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The pen tip steel that the Prime Minister is concerned about has been developed for two years. What is going on now?

Produce a small ballpoint pen. plastic injection mould design Need more than 20 processes There are 5 grooves guiding the ink in the pen Processing accuracy is to be achieved On the order of one thousandth of a millimeter. plastic...

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Nissan acknowledged that the tail gas and fuel consumption test fraud, the stock fell 5%

Nissan Motor Co., Japan's second-largest automaker, admitted on the 9th that it had problems with exhaust emissions and fuel consumption measurement at five plants in Japan. Nissan Motor announced that it will hold a...

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Seven ways to improve the accuracy of workpiece machining, try it today in the workshop

Machining accuracy is mainly used to produce product grades, and machining accuracy and machining tolerance are terms used to evaluate the geometric parameters of the machined surface. However, the actual parameters obtained by any...

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23 companies in Japan jointly research and develop all-solid-state batteries for electric vehicles

Japan’s New Energy Industry Technology Development Agency recently announced that 23 automotive, battery and material companies such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Panasonic, as well as 15 academic institutions including Kyoto University and Japan’s...

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Let’s take a look at the salary of mechanical engineers from all over the world. Envy…

Australian Mechanical Engineer. steel welding Australia was the first country in the world to introduce a system and project to attract high-skilled immigrants. Recently, the Australian government introduced a more selective policy for foreign immigrants to...

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Cracking, cracking, micro-cracking, whitening, etc. are common in injection molding.

Cracking, including surface cracking, microcracking, whitening, cracking, and due to sticking of parts or runners, or traumatic crisis, cracking and cracking according to the cracking time. Description: The injection molded part breaks when it...

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