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[career Story] Oil king Rockefeller’s dollar tip

In a messy waiting room, sitting on the seat by the door with a tired old man, dust and shoes on the body of the sludge that he take a lot of road. The train stop, start checking the old man, neither fast nor slow stood up, ready to go to the wicket. surface grinding services

Suddenly, a fat lady came out of the waiting room. She was carrying a big box, and she was obviously going to catch the train, but the box was too heavy. She was tired and wheezing.

The fat lady saw the old man and shouted at him, “Hello, old man, please lift the box for me, and I’ll give you a tip later.” the old man didn’t even think about it. He lifted the box and went to the ticket gate with the fat lady. surface grinding services

They are just the ticket on the train, the train started. Fat lady wiped the sweat, glad to say: “thanks to you, otherwise I can not be non free.” she said, taking a dollar to the old man, the old man took a smile.

At this time, the train leader came up: “Mr. Rockefeller, Hello, welcome to this train. Can I help you?”

“Thank you, no, I just made a three day hike, and now I’m going back to New York headquarters,” the old man replied politely. surface grinding services

“What? Rockefeller?” the fat lady exclaimed, “God, I actually let the oil magnate Mr. Rockefeller famous to carry my suitcase, I gave him a dollar tip, what I was doing?” she hastened to apologize to Rockefeller, and Rockefeller made it with profound respect and humility to dollar tip back to her.

“Madam, you don’t have to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Rockefeller said with a smile. “This dollar is earned by me, so I accept it.” then Rockefeller put the dollar in his pocket. surface grinding services

The story of philosophy of success but it seems you head a halo in others, like the old woman later and the true success with profound respect and humility; and should be “see” their head halo, halo and does not change what, like Rockefeller think of yourself as though the richest in the world is still a man do the same. surface grinding services

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