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The United States punishes the public by 30 billion. Why is Germany not protecting the short-term, and it has also penalized the public for 1.2 billion?

On June 18th, Audi CEO Steader was arrested on the grounds that it hindered the judicial authorities from investigating the incident of public exhaust emissions, which exposed the public “discharge gate” that had faded...

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In the face of reality, the people are silent! The take-off of the manufacturing industry, please start with the machine

How to become a manufacturing power? The core lies in the realization of intelligent and high-end manufacturing. types of CNC machine Nowadays, one of the real problems facing the people of the country is that the...

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How German and Japanese “Artisan Spirit” learns, and insisting on “Slow Workmanship” is not impetuous

Respect for "excellence" and innovation. CNC Machining in China "Craftsmanship" is a distant and unfamiliar word for many people, but it appeared on the Prime Minister's government work report on March 5. It is so grand...

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