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Do you want to be a mechanical project supervisor? Do you have these conditions?!

Special non-standard industry because of their own nature, decide the design and manufacture of special projects generally have independence, guide the design and production process of project management method to general thorough, so we chose the project manager system (also known as project manager system). The company through management training, project manager, to achieve specific management the purpose of the project from the macro.

In charge of the project as a direct implementation of this system, its quality decides the effect of design and production management of the project, directly affect the design concept, the project technical risk, manufacturing cost, assembly precision, project schedule and customer satisfaction. It may be said too much, the project of the company executives depend on the quality of the company the strength, and even the future.

Before talking about how to grow up to be a qualified project manager, we must first understand the responsibilities of the project manager:

  1. Understand the intention of Party A, including functional requirements, rhythm requirements, accuracy requirements, cost requirements, and so on

2, conceive the project plan. According to the company’s production capacity and supporting capacity, conceive the scheme to meet the needs of Party A

  1. Communicate internally with the staff of the cooperative design to confirm the feasibility of the program

4, confirm the plan with the Party A, take out the scheme diagram, cost budget, technical agreement and other documents, and confirm with Party A whether the scheme can be accepted, ask Party A’s opinion, and discuss feasibility with it

  1. Organize the design work, design the project into complete technical documents, including production drawing, purchase list, and control the design cycle

6, with purchasing, production department to complete the procurement and production of parts and parts procurement

  1. Site assembly instruction. In the workshop assembly process, guide the correct assembly, control the assembly accuracy and technical requirements, timely solve various problems in the assembly process

8, on-site debugging. Organize relevant personnel to debug equipment, procedures, actions, accuracy, timely solve the problems in the process of debugging, to ensure that the equipment meets the technical agreement requirements

9, participate in the acceptance work. When the first party personnel arrive at the acceptance of equipment, the whole process is responsible for the relevant acceptance work, record the need for rectification problems, arrange the rectification work in a timely manner

10, other jobs

The project manager should have quality

The above is the main content of the work of a project manager, to the work of their own quality requirements are relatively comprehensive. So what sort of qualities is a qualified project manager? We can roughly be classified into three points:

1, the ability to coordinate communication

A person can not complete the project, the main participants of a project include: Mechanical Engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly workers. How to communicate and coordinate these people’s opinions, reasonable distribution work will be the focus of your work, the proportion of the work in the project even more than 50%.

In the design stage, to maintain full communication between engineers, is a good design of the basic premise. As an excellent project manager, in combination with the project background, outline the basic idea of the project, you should start asking the opinions and suggestions of how to improve the design partner. Your idea, is the only meaning of your talking. Try to avoid their own “work”, but was splashed cold water. For partner advice, not arbitrary to deny. When you disagree on a problem, try to stand on each other’s position on the issue, or listen to he analyze the reasons from the aspects of professional patience the effort to determine if to do what he says, what kind of impact? “,” the problem really is a core problem of unshakable principle “when you finally accept his advice. Don’t make, helpless, so that people will lose the next time to discuss with your interest. To timely praise a few, such as “is your idea more secure,” or “you are right, we’ll do that.”

When the project entered the scene assembling and debugging phase, when the test of a project manager ability really began. Design mistakes need rework, assembly is not in place to adjust parts procurement has not come back, the technical difficulties of the do not know how to solve the problem, and so on and so on, always let the head. At this time, how do you do? Maybe you do not know where to start, but they should at least know some things not to do, some words can not say. First, complain, complain and other negative things don’t do it. If you do, in addition to conflict and dissatisfaction with what you are not, unless you want to relieve my partners the pressure to belittle those knowing people or things deliberately. Second, “this is your thing, you think of a way to solve” such words better alone. In your project, no matter what it is not for you, Even if the worker has no tools, you have to find a way to help him. Third, do not go to the scene for a day. Stay with your team is your choice

The methods to solve the problems there are many ways of communication and coordination is a permanent solution. When faced with complex problems, able to mobilize everyone to participate, positive thinking, brainstorming, play all the energy of the people, this is the most competent people, only in this way, the work will not feel heavy resistance, too weak. Because of this, communication and coordination ability, the first criterion is our measure of work ability of a project.

