the job is. My wife said that it was an automotive engineer and the professor immediately said that there was no problem at all.

The income of German mechanical engineers is standard. All German companies, regardless of their size, have a standard for their wages. As long as the job is marked as an engineer job, it will be higher than a single amount. In other words, if an applicant says to the company: I can earn a low salary and you receive me! Sorry, you dare not to get the money, the company dare not give money. Therefore, the relationship between labor and capital in Germany is generally more stable. Many people in the older generation are working in a company until retirement. Although the frequency of the younger generation’s job-hopping has increased, it is far less dramatic than domestic ones. steel welding

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