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What is the best way to get through to China’s manufacturing enterprises?

Some time ago, the metal working small knitting saw a sentence:. PLM is the best way to improve the management of manufacturing enterprises, I think it makes sense. We hope to help our manufacturing enterprises by sorting out this article and sharing it with gold powder. China the production of CNC machined parts Manufacturer

Nowadays, our manufacturing enterprises are facing the realistic pressure of transformation and upgrading. There are only two directions for the transformation of manufacturing enterprises: one is research and development. One is service. That is, the two ends of the smile curve. PLM plays an important supporting role in both directions.

Why can PLM support corporate transformation? It is easy to understand that R & D and service are regarded as a kind of production process. Traditional industries mainly produce physical objects, while the competitiveness of modern industries is the production of “knowledge products”: design drawings, process methods. In order to improve the production efficiency, the production of physical products has experienced the transformation from manual labor to industrialized mass production. In the same way, the production of “knowledge products” should also improve efficiency. China the production of CNC machined parts Manufacturer

After all that, it seems like it’s still on paper. Let’s take a look at a fantastic video of Maserati’s digital design and production process that we all like.

In this full of intelligent Internet products in the world, an innovation may destroy the whole market, so manufacturers must adopt some new methods to run the business. Martha Lahti is to have such a forward thinking company, is the “digital” overall innovation process, from development to production to utility. Because they know that in today’s market and have a good idea as it is more important to achieve.

Some manufacturers pay close attention to the use of the product, and the feedback of the product data in product design and development process to predict the trend of the future. But even know what needs to make, it still needs to be made. This is the reason of manufacturing is crucial in this new era.

The manufacturer must create a digital process throughout the design, implementation and use. Therefore alone is not enough. The digital digital only in digital form through the imitation process to achieve incremental improvement. You must realize digital. Digital can contain rich knowledge of digital flow become prospective business. With the help of catalyst fully optimized “Digital Enterprise”, enterprises can initiate or respond to disruptive innovation to better allocation of resources. China the production of CNC machined parts Manufacturer

However, different industries for PLM application requirements are not the same: the process of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, product structure, business model and the complexity of the production process, business variety, leading to the workload of the preparation of the production technology is huge, dynamic change frequently, difficult and complex management of product data in urgent need of a unified platform to provide accurate and timely data of automobile products; and auto parts industry is facing the global procurement, according to the requirements of collaborative design and manufacture of pressure, also need to comply with the TS16949 industry access standards, APQP R & D system; and electronic and high-tech industry, relates to the mechanical structure, electronic circuits, software and other professional categories and departments with the Ministry of development, the difficulty of management, collaborative requirements.

An example of the application of SIEMENS PLM in the field of heavy equipment and engineering machinery used by Martha Lahti:

Heavy equipment manufacturing industry

Heavy equipment manufacturers are facing the increasing demand of new products, including emissions requirements, driving safety and noise reduction regulations. Moreover, greatly shorten the manufacturing time and development pressures have increased sharply. Heavy equipment manufacturers must be global design, engineering and manufacturing team together, so that the same according to the demand, mode and manufacturing process planning, the flexibility to meet local requirements.

In order to provide high quality, high performance heavy equipment. Mechanical manufacturers must closely link product development with manufacturing process planning. Siemens PLM Software ‘intelligent and innovative product portfolio (. Collaborative Manufacturing Collaborative Manufacturing solution in Smart Innovation portfolio. It can help companies produce machinery for agriculture, construction and mining around the world, while meeting unique local configuration requirements.

By changing the upstream design of manufacturing processes to enable them to interlock with product development on an open product lifecycle management platform, the company can gain the following main advantages:

Improve offline simulation performance and optimize manufacturing planning: promote concurrent development of design and manufacturing processes, reuse manufacturing knowledge, optimize production, enhance manufacturing security, and improve asset utilization

Optimize design and manufacturing processes: simplify change management and disposal processes, accelerate product marketing, and improve collaborative work efficiency

Development driven by dynamic Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence: verifying that heavy equipment is being produced in the Best way as designed

Industrial machinery manufacturer

In order to succeed in today’s industrial machinery market, enterprises must build more intelligent, flexible and easy to maintain machinery. At present, machinery manufacturers are faced with a new reality. That is, the need to make more complex decisions and achieve established goals in a shorter time frame. China the production of CNC machined parts Manufacturer

Siemens PLM Software (Smart Innovation intelligent and innovative product portfolio Portfolio) advanced in Mechanical Engineering (Advanced Machine Engineering) solutions that can help users more easily reuse design and best practice. The advanced mechanical engineering support during the new development of the virtual mechanical design and practical debugging together. In this way before in mechanical formally put into production, the whole machinery (including each parts, operating controls, software programming and debugging process) is simulated. The manufacturer can in the design process of testing and optimization of the mechanical workshop and not until arrived in began after programming and testing of the control software. The virtual test can help you solve any problems between the mechanical design and design of the PLC code in this way, when there is no actual mechanical installation Any accident happened.

Advanced mechanical engineering also connects mechanical, electrical and software design engineering, enabling users to create a virtual prototype on desktop computers, and test and verify them in the development process.

Users can also agree with customers at a certain stage of changing the cost less process, so that users can shorten the time of product launch and customer value realization time.

Enterprises can get rid of the “governor’s two pulses”, which can react more quickly in the market, service can also be more consistent with the individual needs of customers, and the transformation from production to service is more likely to succeed. What is the future of manufacturing?

China the production of CNC machined parts Manufacturer

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