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The team leader is not an all-rounder but an on-site commander.

The team leader refers to the person who directly controls about 5-20 production line operators at the production site and is responsible for the production results. The extent of management control varies according to the company and industry, and its title is also different. It includes the title of team leader, team leader, foreman, and team leader. valve lapping

A qualified squad leader should be the commander of the front line – in addition to strong technology, guiding the process, but also have a global height, regularly give employees early morning meetings, psychological counseling, and improve attendance. Actively communicate with the former process department to control the quality. Actively participate in IE improvement, from technical talents to leading integrated talents, to adapt to the future development of the industry. valve lapping

The construction of the organizer’s team for the construction of a well-equipped team is dependent on people. The leader of the team is “the end of the line.” All tasks of the team must be organized and implemented by him. Therefore, it is very important to select a good team leader. The team leaders must have excellent moral character and outstanding talents, and they must be cohesive and hardworking. The team leader must have the management ability to turn the whole team into a rope and give full play to the collective wisdom. The head of the team must dare to touch the nails, take it boldly, manage it rigorously, avoid bullying, and cause eccentricity. The team leader must have the ability to innovate. A good team leader should not only be able to complete the task, but also continue to innovate, and constantly provide reasonable advice for business leaders, and constantly open up a new situation in the work of the team. valve lapping

The team leader is the head of the team. If the team is the company’s cell, the team leader is the cell nucleus, which is the backbone of the team. The team consists of as few as several dozens of people. If there isn’t a family member, it will not be a unified and coordinated collective of fights. The instructions and tasks issued by superiors will not be effectively organized and implemented. The difficult problems in operating work and life are not studied and resolved.

The team leader is the commander of the frontline of workshop management. The leader of the team is the “head and tail”, and is the practitioner and organizer who directly leads the staff in front-line property management work. If the team leaders do badly in command and the management work is not done well, it will cause losses to the team and even the company. The team leaders who will direct will be able to promote the management and will be able to rationally organize and organize the basic work, create a normal working order and strictly enforce labor discipline, and will be able to solve the problems that arise in the work and accomplish the various tasks of the team well. Goals. valve lapping

Team leader’s task in production preparation:

1. Formulate a production plan and decompose the weekly plan
2, detailed work instructions
3, training employees
4, equipment, instruments, fixture installation and commissioning
5, personnel position configuration, production capacity setting
6、Discovery and feedback of abnormal materials, equipment, and process. valve lapping

The team leader should grasp the content during the operation (banner control):

1, whether the production operation plan is clear and reasonable
2. Plan to adjust personnel, equipment and other aspects
3, training employees’ work skills (cross-type multi-energy type)
4、 Discontinued time due to lack of materials, equipment failure, etc.
5. Causes and countermeasures of failures and aftercare of defective products
6, fixtures, production materials are adequate
7, whether the production is normal, can complete the production task
8, whether to work overtime
9. Whether the working method is appropriate, whether there is waste, and whether there is any room for improvement. valve lapping

The status of the team leader is a backbone in the company as a whole. The leader of the team leads the staff to complete the product quality, cost, and delivery time and is the company’s gray collar.

The leader of the team is the bridge that connects the team with the employees, and the employees are in touch with the leader’s ties to comprehensively manage the comprehensive talents and generalists of production, quality, and consumption. valve lapping

The duties of the team leader are as follows:

1. Ensure the safe production of the team
2, as a representative of the team
3, teamwork and solve internal problems
4. Accept and train new team members
5. Discuss and exchange company goals, formulate and achieve team goals
6, tracking team goals, update class team
7. Prepare and host team meetings
8, fast response to the dark signal, and is responsible for solving the problem. valve lapping

Team leader permissions:

1. Absolute command management authority
2. Staff deployment rights
3, improve the system right
4, staff incentives and distribution rights
5, elected employee rights
6, rationalization of the right to propose. valve lapping

The team leader must actively train employees so that he is willing to learn more skills, so that the front-line staff can grow into a versatile work, rather than the team leader himself to do all-round work. Change the concept of employees, work for the boss, change to work for yourself, change to work for the team, and then rise to fight for faith, from no execution to execution, to execution and professionalism. To have the execution and selfless fearless change. valve lapping

In the case of bottlenecks, when part of the leave is completed, allocating all-around workers to better adjust the assembly line.

Select the appropriate team leader and proceed from the six elements of the production site (person, machine, material, method, ring, test), and provide necessary personnel. valve lapping

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