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Workshop supervisors should pay attention to on-site production management

The first is how to manage yourself. How can you manage your production site if you don’t even manage it? We must constantly self-reflection and self-summary:

First, whether we follow the direction of our company; top CNC machine manufacturers

The second point is whether or not the company strictly follows its own words and deeds. As the workshop director, it is a middle-level manager. The demands on his words and deeds are very strict. If even his words and deeds cannot be grasped, then how to manage his subordinates and how to do a good job What about production site management?

The third point is whether strict compliance with the company’s rules and regulations, the system represents the company’s general direction, is a fair and just system, if you do not strictly enforce the company system, it will cause employees to disobey, leading to more difficult to manage the production site; top CNC machine manufacturers

Fourth, whether the company keeps up with the development needs of the company, the company is constantly developing, we need to continue to learn, improve their management standards, keep up with the pace of development of the company;

The fifth point is whether we can serve our staff well. Perhaps 10 years ago, we were using the tube. Now we must change this thinking and we must serve our staff well. I remember that I was in the company in October 1997. At the head office of the company, there were more than 1,000 candidates and eventually recruited more than 20 people. My physical condition was not bad at the time, but when we were training, I was standing in the last one. The smallest one. At the time, if you did not hire him, he might ask you. Even if he was punished for 1,000 or 2,000, it would be the same now. If he is punished or jealous of him, it will definitely not work. So we are going to change our previous thinking, serve our staff, educate them, and help them improve, including above work guidance and life care. If you don’t care about them, they will feel neglected.

Second, we must pay attention to the six elements of production management. These six elements include safety, quality, efficiency, material consumption, training, and civilized production. This is also the focus of our work on production sites. top CNC machine manufacturers

First, we first talk about security

How to do a good job in safety, how is the safety accident caused, and what kind of harm will the safety accident cause? As the workshop director must know this. For a company, especially the company where we produce pipe piles, once it is a work-related accident, it is small to lose money and hurt the family, so big that it may lead to the bankruptcy of the enterprise. If the safety accident caused a big casualty, it is bound to suspend production for rectification.

If we rectify it for a month or two, our employees may all finish walking. After the completion of the rectification and the resumption of work, people are gone and the damage to the company can be imagined. For ourselves, all of us here are almost always supporting our families. If a leg is broken due to a security incident, it may damage a family. This is not a matter of one person or two people. It may concern eight people. Ten questions. Therefore, our workshop director must have this awareness. If we do not have this awareness, how can we focus on safe production?

I once said one sentence: “Comprehend security is a matter of conscience. Security is a responsibility.” Even if a company doesn’t need you to be responsible, at least it should be responsible for the family and the individual. Here is an example for everyone. In the G workshop, two employees did not cooperate well in the work and they violated each other. As a result, the bones of a worker’s hand were broken. As a result, he could not work in heavy work and his wife came to work. The company cries and we tell her that your husband is also responsible in this regard. His wife asked: “My husband lacks safety awareness. Why don’t you teach him? Why did he not discipline him when he caught him? Now that’s the result, my family is over. “So this example gives a wake-up call to our workshop director, who must be aware of safety. top CNC machine manufacturers

The factors that cause security accidents include four aspects: people, things, lack of management, and bad ideas. First of all, we talk about this person. People’s behavior is the main cause of accidents. How do people’s behaviors come about?

It is mainly caused by human thinking. It lacks the meaning of security. On the other hand, it lacks the corresponding operating skills. So the first thing we need to do is to train our employees and train them ideologically to make them aware of the importance of this security and the dangers that security incidents cause to individuals, families, and companies. If employees do not understand safety knowledge and do not have this awareness, they will not improve themselves in this area.

The second is to enable employees to understand the company’s rules and regulations and understand the safety operating procedures. This is a basic requirement for them. It is mandatory, and they must be required to comply with them. They must also supervise and guide the employees on the spot. If you just stay on the surface, open a talk with them, instead of going to the scene to manage, see employees do not point out violations, nor punish and educate them, it is likely to lead to frequent accidents. Therefore, we must strictly enforce the safety procedures and safety systems and implement them.

