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Learning the advanced technology of the United States and drawing on Japan’s excellent management are as meticulous as the Germans.

Only by “mainly based on me, learn from each other, learn from each other, and become a self-owned company,” companies will have everlasting success. titanium prototype
In 1995, like many Chinese enterprises that have entered a stable growth stage, Huawei has begun to pay attention to internal cultural construction. The first achievement in cultural construction is “Song” – “Song of Huawei”.

As a leader, Ren Zhengfei personally wrote lyrics for “The Song of Huawei”. “Learning the advanced technology of the United States and drawing on Japan’s excellent management are as meticulous as the Germans are, down to earth, and conscientious.” This is a word in the lyrics.

At the end of 1992, Ren Zhengfei visited the United States for the first time. After visiting New York, he thought that New York was the dirtiest and most socially safe city in the United States, but it was better than Shenzhen. titanium prototype

When visiting the Museum of Natural History, Ren Zhengfei would like to spend an hour watching it once and for all because of his travel schedule. After entering, he discovered that the museum was so large that an hour or even a corner of a five-story building had not yet been seen. .

Regarding the development of the U.S. economy, Ren Zhengfa issued a heartfelt sigh: The more prosperous the country develops its science and technology, the more it develops science and technology, the more it pays attention to education, the more it pays attention to education, the more talented people come in. The more prosperous the economy becomes, the more prosperous the country has become. The loop. titanium prototype

Ren Zhengfei also visited Japan several times. On one occasion, he passed a construction site near Tokyo. Looking far in the past, many “robots” are precisely repeating the same action. When they approached, they discovered that these “robots” were actually ordinary construction workers.

On another occasion, he saw an elderly person looking for something while walking on the lawn. He approached the old man and asked what the old man was doing. The old man said that he was using toothpick to scramble the crumbs scattered on the lawn. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

Ren Zhengfei could not help but sigh: “The Japanese are so serious and careful, if Japan is not rich, it’s hard to believe!” titanium prototype

In January 1995, Huawei sent a visiting delegation to Germany’s Siemens company to study and study. The German’s excellence and meticulous work spirit has made Ren Zhengfei excited: If we can also have the patience and meticulous spirit of the Germans, our products Do not know how many problems will appear less!

In 1995, Huawei had already reached the top of the domestic market and began to expand its vision and markets overseas. Ren Zhengfei took the initiative to contact more and more foreign companies. The huge gap has caused Ren Zhengfei’s confidence to be severely affected. At the same time, Huawei has His rapid growth has given him an increasingly strong ideal of developing Huawei into a world-class enterprise. titanium prototype

Ren Zhengfei hopes to learn from others through extensive exchanges and integrate American technology, Japanese management, and German national qualities, making Huawei a truly world-class company. titanium prototype

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