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Summarize the quality control experience |

How to do quality control can be effective, what the quality department to do? This is a quality manager of the main quality control summary, involving more comprehensive, for your reference!

The quality department is the service sector, is the negative value-added sector, is in a relatively awkward department in the company. When the product quality is not ideal, the quality of the responsibility of the Department of the first; when the product quality is relatively stable, it is not essential as the vase, so now the quality Department of these enterprises is still not essential department.

The quality department is responsible for some enterprises in other sectors, there is a certain leadership and, with delivery, receiving raw material or not, whether adverse events appear to stop line quality and so on in the process, also led by a wave of the hand, table a beat, made the decision, the quality control of this basically there is no control.

In my opinion, only if all managers pay enough attention to the quality, full participation in quality control, in order to make the customers satisfied with the products.

The following is the main quality control of my quality manager in the company:

First, the most basic quality inspection

1, after taking office, make the product specification industry recognized and correctly, make the measurement test equipment, operating procedures, common products incoming, process, semi-finished products, finished products, shipment inspection procedures; for the inspection of special products.

2, the establishment of quality department, confirmed QC, QA staff, through on-the-job training assessment, early promotion methods, requirements of quality inspection personnel of the norms and standards of understanding, can accurately judge the reality for every half a year of training and examination, qualified can continue to do original work, every a quarter of on-site examination and confirmation by QC to verify the product after confirmation, false, false positives, false probability, and the results will be included in the inspector’s performance appraisal;

3, QC staff to analyze and explain the simple quality of results, when there is QC report to me bad phenomenon, I would ask: what do you think is the cause of this undesirable phenomenon, and analyzed and discussed the necessary and the other.

Two, strengthen the company’s understanding of WIP, R & D product quality and production process quality

1, two times a day regularly visited the workshop process, observe the existing is production work flow, to reduce errors, improve the work efficiency as the standard, the unreasonable flow caused by unstable quality, passing each other influence of group cooperation between departments, if found unreasonable process, timely communication and consultation with the management, correct the work flow;

2, to observe the quality of full consciousness, whether to assume the quality of responsibility, whether according to the flow of work, the quality of work. How to find problems and timely management and Department of communication, improve. Lead and assist all departments to establish a set of effective performance appraisal, so as to increase the whole staff quality consciousness.

Three, the six aspects of human, machine, material, method, ring, test control for practical work

1, production personnel (person)

The Department of administration and workshop tracking confirmed: production personnel in line with technical requirements, each employee induction training, through the assessment of qualified, workshop practice, the ability to work after the normal job

The quality department and technical department confirmed: the special procedure should be clearly stipulated in special operations (smelting, milling, molding, sintering, electroplating and other processes), professional knowledge and operation skills of operating personnel and inspection personnel should possess, inspection qualified certificates.

Operators can strictly abide by the company system and strictly according to the process file operation, now by the workshop supervisor and full-time QC inspection, supervise the execution of staff

Inspection personnel according to the technical procedures and inspection instructions for inspection, do a good job in the original record of inspection, requiring each inspection process before the end of the day before the test data into the electronic file

2, equipment maintenance and repair (machine)

The “equipment management measures” shall be formulated, in which the purchase, circulation, maintenance, maintenance and verification of the equipment are clearly defined

New equipment sample tracking follows the same mechanism of new product sample tracking;

Once a quarter by the quality department led the measures for the administration of inspection equipment without the effective implementation of the provisions, inspection items include: equipment ledger, maintenance verification plan, maintenance records are implemented (random inquiry operators, what time what whether you operate the equipment maintenance or maintenance), check is there a record.

3, the production of materials (materials)

The main raw materials can only be provided by the audited qualified suppliers. Lead the annual main raw material supplier audit, including supplier system audit and product audit

After consultation with the purchasing department, the purchase order requirements except clear number, weight, price, delivery date and other conventional requirements, various technical indicators (magnetic properties, size, appearance) to express to purchase orders, procurement staff will input technical index of electronic file sharing, in order to verify their compliance with the material procurement of materials order requirements.

The next process is responsible for supervision of the upper process, such as the process did not find the upper process is not good, the process of all the bad goods by the process to bear, and recorded in the process performance appraisal

All process products must be marked with batch or serial number, which is easy to track and trace, check the identification list at any time, and whether the tracking card and other filling conditions meet the requirements

4, operation method (method)

Quality control points are established for the key processes, special procedures and general procedures that have been distinguished

The main processes of suspension procedure or work instruction, process documents to personnel, tooling, equipment, operation methods, production environment, process parameters and the specific technical requirements; process for special processes in addition to the specific parameters, control methods of process parameters, sample preparation, equipment and environmental conditions to make specific provisions.

The control method of the important production process control chart finds out the potential bad factors. At present, our company adopts x-R control chart, and the counting type adopts the unqualified product rate P control chart

5, production environment (ring)

Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light and other technical documents in accordance with the production requirements, our company special procedure environment according to the requirements of special operations for the execution of the general process of products is not high requirements for temperature and humidity, ambient temperature and humidity.

Maintain a clean production environment, material, tooling, fixture and tidy, orderly, perform 5S related requirements, weekly administrative department organized relevant departments inspection of the workshop process 5S implementation, and the test results and workshop processes responsible for performance.

6, quality inspection and feedback (measurement)

The inspection procedures include inspection items, project indicators, inspection methods, sampling plans, inspection frequency, instruments and other requirements

Each process inspection verifies the product according to the inspection procedures and records, each process inspection station submit daily, weekly, monthly report, require the daily newspaper second days before half past eight submit, weekly report on Monday morning submit, monthly report No. 8 before submission

Control nonconforming products, focus on rework and rework, make rework and rework tracking list

Site inspection: inspected goods, qualified goods, rework, scrap with different color box, color with eye-catching logo, stored or isolated respectively. (white is to be seized goods, blue is qualified, yellow is the rework, scrap is red).

All kinds of quality inspection records, physical and chemical analysis reports, control charts, etc. of special procedures must be filed, arranged and kept at any time in the state of inspection

Daily process abnormal timely reporting to the quality department, to confirm the cause of bad, immediately notify the relevant departments, the corrective and preventive, such as small quality accident can not confirm the adverse causes (mass loss of less than 5000 yuan), notify the relevant departments or telephone or mail, and the relevant departments responsible person to meet together to find out the reasons, timely corrective and preventive large, quality accident (batch scrap, mass loss of more than 5000 yuan, the customer complaint system of bad, etc.) notify the production line down, by the quality department to hold a temporary meeting quality, record meeting content, the resolution, follow-up verification, and the results to the general manager.

Weekly, monthly reports are classified according to the quality defects, statistics and analysis, through the weekly, monthly, according to the main defects of the project, the quality department to management departments in charge of communication and consultation, take measures necessary process test results into the process.

Four, standardization of quality system

1, the leading company of ISO9001, TS16494 system documentation, audit, the overall plan for the above three point control work into the company’s quality system improvement, based on established standards, through the investigation and analysis of process quality, found the process, the various departments the concrete requirements and system requirements of the implementation deviation, and take corrective measures, do write and do, do with the record of consistent, continuous cycle through continuous improvement, continuous improvement, in order to achieve the quality of the whole system.

2, responsible for the system of each year, third party audit, second party audit from customer, leading internal audit, management review, the three part audit findings into the continuous improvement of quality system.

Five, customer service

Responsible for dealing with customer complaints, complaints, and reply to customers within 24 hours, through telephone communication, mail exchanges, visit customers and other ways, the quality of the controversial issues and customer consultations, to reach a consensus

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