Third, on-site training, spotting problems at the production site, and helping employees to solve the problem are not the only ways to solve the problem through fines. You can tell them how to do it correctly. For example, if we find a small illegal action by an employee, we should do a standard action to show it to him and tell him the harm it would cause if he does not do so. He may be very touched, and he will be willing to follow suit. Rules and regulations to do it; but if you just scolded him and fined him, he may not know where they are wrong, the problem still not been resolved. top CNC machine manufacturers

For example, I have an employee with a head and tail plate in the K workshop. The staff is taller, and the posture is not standardized when the tailgate is removed. It seems to be very hard. Because his whole body is leaning forward, he loses his balance and has hidden dangers. In addition, his body feels very hard. At the time, I told him the correct method should be how to do it, and demonstrated to him, and then he tried for a while, think this method is correct, his face a very happy smile, makes people feel very pleased. Similar to such a problem, he does not appear to be in violation of regulations, but the wrong posture to dislodge the tailboard can easily lead to fatigue, which in turn leads to slow thinking. In a fast-paced environment like ours, It is easy to have problems. In addition, maintaining the wrong posture for a long time will make the lumbar disc unable to bear. The employee may leave for a few days and increase the turnover rate. Therefore, a small movement will lead to a series of Problems arise. At this time we need help and guidance.

The safety operation procedures do not necessarily cover all the problems in production. This requires the director of the workshop and the team leader to say more and more to educate them. At the same time, they must also impose fines on them in order to achieve a killing effect. top CNC machine manufacturers

I remember when I was the deputy director of the K workshop. At that time, there was a loose screw in the centrifuge. The mechanic repaired the screw, but a crane hand still put a tube die in the centrifuge. The machine repair wouldn’t let him do it. So the crane hand to use tube mold to hit the centrifuge to show dissatisfaction, I immediately called the squad leader asked to handle the crane, the squad leader said that now cranes are lacking, punishment for him will affect the production, I Asked the manager for instructions, and said that the manager said he would immediately suspend production for rectification. Finally, the crane hand fined 500 yuan, down for a week, the squad leader fined 300 yuan, suspended for three days. On the face of it, this is a bit too much, but in fact, it is not too much. It is very bad for the crane operator to use the tube to hit the centrifuge. It must be dealt with seriously.

Then I talk about the management of objects, in the production process, because of the damage caused by the items is also a common occurrence of accidents, we must lay the workplaces standardized items, timely repair, and replacement. For example, once in the C workshop, a spiral was placed in front of the desk, and an employee stepped in accidentally, resulting in the leg being broken, which was caused by the non-safety management of the object.

As the workshop director, we must track, supervise, inspect and train the management of the production site materials. We must know the safety devices in the workshop. Some workshop directors a year and a half did not go to the crane to see, and even have a few machines on the crane or a few brakes are not clear, so how can we do a good job in the workshop management of things? top CNC machine manufacturers

The third aspect is the lack of management, including:

1. In the company, the management of safety regulations and other systems is more detailed, but it has not been implemented in the work and it has not been put in place;

2. There are no specific requirements in the workshop to regulate employee behavior;

3, poor quality management personnel, lack of expertise, and some cannot find the problem, some found the problem but could not find a solution to the problem, and some people in order to maximize the output, the violation of the staff to open a blind eye One-eye.

Our efforts to increase production are not achieved through violations. I once said at the meeting that the main goal is to increase production by improving the level of operations and strengthening team building. Therefore, we must find a problem to solve a problem, so that there will be one less problem and reduce the frequency of security incidents. In addition, there is still arbitrariness in management. For example, our management of piles is very arbitrary. In our previous site No. 3, piles of various types were piled together, which not only caused difficulties in inventory but also existed. Hidden dangers, and later led by An Zong, through 20 days of rectification, required that various types of piles be piled up according to regulations. Finally, the yard looks clear and there is no potential safety hazard. It also brings convenience to the inventory. This is Problems caused by the arbitrariness of our management. top CNC machine manufacturers

The fourth aspect is the poor perception
We all know that there is noise in the production workshop, high temperature, fast production and other current conditions, for such a production environment we have to find ways to improve.  top CNC machine manufacturers

For example, in some workshops, the temperature in the workshop is a few degrees higher than that in other workshops due to leakage in the steaming tank. However, the workshop director does not pay attention to it and does not solve its potential safety problems. As a result, the production environment becomes worse. At the same time, it also easily leads to safety accidents and a waste of resources. Therefore, in terms of improving the production environment of employees, although we do not have a very advanced method and method, we can improve the details, such as ensuring the normal operation of every exhaust fan in the workshop; in terms of improving the living environment of employees, we give The staff quarters installed air-conditioning to provide employees with a good place to rest, so that they can rest in order to ensure a good state of mind at work, thereby improving work efficiency. top CNC machine manufacturers

