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The 12 set of incentive methods with a good team and 108 skills, good to share

The enterprise group is the development of enterprises force, teamwork directly affects the survival and development of enterprises, so that a good team is very important, the slightest mistake will cause immeasurable loss. So, as the person in charge of the team, what should be how to lead his team? sheet metal fabrication companies

First, there is an incentive to be an example

First of all, we should set up a benchmarking for employees

In any organization, managers are under the mirror. It can be said, just look at the organization’s management is how to handle the work, you can understand the whole members of the organization of work attitude. The table is not is not seeking, straight. “To let people full of passion to work managers must first make an appearance.

1, leadership is the imitative object of the staff

2, before motivating others, motivate yourself first

3, to make subordinates efficient, they can not be inefficient.

4, build up the image of his clever and capable

5, to take the lead, take the lead sheet metal fabrication companies

6, ignite the enthusiasm of the staff with their own enthusiasm

7, you can’t do it. Let me do it. sheet metal fabrication companies

8, the handle “dirty”, can motivate every employee

9, set an example among the employees

Two, there must be a goal.

The desire to motivate employees to move forward

Human behavior is caused by motive, and are pointing to a certain goal. This motivation is a cause of action, action is the driving force for the activities of a strong incentive effect. Managers by setting an appropriate target, can effectively induce, guide and motivate employees. Behavior, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.

10, let employees be full of confidence in the future of the business

11, lead the staff with the common goal

12, grasp the principle of “jump one jump, reach enough”

13, be specific and clear when setting goals

14, plan the implementation steps of the target. sheet metal fabrication companies

15, balance long-term goals and short-term tasks

16, from a personal goal to a common goal

17, let subordinates participate in the formulation of goals

18, avoid the occurrence of “target replacement”

Three, there should be an authorized incentive

People with heavy responsibilities are more active on the shoulders

Effective authorization is an important management skills. No matter how can thousands of leadership, it is impossible to put all the work contract here, this can only make the management efficiency, under the growth is too slow. Through authorization, managers can improve their subordinates and work ability, more can greatly stimulate the enthusiasm and subordinates the master spirit. sheet metal fabrication companies

19, don’t be the “housekeeper” in the company

20, the power in the hands of just a dead

21, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees with a sense of status

22, “important tasks” can stimulate enthusiasm for work

23, preparation is the prerequisite for effective authorization

24, select fine selection on the authorized object

25, the timing of authorization and the option of authorization

26, the balance and reciprocity of ensuring right and responsibility

27, the combination of effective authorization and reasonable control

Four, there should be a respectful incentive to give human dignity a better way than money.

Respect is one of the most humane, one of the most effective incentive means. With respect, pay attention to their staff ways to motivate them, than the effect of the material incentives to be more durable, more effective. It can be said that respect is to motivate employees to magic, the cost is low, the effect is good, other incentives are difficult to match.

28, respect is an effective zero cost incentive

29, with respect to respect, the “sages return” can be obtained.

30, the great man who has the true ability is more respecting

31, when you blame a subordinate, you should know how to keep a face

32, respect everyone, even if his position is humble

33, may as well command the command in the request tone

34, the more high status, more is not arrogant

35, do not blame, don’t ask

36, don’t always end up with an adjutant

37, respect for individuality is the protection of creativity

38, respect the interests and interests of the subordinates

Five, there should be an incentive to communicate

The strength of the subordinates is “talk”.

Managers and subordinates to maintain good relations, to mobilize the enthusiasm of their subordinates, incentive for enterprises to actively work has a special role. The premise of establishing a good relationship between superior and subordinate, and most importantly, is the effective communication. It can be said that the communication to the managers, like water to the fish, the atmosphere of the birds.

39, communication is the magic weapon to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff

30, communication brings understanding and understanding brings cooperation

41, establish a perfect internal communication mechanism

42, eliminate communication barriers and ensure information sharing

43, be good at finding the “point of entry” of communication

44, the seven steps to communicate smoothly with employees

45, talk with subordinates should pay attention to the first “warm up”

46, the focus of communication is not to say, but to listen.

47, treat and deal with complaints properly

48, full communication between guides and subordinates

Sixthly, we should have the encouragement of trust and the best way to induce others to act of will.

Leaders and employees should be kind to each other. Where do you trust him, and in what way you actually chart the direction and trajectory of his will and behavior. Trust has become an important way to motivate and induce the will behavior of others.

Trust is the engine of motivation

50, the use of people is the basic method of controlling people.

  1. we should trust the business backbone fully.

