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History again amazing similarity, Chinese people, please be vigilant against this conspiracy!

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One Small American engineer, Daniel Kader, fire. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

The 45 year old chubby engineers, this time when a U.S. “Chaoyang people”. If not 2012 he engaged in a study, director of the West Virginia University Center for temporary alternative fuels, also so sunk in history. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

In fact, he found a research report, Volkswagen diesel vehicle on the highway emission levels far exceed the standard, as early as the end of 2012 out of.2013 in May, they also had the results published in a public forum, but did not cause what reaction. Daniel Kader thought not of, unexpectedly, 3 years ago, the results of this study make him today burst was the name.

The public may not think, today, the research of Daniel Kader even from the wastebasket corpse resurrection, to become the United States of its fatal blow. turned parts OEM Manufacturer


5 a.m. German time on September 19, 2015, a time when the German Volkswagen will never forget its nightmare. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

Volkswagen was suddenly from the “accident” – the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced the Volkswagen Company using software equipment to avoid cheating, emission standards. A ripple, the Obama government immediately ordered the recall of 500 thousand Volkswagen vehicles, and that must take positive and strong management and punishment measures, as a clear warning for the manufacturer, to prevent any further infringement. The United States Department of justice has been involved in the investigation, the German Volkswagen Company and individual executives could face criminal charges. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

Volkswagen is likely to face a potential loss of more than $one hundred billion, much more than VW’s latest total market capitalization ($56 billion). In other words, VW, one of the world’s most famous brands, is no longer a joke

The public is in a hurry. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

German Chancellor Merkel is anxious too

The car is the foundation of the German manufacturing industry. For a long time, the public symbol of efficient and engineering wisdom, is the key element of Germany to become the world’s most powerful economies. The scandal not only shake the Volkswagen, rocked the entire automotive industry. 1/7 of employment in the country directly or indirectly in the automobile service industry.

Let her uncomfortable, world-renowned “made in Germany” in the minds of consumers, has always been a symbol of quality, precision and integrity. The mass is Germany’s largest enterprises, mass finished, made in Germany on the part of myth is broken, is like a raging fire of industrial 4.0 it solidly planted a big somersault. You know, the German manufacturing product prices so high, in fact, from credit, brand, high premium support. If the removed quality aura, German manufacturing may suffer a big, the German future is in jeopardy. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

Volkswagen, followed by BMW, also exposed quality problems, and then, the world’s largest commodity trade and producers, Jia Neng debt rating is also declining, and may even face bankruptcy charges

Someone may ask: so much, how to go? What a coincidence! How Disasters pile up on one another. Europe?

Well, it’s interesting, huh?


Why is there anything for nothing in the world?!

Europe so much trouble, so a series of continuous exposed Mengliao, behind this, Americans have the shadow. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

This problem is public goods has its own fault, but Volkswagen, BMW, Scarlett can thing, have today is not found out, why focus on this point in time off?

I can not help but recall the birth of the euro in 2000. Is a chaos, chaos pattern! American hit Kosovo, Yugoslavia decomposition. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

Kosovo at the beginning of the war, the United States and European countries do not recognize the sinister, when European countries find the Kosovo war again caused the European capital flight, seriously affecting the economic and financial stability, it is too late. Then Germany and France found that U.S. bombing of Yugoslavia, and at the same time, in fact, is to “bomb the euro”. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

Why do you say that?

Previously, the euro has not unified, a large number of European financial capital in order to avoid risks and into the United States, the U.S. stock market soaring speed, the world’s largest “bubble economy”.2000 years, the euro will be turned out, if the euro is stable, the European capital will flow back to the euro zone, the U.S. economy may fall into the stock market crash. Risk of the U.S. dollar devaluation and recession. In order to prevent the European financial capital return, the United States has ignited the flames of war in Europe. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

The United States has made a direct effort to convert the euro into a weak currency, which has remained weak until today

The past is stretched, not far from the line. The American public exhaust violations of the past turned out, designated detonated, ruthlessly the whole mass, I can only say: This is another “bureau” the cloth under the old beauty deliberately plan.


American ordinary people are very simple, but American politicians and senior strategists are not like this, otherwise the United States can not be a superpower

The whole mass, choose BMW, Scarlett can play, is a stone two birds, birds!

The first bird is to help the Fed raise interest rates and get the biggest economic benefits

In the financial market, the main reference of the strength of the dollar is the euro, only the euro weakened, the dollar will be strong. The European economy is bad, the euro hit, hit a weak euro, the bull market may have structural support, the U.S. dollar can raise interest rates smoothly

But now, the euro zone economy began to slow recovery, Li Chaoren is to see this point so Jihouhou from China where run away. Less than a year ago, most fearful investors of late, the European economy avoid stagnant but now, European stock prices soar, the first quarter of this year, the euro top fifty branch of the blue chip growth of mutual funds nearly 18%. of the United States is busy out of capital from other projects, the European stock market. More and more money to come forward in continental Europe. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

Chinese RMB exchange rate sharply down, the European economic recovery, let the Fed rate hike to postpone this laonianmen. Warren said, a quarter to $fourth to raise interest rates, interest rate hike, she gave you walk backwards (probably meaning). There is not much time, the United States should start.

