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Find the cause of the problem, do not find a reason

What is the real reason in management? What is the reason? The reason for the truth must be based on the issue can be resolved, management has improved; not to achieve improvement is the reason for the “reasons”. The reason is an excuse, based on the liberation and disguise of shirking its responsibility. the industry leading technology and techniques

Finding the truth is very hard, and the reason is simple. In management, we must be diligent in finding truth and reject reasons for problems.

First, to find the real cause, we must carry out problem management

Regardless of whether or not you ask the question, you can’t talk about the cause. As a qualified manager, you should not let go of any problems. Although the problems are very big and small, there are times and there are times, but behind every problem, it means value creation. Focus on problem management analysis, analysis of the problem we should be good at finding the true cause, rather than the reasons for the truth, to generalize.

Suppose, we analyze a problem, of which 10 are related to it. However, there are 4 items that do not improve the space. If we only emphasize 4 items that can not be improved in the analysis of the problem, then we are looking for reasons. the industry leading technology and techniques


Second, find the real cause, do not “rationalize” the problem

Being ignoring a problem as a supervisor and a professional is a dereliction of duty. An entrepreneur once said: If you or your department have no room for growth, you will lose the living space. The same is true for a business, ignoring the problem, means that companies can not be improved, such a business is difficult to long-term. Seeing a problem without seeking improvement or rationalizing it with reasons is a crime against the company.

Zhang Ruimin had said such a period for the Haier air conditioning division’s words: “At present, the air-conditioning division to develop a product scheduled to put into operation in September, but the plan was time-delay was” reasonable “to delay the air conditioning division under the leadership of the Department of the next time The result is that the product can not be put into production reasonably, so if the director of the department finds no abnormal vision and expects a high standard of work to happen, it can only be a nonsense. the industry leading technology and techniques


Third, reject the reasons, starting from me

Finding grounds is a kind of subconscious behavior of human beings. Sometimes it naturally comes in handy. From a psychological point of view, this stems from the shame of a person. Shame can make people cover up negligence. According to the Dharma, this is a perseverance. In “my phase”, this kind of “persistence” often leads people to lose their true goal.

In life, we often encounter many situations where we find reasons. When we encounter something that we do not want to do or do not do well, we need to find a reason to justify ourselves. There is no time or experience. We have seen some examples of successful people. Think of yourself as a success, find a reason to comfort yourself – others have good opportunities and they are not lucky…

Reasons for refusing to dig deeper into the reasons behind the problem

One story is very intriguing. It says a client wrote to General Motors Corp.’s Pontiac Group complaining that his family used to eating ice cream everyday after a meal. But after recently buying a new Pontiac, Every time as long as he bought the vanilla ice cream, the car came out of the store. But if you buy other flavors, the car will start smoothly. the industry leading technology and techniques

Pontiac sent an engineer to look at what happened and found that it was. Of course, this engineer did not believe that the car was allergic to vanilla. He learned from a deep understanding that the owner spent less time with vanilla ice cream than any other flavor. It turned out that vanilla ice cream best-selling, in order to facilitate customers to buy, the store will be vanilla special display separately in a separate freezer, and freezer placed in the front of the store; and other flavors of ice cream far away from the checkout local.

In-depth investigation found that the problem lies in the “steam lock.” When the car owner bought other flavors, the engine had enough time to dissipate heat because of the longer time, and there was not much problem when it was restarted. Buy vanilla ice cream Because of the short time spent, the engine can not allow “steam lock” have enough cooling time.

Refuse reasons, analysis of issues should have the correct attitude and methods

The correct attitude is to make a rational analysis of the problem. It cannot be based on feelings. It cannot always look outward. The right way is to systematically consider the problem analysis, internal and external reasons to be thoroughly analyzed, fishbone diagram, 5w1h and other management tools are powerful aids in system analysis of the problem, Usually used to live. the industry leading technology and techniques

To reject the reasons, we dare to say no to “seeking reasons” and create a good cultural basis.

If you cannot find the real cause, you will find a reason. We must create a bottom-up culture through lean improvement and say no to people and things that are objective and reasoned. As a supervisor, you must not only lead by example, but must also dare to criticize and correct others for their objectiveness and reason. They must guide employees to focus on their goals, carefully look for the reasons, and refuse to find reasons! Lean management consulting finishing release. the industry leading technology and techniques


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