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[career Story] Writing down the plan is the first step in implementing it

In the past, we used to think that planning was the first step in implementing the plan. However, if the plan is not implemented, it will always be a dead letter. swiss machine products

At the end of 1960, Ackerka was promoted to general manager of a department at Ford Motor.

Wall Street triggered his first inspiration when Mr. Ackka took office, when Ford Motor Company shares were listed on 1956, with shareholders apparently most concerned about the company’s production and finances.

Ford, like other listed companies, sends detailed financial statements every three months to each shareholder to keep them informed of how the company is operating and to pay dividends.

Since shareholders can review us with quarterly statements, why don’t we do it ourselves?

So Ikka began to design a management system that is still in use. He regularly asks the subordinate manager a few basic questions, asks them to ask the same question to his subordinates, and so on. All the way to the lowest level. swiss machine products

The basic questions are:

1. What are your goals in the next 90 days?

2. What is your plan? What’s the first thing you have to do? What’s your hope?

3. What are you going to do to achieve your goal?

On the face of it, this sequence is just a way to hold subordinates accountable to their superiors, but the quarterly review system also makes everyone accountable to themselves. It not only makes managers think about their goals. It is also an effective way to remind everyone not to forget to pursue their ideals. swiss machine products

Every three months, managers at every level sit face to face with their immediate superiors, check their goals for the past quarter, and once they agree on each other’s production goals, they write them down. Immediate superiors also sign their names as a sign of responsibility.

If you just talk about it, you can easily cope with it, but you may not even know what you said. But if you want to write it down, you have to think about it. What is written in this way can be specific, and it is not so easy to deceive oneself and others. swiss machine products

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