Second birds, is an old newspaper in Europe is not obedient about revenge.

Who is the leader in Europe now? Germany and France, the stirring stick special tonglouzi. But the German now quite a character, not quite big words. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

In Russia, Germany and France’s performance is to let us angry. The United States wants to win the Bashar regime in Syria for a long time, but Putin was born in September 2013 with a military threat to push back the United States, some time ago, Putin once again do not follow the routine play, directly to the United States to send troops to Syria. The angry American wanted! The EU DaTouZhen, and Russia opened a new cold war, did not think the German is very robust, always try to avoid in the new Cold War Europe and Russia. Even a few years in May 9th Russia’s Red Square parade West have resisted, Merkel in second days still to visit Russia. Recently, Germany also supports Russia into the Syrian anti-terrorism, which is the inverse of the the American Dragon scales. The United States is to see it in Syria and Russia, Sike, not let NATO consensus can be done; and let NATO from Germany, first of all let their ear posts.

It seems that in Asia a wolf bite Chinese, another eye of Americans is not only to be optimistic about the dog in Europe, but also to eat dog meat, drink cold. So, the whole mass, it seems that the United States is not it so innocent, this is a long planned conspiracy!

How public events ending? Americans are. If Germany wait for the right price to sell clothes, from this, on Russia’s strategic cooperation of the United States, in wool on $recognize, the U.S. government for Volkswagen “rehabilitated” one is not what. Japan’s TOYOTA motor is not without precedent!

The United States is really cruel, ruthless enough Yin!


Volkswagen is dangerous, Germany is dangerous; Germany is dangerous; Germany is dangerous; the fate of a company and the fate of a nation are never as close as they are today!

Perhaps this is the war of twenty-first Century, no smoke, but more brutal, more bloody, soft kill no blood!

The United States can not regard as unimportant. This country is playing strategy, play system, the standard of play. The allies Germany got under this ruthless hand, it’s competitors China, that means I am afraid it is to do anything.

Let the Chinese home, encounter an opponent, or Chairman Mao’s words: Strategic defiance, tactical importance. The international community, in essence, is a society of the law of the jungle, the tiger to eat people, if it is of no use, must let oneself become a lion. But the face is not equal to act rashly everything must take heed!

Do not believe the Americans, especially in the financial and capital areas, these areas people playing for hundreds of years, we just opened, more to be careful. Do not see, will be the old imperialist cut wool. The Asian financial crisis, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, overnight accumulated wealth has shrunk dramatically, civets in the prince to the hands of the Americans, economic development back ten years too painful lessons!

We are good at manufacturing, mass this file, also a reminder to us: let lose useless or to come up with the plot, depending on the quality of life of the true spirit of enterprise. Nowadays, more and more enterprises China go out to participate in international market competition, especially with the help of “The Belt and Road” Dongfeng China, manufacturing all over the world. However, the more so, the more prudent, carefully steadfast.

At present, Chinese economic growth rate from two digits into a digit, the economy is so weak, traditional enterprises affected, many enterprises are impetuous. Some enterprises to upgrade the level of product innovation is facing great difficulties; some enterprises by the “Internet plus” temptation, often and often invest money and manpower, or result do not take the mobile Internet Express; in the period of economic recession, entrepreneurs do not know how to operate a business. The plight of hard fighting in the enterprise, how to do what? At this time, more need anyone!

This reminds me of two articles that have been very hot recently:

An article is written by Ren Zhengfei. This paper commented: people rely on unique conduct, enterprises rely on good products to achieve high yields. Entrepreneurs must hold their own, make a soul skills, an enterprise can Changqing! If entrepreneurs eyes only money, only firm size, good product skills could not come out, but with the language to the entertainment business, time nearby. turned parts OEM Manufacturer

The other one is written by Dong Mingzhu. This paper commented: Dong Mingzhu the woman, put in our business era, is indeed very narcissistic and wonderful. This wonderful, I prefer to understand it as a scarce paranoid “industrial spirit” China entrepreneurs on the most, is an almost religious type of the quality of their products. Hope that GREE’s paranoid frenzy will continue, China manufacturing transformation creates a new way.


Five Americans have sunk the German public, this is the Zhoukou media the term. Oh, many Hollywood blockbusters like tone!

However, I think: history will prove that the sniper public, actually this is a big conspiracy directed by the Americans, is the two country fight!

Good Chinese ah, we view the mountain fire at the same time, please alert this story with us!

turned parts OEM Manufacturer

turned parts OEM Manufacturer


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