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Team Management: “Maps of Psychology” that inspire change

To become a leader in edifyfier, implies the need to do to change agent. Innovation, increase the demand for conceptual work, resulting in the effect of the inherent communication model is no longer obvious. Their team leaders need to listen to their ideas and colleagues, will be internalized to solutions, and personally to support. In addition, leaders hope to guide them to a certain the way of thinking, rather than forcing them. When the leader inspires other people, these people will change their ideas, opinions or actions.

When stimulating change, you need to consider two types of audience: yourself and others. First, think about how to change yourself. On the one hand, look for new interesting concepts, on the other hand, take consistent actions to make continuous changes.

The first step – to change and to control it is essential, and sometimes the most difficult step.

The second step is to think about what changes your thoughts will bring to others. What makes people happy to accept or reject your thoughts? People’s reaction to change is very common. Knowing these reactions can help you express your content clearly.

The following is the easy part: in fact, change the obstacles to you, to your audience are the same. No one wants to slow-witted. You can understand the operation of introspection, the way the brain, so you can get a broader, more profound perspective.

At the very beginning of development, we have begun to draw a psychological map. This map is equivalent to the nerve circuit — the connection between different neurons. These connections form the way of thinking.

In response to these mental maps allows us to can’t help: touch the hot stuff, we will be burning. The mental map also created the most complex view of the world. Everyone is the one and only a map, the individual unique life experience. Even based on almost all of the conclusions are the same, we also have drawn on their own the conclusion of the mental map.

Pay attention to the efficiency of the brain. Therefore, the mental map reflects the thinking and cognitive enhancement, will make us feel good. When you see the confirmation of existing cognitive information, the map between A and B points of the channel will become more obvious.

Because of this principle and related physiological change, so to think it’s important that our brains naturally resist change, but because this can improve efficiency and save energy, we should optimize the search for information, confirm the existing belief, belief system to avoid contrary to existing information.

If you want to change your behavior permanently, the following steps will provide some help.

“Think twice before”

Intuitively speaking, we all know that it is very important to think deeply and understand the habits of summarizing our own thoughts. In leadership training, it is a well known strategy to help customers improve their effectiveness through careful consideration (or strategic thinking, planning time and priority).

In a specific way with meditation, the brain can benefit from. Can be thoughtful, serene; let us know your thoughts in the connection and access to the mental map.

Thoughtful, is back in the brain, rather than forcing their influence on the immediate problem. The spirit of comprehensive consideration, is that we have space to think about the function of.Daniel Pink curing phenomenon in his book <Drive> about human motivation. When we focus too much on the most obvious definition or use something, we will can not see the alternative definition or use, which is proven by science point of view.

When we deliberately calm the brain’s most loud voice and create space for emerging ideas, we are more likely to fully follow those ideas and connect all important neural pathways to get insights.

“Focus on solutions”

Attention to shape our mental map. By shifting attention, can develop new patterns of thinking and behavior. Imagine your brain muscles: we are the most commonly used way of thinking will be stronger. If more focus on mistakes or failures, thinking will be related to dominate our brain. However, if choose to focus on work or possibilities, thoughts will become more active. This is why the problem rather than the solution will make us at all levels are the obstacles.

When we try to change, if the undivided attention focus on the solution and has a greater chance of success. Whether in personal life or professional work, it can play the effect. If we focus on weaknesses, it will only limit myself. If we focus on the advantages of their own, you will find your potential.

You may think “I am very introverted, poor communication,” or “I spoke to the crowd, will be very nervous.” continued to focus on these issues, you will become like this. But if you want to stimulate their own change, then please according to the existing mental map that resist change belongs to nature. View and guide their thinking. Don’t believe that cultural norms focus on problem, but consider the solution. For the above example is extended, you think yourself introverted, then you can become a keen observer, this is one of the most important leadership skills. You may be nervous thinking, reconstruct the past anxious repetition. Next, build confidence, you can speak in front of the crowd.

“Act in excitement”

The formation of the new connection will release of adrenaline, which makes us feel good. We are ready to act instantly, time pressure makes us more excited. If you can seize this opportunity, act quickly, then you will gain greater success, at least can create a path of action.

The easiest way is to write down what they want. A brief description of the idea, so that it can be in the peak of the past after the release of adrenaline, the emergence of other ideas head, recalled the idea before. This to set themselves a clear personal goals will be of great advantage, let you go in the right direction, the new idea or action into in real life.

One of the elements of attention concentration is frequency. It ensures frequent changes in the behavior changes that are expected to happen. If we want to keep changing, we need to create an environment for change to continue. This means system, process and personnel protection.

“Just do it.”

People continue to make changes, build self-confidence, establish the view, and then try the next target. Compared with the method so far never tried before, people on the real but scattered independent steps are more comfortable. The change is a process. If the brain thinks a certain grasp, is more likely to hold an open attitude, make the change. Add some new behavior feel most comfortable, what is right; then based on the appropriate behavior, to clear the new behavior.

In fact, as everyone knows the Nike slogan “just do it” really behind implicit scientific theory. The first step in the implementation of (just do), and see the success, will have a far-reaching impact on the brain. By neuroscientist Earl Miller on 2009 at MIT’s Research Institute led a study showed that learning and memory, to fail, we absorb more lessons from success, and can more effectively deal with each subsequent success. Because the brain really do not know to retain what lessons from most failed to prevent the day after the failure, it did not show a similar success with neural plasticity. We can quickly learn from success.

Learning new ideas is beneficial, but if we want to really change our minds and behaviors, we must invest even if we take one step at a time. This is another way to succeed is the mother of success.

“Find your passion.”

When we enter the state, when we are immersed in an activity, forget the time, desperate, “passion” the emergence of.Dan Pink discussed in <Drive> to just need to set goals, make people have enough space to master skills, but not because of setbacks and act with undue haste.

We can feel the passion in life. When you think back to the most meaningful, the most exciting project, those moments of passion is time. You can create the same experience related to the current target, with the gradual pace, try to start a new small behavior. Allow yourself to expand capacity or set mastery goals. You will feel the excitement in the process.

About how to stimulate their proposed changes can be used to inspire other people. You can find with focus on the solution or the use of passion, in the staff or management team effectiveness. These suggestions might strengthen the effective management measures you have used. Now, you know why this approach works scientific principle!


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