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The lost old Ford

China silicone rubber manufacturers Wholesale Manufacturer. Ford is the founder of the famous Ford vehicle department in the US. He made a great contribution to the development of the automobile industry and motorcycle industry, and was awarded the medal of first class issued by the US president.

In the automobile manufacturing industry in the United States and in the world, Ford is an important figure. But no one is perfect, and Ford is the same. China silicone rubber manufacturers Wholesale Manufacturer

Once, in the Ford Institute of technology, there was a heated debate about whether the internal combustion engine was water cooled or air cooled. Ford is a supporter of air cooling, so the newly developed N360 cars are all air-cooled diesel engines. China silicone rubber manufacturers Wholesale Manufacturer

At the formula one Championships held in the United States, a driver drove the Ford Motor Co’s “air-cooled” racing car. When running to the third lap, too fast speed caused the car to get out of control. After the car crashed into the wall, the fuel tank exploded, and even the driver was burnt to death. China silicone rubber manufacturers Wholesale Manufacturer

This has triggered a sharp decline in sales of Ford’s “gas – cooled” N360 cars.

Study on the “water” type internal combustion engine requirements and technical personnel, is still rejected by Ford. Angrily, several of the main technical personnel ready to resign. The deputy general manager of the Ford Motor Co to feel the seriousness of the situation, called Ford: “do you think you are in the company as general manager, or as a technician at Ford important?” I replied: “certainly is important. When the general manager of the micro signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

Deputy general manager relentlessly said: “it is agreed that they engage in a water-cooled engine.” Ford suddenly come, so do not hesitate to say: “good!” later, several technical personnel developed to adapt to market products, the company’s sales increase. China silicone rubber manufacturers Wholesale Manufacturer

The technical staff had to quit Ford were entrusted with the task.

Ford Motor Co has entered a track of healthy development. One day, a middle management Waldo and Ford talk said: “I think the middlemanagers company has grown up, you should consider training successors?” Waldo’s words is very subtle but expressed willingness to resign to Ford.

Ford once heard, repeatedly praised, “you are right, do not remind me, I forgot, I really should retire, I would rather quit today.” after several months of processing, Ford gave up the position of the chairman.

Story philosophy

No matter how high a position one may be or how great a achievement one has, one will inevitably make one kind of mistake or another, be able to know oneself, and listen to the opinions of his subordinates contrary to his own. This is what every outstanding entrepreneur should have in mind. Especially when subordinates have put forward their opinions on business plans in the softest and most circuitous way, it is also a time to test the “minimum requirements” of entrepreneurs’ minds. China silicone rubber manufacturers Wholesale Manufacturer

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