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The resume of a successful person who has failed to record.

Sourcing machine precision Manufacturer from China. This is a great man’s resume. 22 years old, business failure; 23 years old, failed to run for state councilman; At 24, the business failed again; 25 years of age, elected to the cantonal Parliament; 27 years of age, mental breakdown; 29 years of age, member of Parliament; 31 years old, the electoral candidate lost; 34, lost the Senate race; 37 years old, elected to Parliament; A 39-year-old member of Parliament failed in his second term; 46 years old, failed to run for the Senate; 47, failed to run for vice president; 49, twice defeated in the Senate race; He was elected president of the United States at the age of 51.

He is the President of the United States, Lincoln. Sourcing machine precision Manufacturer from China

As you can see, in Lincoln’s life, defeat was the majority, but eventually he became one of the greatest presidents in American history. Sourcing machine precision Manufacturer from China

The philosophy of the story. Sourcing machine precision Manufacturer from China. Sourcing machine precision Manufacturer from China

Everyone’s life is full of frustrations and opportunities. The key to success lies in whether you can cross the ups and downs and seize the opportunity.

And whether we can overcome the inevitable failure is whether we can regard failure as a process of struggle.

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