Trust young people, break new ground

  1. Cut off the back of your suspected subordinates.
  2. 14 ways to express trust to subordinates
  3. You can also use people to do something superficial
  4. Both trust and confidence
  5. 5 Encourage tolerance

Broad-mindedness makes people willing to work.

Tolerance is not only a kind of management art, but also an effective way to motivate employees. The tolerance of managers can not only make employees feel friendly, warm and friendly, but also become the key to start the enthusiasm of employees. Encourage employees to self-examination, self-discipline, self-improvement, so that they are moved to be willing to work for the enterprise.

Magnanimity is a prerequisite for leadership

  1. Tolerance is an important incentive
  2. To forgive others is to pave the way for yourself

Give a wrong subordinate a chance to correct

  1. It is easier to subdue subordinates by reason and forgiveness
  2. To offend your subordinates, dress up as “confused.”

Be kind to “dissidents” can quickly “win over” the hearts of the people

  1. Allowing failure is tantamount to encouraging innovation
  2. 65.must be able to accommodate the shortcomings of the people, the use of director
  3. The courage to tolerate others is even more brilliant

Eight, there should be a compliment of encouragement

Zero cost incentive method with peculiar effect

People have to do a “important” people’s desire, are eager to get the praise and recognition of others. Praise is a very effective and unbelievable driving force, it can give people a positive force, can greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of people to things. By the way of praise can motivate employees and managers will get more than pay.

  1. 67.the most exciting incentive is praise

68.”high hat”, even if it is not true, portrays people

  1. 69.look for the glittering points of the subordinates with an appreciative eye

70.knowing gratitude can find beauty in small things

  1. 71.get rid of prejudice and make compliments fair and fair
  2. 72.the compliment will have a good effect.
  3. attention to the way to praise the subordinates in public

74.there is a difference in the praise of the old and new employees

Nine, there should be emotional incentives

Let the subordinates work hard and work hard

A leadership success is not for you to work hard, but because there is no one for you to work hard. Most willing to let us notice, not the money and status, but a feeling word. A concern for the move, a few emotional words, a few drops of tears, bigger than the high position and handsome salary the role of thousands of times.

75.feelings such as soft water, but can be

76.the conquest of “heart” can control “body” have to be “interesting” to be “interesting”.

  1. 78.”autobiography” is also made
  2. 79.he will be more loyal to his subordinates.

80.can not let go of the opportunity for timely assistance

81.willing to take the initiative to support the “good” subordinates

  1. a little feeling, pay attention to some small things

83.bring love into your subordinates’ homes

Ten, there should be a competitive incentive

An invisible button to enhance the vitality of the organization

People are competitive psychology. The establishment of healthy competition in the enterprise, is a positive, healthy, upward guide and encourage managers. Put a ring, let subordinates respectively to contest, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, compete to improve quality consciousness, comprehensive to improve the organizational vitality.

84.competition can stimulate morale quickly and efficiently

85.try to make a bet occasionally in a job

86.keep employees in a competitive state establish the 3 key points of the competition mechanism

88.vitality and creativity are eliminated

89.create a sense of crisis using “fish – Fish” characters

90.using the “crisis” to activate the team’s potential the benign competition and avoid the vicious competition

Eleven, there should be a cultural incentive

Nurture good employees with corporate culture

The enterprise culture is the driving force to promote the development of the enterprise. It is for enterprise development goals, behavior oriented function, can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises, individuals also have strong cohesion function. Excellent corporate culture can improve their mental state, the influence of more excellent employees pride and honor sense.

92.the enterprise culture has a clear incentive point

93.corporate culture is a long and deep incentive

94.corporate culture is also a kind of treatment for employees

95.improve the fighting capacity with the correct corporate culture

96.assimilate all employees with corporate values

97.the characteristics of the motivational organizational culture

98.strong leadership fostering strong culture

99.embody the enterprise culture with a good environment

Twelve, to have the discipline incentives to negative incentives

The disciplinary role not only lies in the education of their own, more important is to let other people learn a lesson, by external pressure so that they have a moderate aversion consciousness. Although it is a kind of punishment negatively, but had to. Because Huairou does not solve all the problems. rules will not be Cheng Fangyuan

101.easy-going not always meaningful

102.timely punishment to show the principle position responsibility

103.adhere to the “death penalty does not avoid the relatives” principle do evil for evil will do sheet metal fabrication companies

105.the implementation of punishment do not attack is too large

106.the punishment should grasp the opportunity to pay attention to the way. sheet metal fabrication companies

107.”Huairou” the combination of punishment and more incentive effect

108.a little less punishment, some encouragement

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