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Three monks, how to be “management” tossing and dying?

There was a mountain, the mountain there is a temple, a monk in the temple. A boy, two boys half a boy, three monks have no water to drink!

When the abbot of the grand temple learned that the poor people in the mountains could not even eat the water, they sent a chair and a secretary to solve the problem together

After taking office, found that the key problem is that management is not in place, so the recruitment of some monks, the establishment of the temple management department to develop the process of division of labor

In order to better learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries, the temple chose Tang Seng and other leading cadres to study and learn abroad; in addition, they paid special attention to the Catholic Church, and the Christian priests taught MBA.

The foreign priest soon left and left two treasures: BPR and ERP.

The secretary did not idle, he believes that the crux of the problem is that people do not fully utilize the temple culture does not build, and then established the Ministry of human resources and the temple and so on, and earnestly to go from the posts and the role of the market.

A few days after the results came out, three monks began desperately to carry water, the problem is how to choose not to drink. Not only that, the young monk was busy fetching water, no one in the temple chanting, a long time, to burn incense and fewer guests, incense money becomes harder.

In order to solve the problem of income, the temple management department, human resources department, held a few days, the final decision: responsible for logistics and specialized market foreground for incense special water department was established.

At the same time, in order to better carry out the work, the temple promoted a dozen monks, respectively served as deputy director, presided over the assistant, and in each department appointed a small chair of the Department, deputy director of small, small presided assistant

The old problems were eased and new problems ensued

The front desk is responsible for the chanting of the monks always complain thirsty enough to drink water, the monks also complain about the background shortage, water demand is too large and not sure, don’t wait.

In order to better resolve this contradiction, the meeting decided to set up a new Department: drinking water response department, specializing in coordinating the contradiction between Taiwan and Taiwan

In order to facilitate communication, coordination, each department has set up to contact a monk. Although there is coordination, but the effect is not ideal, a careful study, the original is the demand to water, caused by insufficient number of wells.

So the Department also held several meetings, decided to strengthen the evaluation of drinking water chanting monks chanting monks of the monk and predict satisfaction, so before and after the signing of the agreement, each grade, improve the assessment mechanism.

In order to facilitate the scoring assessment, temple deliberately bought a few computer systems, including the statistics system, statistics system of ordinary Pilgrims burn incense, donations and analysis system, analysis system and so on large donations of pilgrims, while the establishment of incense money management, incense money accounts, drilling policy research department of the Ministry of construction, drilling, drilling and maintenance department and so on.

As the total number of systems out of total inaccuracy, are inconsistent, and then set up a technology development center, is responsible for the maintenance of each system, the two development

Because of too many departments, lack of office space, the temple has set up a comprehensive department to solve the problem, finally decided to put the whole temple into the office area, only in the gate and burn incense pilgrims.

Many departments and officials, many documents and meetings, in order to reduce the mountain of the sea, general office held the lead N on the reduction of the meeting, and issued “on the reduction of the file.

At the same time, in order to streamline institutions and improve efficiency, monasteries have also set up streamlining offices, institutions, reform research departments and other departments

Everything seems reasonable, but the problem of burning incense, money and water still can not be solved. Where is the problem?

Some monks put forward an analysis session every month, so the management analysis department came into being

Analysis requires a lot of data and statements, but the system is always impossible, so each department has assigned some monks manual statistics, fill out the reports, work to the system

The unprecedented geothermal up, some monks in hard water, some monks in hard chanting, some monks in desperate coordination, some monks in hard analysis. Hurry, water is not enough to drink, incense money is not enough.

What’s the reason then?

The monk said the process was not smooth, and the monk said that the task was not rational enough. The monk said the Department was not clear enough, and the monk said the examination was not enough

Only three people know the key problems, the three is the first of the three monks. It is no too much after all is said and done!

They say: “what day blind analysis? What process problems, responsibilities, interface problems, problems of assessment, it is bloated! Today, as was the three of us a bit self-conscious! Now go, attracted a bunch of mediocre, one does not do the decent thing every day up!”

Three people unbearable, bold report, increase the manpower requirements, after over several levels, and presided over the Secretary received the request.

After summarizing and analyzing the various departments of the quarterly conference, after a fierce discussion several times, I can support some of the monks were coming from other departments, but these departments all over monk cannot carry it on the water! Also several monks water water monk again ask the backseat driver, and the team is responsible for himself as a monk people think that our organization department. After evaluation, three monks more than professional, management ability, after a lot of persuasion to encourage and maintain the status quo.

A year later, the temple was yellow, and most of the monks were dead: people found several bodies on the side of the well; they were exhausted; thousands of bodies were found in the monasteries; they were thirsty

A few monks died of thirst, and they switched to other monasteries. They were “senior monks” and brought “advanced management experience”

This is the reason why many enterprises closed down: the headquarters is becoming larger and larger, the grass roots are becoming busier and busier, and the cost is getting higher and higher, and the customers are becoming more and more dissatisfied

This is the traditional enterprise China characteristics, if the individual, everybody is all wise, clever and intelligent. Once together, they stare at each other, become extremely complicated. You have me, I have him, he thought of you, these results are offset by the ability and cleverness!

So a group of smart people add up to a pile of two idiots

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