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10 classic books that can be read in one day, list of necessary books for a holiday

” A good short story is like a blade , the process of reading is like touching the knife edge , and touching it with nerves and emotions , and then finding a permanent scratch on the nerves and emotions . ” This is what Yu Hua evaluates novelist McGuernsey , and is equally applicable to these ” short classics ” . titanium machining services OEM Manufacturer


< Happy Prince >

Brief introduction | Wilde “the Happy Prince”, was a lot of adult childhood pillow book, people love it enduring. Nine fairy tales in the cultivation of the happy prince happy in doing good, the little nightingale red rose with blood, to give children garden giant. Read these beautiful stories, like picking a ablaze in the dream of the stars in the night sky.

Recommended reason | fairy tale is so poetic. Snow is the earth’s wedding dress, the beauty of metaphor. Nothing else, always read this one. – Senior bookworm Roy


< a beforehand murder >

Brief introduction | works through the description of a small town youth in the town all know someone to kill him but he is absolutely ignorant of the case were brutally killed the story, reflecting the Latin America alone, behind the social reality.

Recommended reason | a elaborate masterpiece. Marcks not only shows us the history of the town, it depicts a small town panorama and the soul of it. It is not only a tragedy of fate, is also a kind of culture. <  – Washington Post >


< twenty-four hours of a woman’s life >

Brief introduction | the heroine of the story is a grey-haired, elegant woman, when she was forty years old, for a noble sentiment, to save a stranger gambler, but driven by the moment of passion and to her that she did not even know by name man. The book most incisive. The unconscious impulses and reason between the fight. titanium machining services OEM Manufacturer

Recommended reason | sincere tone of the novel moving to the woman, Superman tenderness, originality of subject and only true artist has strange expression, so I am deeply shocked. Reading the story I laughed happily: well done! Because of the heroine’s sympathy and because of her image, and she makes me sad heart, too excited. I actually made no shame to cry. Writer Golgi


<The knight without existence >

Brief introduction | soldiers a quarter of Lu Malfoy in an empty armor. The incarnation was perfect knight, but he made armor has meaning. When he Mingyangtianxia performance was challenging, questioned, will be denied when his presence still hold?

Recommended reason | spent an afternoon reading. Whether the subject and text book is very unique, only a few people, but each is impressive, clever set of every character can support a separate story. – Senior bookworm fly cat


< D  romance >

Brief introduction | eighty-four year old French philosopher Andre Gorz was terminally ill, dying wife Duolina wrote this letter, described the two spend fifty-eight years of emotional journey, then open the gas to dust. In a calm, rational, soulful narrative, the hand in hand together to bring the image of the the impact of huge readers and moved.

Recommended reason | this is I read the most touching letters. This thin book are filled with a life of another life attachment, love, sadness and persistent. — Lin Su senior bookworm


<  Rashomon >

Brief introduction | book included his short stories in a total of thirteen articles. Rashomon > to airtight layout will limit people to life and death, showing “unavoidable evil”, the first author conveys understanding of people, frustration and despair on people.

Recommended reason | Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s novels, classic, delicate and pretty and very tension, like elegant figure, like Li Bai but Li Bai does not like the demeanour of a transcendent being, bold, but also a bit like Allen Poe mystery writer Li Youshi strange. titanium machining services OEM Manufacturer


< die from Venice >

Brief introduction | protagonist Aschenbach is a prominent citizen middle-aged writer, during the retreat travel in Venice, met a beautiful boy in Poland. The writer met him, watching him, followed him, but at the same time and avoid any of his contact. Subsequently, the plague in Venice began to spread, but the writer but could not bear to leave, stare at wandering in the blue beach boys, dead on the beach chair.

Recommended reason | really clean, pure literature. The text has a strong sense of the picture, but his description of great momentum skill. – Senior bookworm stone


< blue bird >

Brief introduction | tells the story of the two woodcutter child, on behalf of human search process. Bird bird is a symbol of happiness here. Through their experience on the way, a symbolic representation of the so far, all human suffering in order to seek happiness experience.

Recommended reason | every one of us to find their own happiness, but happiness is not difficult, if we are often with selfless, good will, that happiness is close at hand – book author Morris Maeterlink.


<  ana>

Brief introduction | in this book, Dick imagines a 1992 “future world”, the world has three important institutions: the museum, super division organization, anti super consulting firm. In the 1992, after death can continue to brain waves in the form of “survival” for a period of time. Friends and relatives will die body frozen at the museum, living by brain waves “dialogue” brainwave device and the undead.

Recommended reason | this idea very treacherous, fifty pages after the climax, compelling, ending is extremely small. Wow – Senior bookworm K


< > Pedro Paramo

One of the contents of | Latin American literature. A novel peak of ghostly figures, flickering in a deserted house, the living and the dead against the unspeakable, life and death. The boundaries in the novel becomes blurred. The phantom echo goes beyond time and space, as in all may or may not pass through where echoed.

Recommended reason | in this only more than 100 pages of works, appears to be described to continue at the end of each section, making it into a one thousand page book, become an endless book writer Yu Hua.

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