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The length of life of the stamping die is determined by these few!

Mold burst reason. metal tubing 1 mold material is not easy to break in the follow-up processing 2. Heat Treatment: Improper deformation due to quenching and tempering 3 mold grinding flatness is not enough to produce deflection deformation 3....

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Reliability terminology, not to be missed!

Reliability. CNC Machining Service|CNC Machining Prototype China The ability of the product to fulfill the specified functions under specified conditions and within a specified period of time. Maintainability Products used under the specified conditions shall be maintained or...

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The numerical relationship between dimensional tolerances, form tolerances, and surface roughness is too valuable

First, the dimensional tolerance, shape tolerances, surface roughness on the numerical relationship. CNC machining | 10 years of experience 1. Numerical relationship between shape tolerance and dimensional tolerance When the dimensional tolerance accuracy is determined, the shape...

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