Next, let’s talk about the noise problem. At present, we don’t have a good way to solve the problem of large centrifuge noise, but the same workshop centrifuge sound is louder than other workshop centrifuges. As the workshop director should have this awareness, timely detection of the problem, the main reasons for this phenomenon are the shape of the mold, the centrifuge does not lead to horizontal pipe beat, found that the problem must be solved in time, repair the pipe model, The level of the centrifuge is adjusted so that some noise is reduced and the production quality is also guaranteed. In addition, the hygienic environment in the workshop is also very important to pay attention to. If you enter the workshop, you will find garbage and sewage everywhere. Items are placed at will, small enough to affect the feelings of employees, and may cause accidents.
The second point, we talk about how to grasp quality

We all know that quality is the life of an enterprise. Without quality, there is no market. Without a market, our piles cannot be sold. If the piles are not sold, the company may face closure. We should grasp quality from four aspects:

First, the process, Jianhua’s technological system is relatively mature, we must strictly in accordance with the processing system to a good quality. top CNC machine manufacturers

The second is the equipment. In our company, quality problems caused by equipment problems are common. Therefore, the normal operation of the equipment is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of pipe piles. If the equipment fails to operate properly, our process will not be able to produce high quality after it matures. Pipe pile. For example, the company’s No. 2 centrifuge is because the middle set of wheels is about two centimeters higher than the others and cannot be used anymore and must be repaired, otherwise, it will cause quality problems. As the workshop director, we must understand the performance of the equipment, track the operation of the equipment, and reduce the quality problems caused by equipment problems. For example, when the scale of our mixing plant is not accurate, if we do not follow up and find out and solve the problem in time, it may result in less sand and material, and the strength of the produced pipe pile is not enough, and it is very easy to cause the pile to be piled. For the centrifuge, we must put the tube mold on the centrifuge to see if it is horizontal, and we must ask the machine to ensure that the running wheel spacing meets the standards.

The third is on-site operation. We need to find problems in terms of data and on-site operations. For example, some employees shorten the time for centrifuging and steaming the pipe piles in order to catch up with the output. The pipe piles thus produced are definitely unqualified.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to detail, do not let go every step of the workshop, such as mold due to deformation caused by prolonged use, die edge and tooth wear serious, even if the clamping screw tighten again may result in running Pulp, like this situation is not an employee’s problem, it belongs to the management problem. We should carry out maintenance inspections on its pipes regularly to avoid similar problems.  top CNC machine manufacturers

The third point, we talk about efficiency
Compared with other companies in the same industry, Jian Hua’s production efficiency is relatively high. The production efficiency of a workshop mainly depends on whether the team has cohesion. As the workshop director, the production should be maximized under the premise of ensuring quality. The other is to do a good job of planning, especially in the current situation of such demand exceeds supply, in order to meet the needs of the market. The most basic point is that we must meet the production plan. If we fail to do so, it will hurt the interests of the company and affect its credibility. We need to communicate with the various workshops, with the auxiliary workshop, in particular, to be completed at a certain time period must complete the task, otherwise, it will affect the production schedule. top CNC machine manufacturers

The fourth point is material consumption
At present, some workshop directors and team leaders have no sense of saving, let alone putting this awareness into action. In the premise of meeting the process requirements, and to ensure the normal operation of the tube mold, centrifuge and other equipment, the volume factor from 1.08 to 1.06, reducing material consumption, which is a saving. There is also the use of release agent, the direct use will not sticky skin, but by doing experiments, check, follow the release agent concentration, if the ratio of 1: 4 or 1: 5 also will not sticky skin, we According to such standards, this is also a saving. We may think that this is not worth the money anymore. It will save over 2,000 bucks a month. However, the total cost savings of two years a year can be very substantial.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the aspect of accessories. We require that the accessories must be complete in the production process. For example, mold clamping screws, and some molds in the workshop lack a few mold clamping screws or mold clamping screws. However, in order to save energy, it is not a timely way to carry out replacements. This is a wrong idea. On the surface, it is The company saved materials, reduced costs, in fact, brought greater losses to the company, because the defect of the clamping screw will lead to quality problems, the pipe pile produced must be unqualified, so in essence, this is A waste. top CNC machine manufacturers