2, good psychological quality

This ability is often overlooked, but it is essential for all successful people, especially in the face of adversity, facing complex problems

The quality in the heart was also interpreted as EQ (EQ), is the ability to control emotions. A person’s emotional control is not good, it will be expressed in the work often in life. Every word and action complaining, anger, unbearable pressure and other emotions will have a negative impact on our work, we in the process of solving analysis the problem, seriously affect our judgment, or arbitrary, or shilly-shally, analysis of the problem and it is difficult to objectively and comprehensively, timely and decisive decisions.

As a project manager, we in the emotional control of error, although not as a general on the battlefield, causing very serious consequences, but within the company, within your project group, will cause low morale, prevarication, and it is difficult to unify the opinions and other consequences, is not conducive to work. It is noteworthy that this negative effect will be the accumulation of layers, until you find out you have no ability to work, not partners for their support, a variety of problems. The project delivery delayed.

The above said is some negative effects, so how should we cultivate good psychological quality in the work? This is not between morning and evening can solve the problem, but we can gradually improve, might as well try from the following aspects:

1) keep optimistic and calm attitude, avoid haggle over all odds and ends, and give tit for tat

Willing to be willing to give to you. In the face of a dispute, you should always remember what you want in the fight, what results, what is the core of the dispute. If you get what you want most, why do not mind to give up some minor problems? After all, and you will get some controversy what. Work in the debate, not a debate, do their own comprehensive victory, while the other lost injured all over the body just happy? The purpose of the work is not to debate, debate is intended to work.

2) the way of attention expression

The same idea in different words, the effect is often not the same, or even counterproductive. Based on the exchange of peace of mind, do not attach too much emotional factors. Our team are still too young, the lack of the humble attitude, to a word not finished will each other or irritated, a word did not say, they get angry. If things go on like this, it will be hard to mutual exchanges, exchanges have failed, how can work smoothly. As a project supervisor should pay particular attention to this point.

3) be resolute and dare to take the responsibility in face of the problem

The fault is also a general fault, as a leader, organizer, must be in before the problem occurs when the first to stand up against, don’t put pressure on to other people on the project. In the face of problems, and even leadership, Party A of the accused, need to calmly, think about the solution in listening at the same time, all excuses are invalid at this time, but will leave a stiff impression. Once there is a solution, immediately organized personnel to discuss the feasibility, feasible. Immediately benefit by mutual discussion, implementation, must not hesitate. One thing to note here is that when facing problems, pay attention to distinguish its authenticity; he obtained from population information needs go to verify, grasp the essence of the problem, to the scene. The phenomenon of an antidote against the disease requires a combination of design drawings on careful analysis from theory and practice. It does not solve the problem, just look at the price Is it appropriate?

4) ask questions more often, no shame

The three of us are walking together there must be my teacher “everyone knows the truth, but too few people understand, do people even more rare. In charge of the project requires a wide range of knowledge, which doomed to refinement, in some detail. Their shortcomings must know, encounter difficulties, more open in the confirmation to the people around, you will find that the original is not so difficult. The plane is doing this business, old to learn the industry, life must hold on to learn too. Who is arrogant, but even ask who idiot! We should also pay attention to methods, their first thing didn’t try to know, don’t bring your own idea to talk to ask, not only make people tired, even despised, for a long time, what is not good.

3, solid and comprehensive professional knowledge

This point on the final say, and it’s not important, on the contrary, this point is that you can base a foothold in this industry. As a project manager, professional knowledge not only knowledge of mechanical or electrical knowledge, you must read your work involved in all relevant knowledge, to ensure that they can control global. That is to say, even if you are the main professional machinery, you also need to know the electrical control, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly and other related knowledge. Even if the details are not quite understand, but the direction it is possible to control. As a main pipe if the project can not do this, it’s hard for you the partners really convincing. A little more time to your partners for advice, try to help them to do some simple things, there will be an unexpected surprise.

Concluding remarks

These are my personal experience and comprehension in some special industry these years, we can hope for some help. May summarize is not very comprehensive, perhaps more just my personal expectations and demands, but the direction is not wrong. Rambles so much, summed up in a word, “the advance man, this” man “is not only to do their own”, “the most important thing is to do a let others recognized the” people “. People living in the community, regardless of others” self “, the final can only be bleak.

It’s a hard thing to do, but it’s worth the time to do it



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