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Minister of Industry and Information: Don’t worry, look at the global ranking of science and technology strength, you know how far China is still far behind.

Recently, Liu Yadong, editor-in-chief of Science and Technology Daily, said in a speech that it is necessary for the public to understand more things. In particular, it should be known that "my country" also...

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Why is the “blackboard” in the classroom turned green?

When I was in junior high school.  metal welding While sitting in class Just thinking about a problem Why teachers always say please see the blackboard But what board is green? Is there some misunderstanding?  metal welding In fact, at...

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Blood vessel injection high-speed removal packing system automation

>>>> Highlight 1 The system is equipped with high-performance servo motors and a self-developed high-performance servo motion control system. The in-mold removal time is less than 1.1 seconds. Quickparts CNC For Aerospace | On Demand...

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