For the management of the equipment, we must carry out regular inspections, maintenance and maintenance, find small problems in a timely manner and promptly resolve them. If we wait until the problems are enlarged and then resolve, we may have to expend multiple times of costs. Take an example of my own. At that time, I was the workshop director of the G workshop. Since the air compressor had not been overhauled for a long period of time, it allowed the machine repair to be overhauled as soon as possible, but the next day was a shift, and the machine repair had to repair other equipment without timely compression of the air. The machine was overhauled. As a result, the cylinder and casing of the air compressor were smashed, and tens of thousands of blocks were lost at once. I was also fined a thousand pieces because of the lack of necessary maintenance and repairs for the equipment. Cause of the accident.  top CNC machine manufacturers

On the other hand, the cost-saving effect can also be achieved through innovation and technological improvements. For example, we are now using a hanging tensioning machine, which has been greatly improved compared to the past. The original vertical shaft tensioning machine is In use if the adjustment is not good, it is easy to pull at an angle, causing the screw to be easily pulled and bent. About 500 screws are used in one year. Through technical improvements, it is no longer necessary to use so many screws. This saves the company a year. The cost of several hundred thousand yuan. The reasons for the waste, summed up the following main points:

The first is that managers don’t take the initiative and always wait for the leader to speak. Leaders don’t resolve the issue without speaking. top CNC machine manufacturers

The problems that now result in waste;

The second is that the work did not grasp the key points, and the work was not done, but it was not done;

Third, the lack of coordination and communication between each other, for example, in the main production workshop did not pull the semi-finished piles into the autoclave in time or the finished product pile is not promptly pulled out of the autoclave, and the boiler room is still the same amount of Coal, continue to steam inside the autoclave, resulting in waste of resources;

Fourth, many management personnel do not do practical things and do not work to get company’s money. It is also a waste to the company.

Fifth, to cope with work, to do anything just to cope with the failure to complete the tasks entrusted by the leadership in a timely manner will also result in waste. Sixth, illegal operations.  top CNC machine manufacturers
The fifth point is about training
As a middle management staff, the following requirements:

First, we must do a good job of spreading, helping, and bringing up subordinates. We must give them more information about the company’s corporate culture, rules and regulations, and the direction of development. We must help them form this awareness. Church apprentice, starved master “concept; top CNC machine manufacturers

Second, knowledge training, including professional knowledge and comprehensive knowledge training, such as head and tail board, do the squad leader, do the leader, must give them the appropriate professional knowledge training. With respect to training methods, it is possible to teach or hold meetings. If an employee’s mentality is not good, he can communicate with him more and help him adjust his state of mind. This is also a training method.

The sixth point is about civilized production
Mainly refers to environmental management. We talk about the 6S management, including finishing, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety, 6S management is necessary to strengthen the basic management of the site means that employees consciously and strictly abide by the standards of modern civilization is a sign. At present, society is advancing and all aspects of management are constantly being improved. Including our company is also making continuous progress, so the management of the production site in the workshop must follow its continuous improvement and improvement.

First of all, let’s talk about what is collation. Organizing refers to dividing the on-site items into useful and useless materials at any time and eliminating useless items in time. top CNC machine manufacturers

The second is rectification, which is to place useful items classified and placed in order to maintain the quantity, quality, order, convenience, and convenience.

The third is cleaning, and consciously cleans the areas of responsibility for production and work, equipment, tooling, and station equipment, and maintains a neat, clear, and comfortable production and work environment, so that employees can maintain a comfortable mood to work and improve. Productivity.  top CNC machine manufacturers

The fourth is clean, serious maintenance of production, work site, ensure clean production, eliminate occupational hazards and prevent environmental pollution. The staff must also be dressed, gauges, and spiritually clean.

The fifth is literacy, love and respecting work, fulfilling duties, conforming to rules, improving quality, and developing the habit of self-management and self-control. For example, at the production site, all employees can help each other and respect each other, then the whole workshop will be formed. A very harmonious atmosphere provides a great deal of management convenience. top CNC machine manufacturers

The sixth is safety, and the principle of “safety first, prevention first” must be followed. In production and work, the safety of people, equipment, and facilities must be ensured. Lean management consulting finishing release. top CNC machine manufacturers

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