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Lean consultant refine – 1573 mode of field management

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What is the site management? What? How to carry out? What are the benefits to the enterprise? These problems understanding is different views of modern management. The definition of field management is refers to the use of scientific standards and methods of production of the production factors, including people (workers and managers), machine (equipment, tools, equipment), materials (raw materials), method (processing, detection), ring (environment), letter (information) are reasonable and effective planning, organization, coordination, control and detection, which is a good combination of state, in order to achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, equilibrium, safe, civilized production. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

Management experts in the course of many years of service flow type enterprise, according to the actual needs of enterprises, summed up the site management model is simple and practical, although the site management is a lean production system in a management tool, but also can make its attention to implementation of effective, results not only reflected in the logistics orderly, set standards, eye-catching logo changes the qualitative, is also reflected in the failure rate is reduced, the maintenance cost is reduced, the efficiency of funds to revitalize the quantitative model, the introduction is as follows: Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

1:1 management of the iron triangle is the system, the standard, the mechanism. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

The system is the guiding principle and basis for promoting site management. We must first clarify the purposes, principles, organization, responsibilities and examination methods of on-site management. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

The standard is the yardstick for measuring the scene. It must be constantly optimized and perfected during the operation process combined with the actual situation of the unit / workshop, rather than simply copying the documents issued by the company. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

The mechanism is to correctly guide employees’ motivation, make well done commendation, do poorly punished, and truly establish a management atmosphere of respecting talents, respecting achievements and respecting value.

5: 5 activities are OJT (live instruction), OPL single point class, OPS (proposal improvement), knowledge competition, and exchange of results. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

OJT (On the Job Training site. To carry out effective teaching) and improve the site management process, supervisor and supervisor especially new staff to the scene must be hands-on guidance to subordinates.

< > human right is the vicissitudes of life inside Dong Qichang said that seven of the recruits training rule is the practice and innovation of OJT: “I give you two, you do it for me, three comments, four I’ll give you five, you do it for me, then you six comments, seven to do”.Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

OPL (One Point Lesson single point class). The concept, methods, tools, and basic knowledge of the staff can be managed in the form of a single point class. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

OPS (one point sugges proposal improvement). Finding the problem is finding the beginning of the gap, eliminating waste is the core of lean production, and improving is the essence of lean management, so we must really mobilize all staff to keep looking for on-site problems and improve in time.

Knowledge competition. Good atmosphere plays a very important role in curing field management and guiding employees. Regular 6S, TPM, professional skills oriented knowledge contest, speech contest and photo competition are needed to stimulate employees’ vitality and enthusiasm. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

The results of communication. To regularly carry out on-site improvement, highlights, knowledge management, unique trick and other exchange activities, can promote employee participation, learning, innovation and enthusiasm, to achieve a win-win situation between employees and enterprises, including communication and visiting the site released the results of two forms.

7:7 method, treasure hunt, bath, fixed-point photography, location management, feature management, visual management, red card.

Treasure hunt. The hunt is the initial site management activities as a means to organize the activities of interest. The so-called treasure, means we need to find out the useless items. It is a treasure, mainly refers to the success of its consolidation activities is of great value, is not to say how much its own value. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

Bathing activities. Regularly carry out a whole company, the whole factory ‘s “bath movement”, that is, full and thorough cleaning and cleaning.

Fixed point photography must run through the whole process of management, that is, standing at the same place, heading for the same direction and the same height, shooting the scene before and after the scene improvement with the camera, and showing the contrast picture before and after the improvement on the visual board.

The location management is. A method for promoting human material ring organic combination, to the production site, operation analysis and action research object, make object according to production needs, specific location and scientific fixed in place process requirements, combined to achieve and place effectively, shorten the people to take place the goods time, eliminate the repeated actions. General Factory is divided into regional location, site regional location and mobile object location.

The management of spare parts or tools. According to the features of the “form” to manage the goods, in order to achieve clear, convenient to take and put, to return in time, a method of condemnation.

Visual management. The items that need to be managed are embodied in a clear way, such as symbols, figures, colors, lights and so on. It is convenient for on-site personnel to clarify standards, identify anomalies, take items and communicate information.

Red card operation. It refers to hanging or sending a red card in the factory area, which is difficult to find or rectification, so that employees in the unit or workshop can understand and actively improve, so as to achieve the purpose of finishing and rectifying within a time limit. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

The 3:3 index is to revitalize the rate, fixation rate, improvement rate.

Revitalization rate. It refers to the ratio between the valuations that the unit centrally cleared and the value of all the valuations on the site. In the finishing stage, we first need to store the long-term spare parts and spare parts in the whole plant and store them in accordance with the process, so that we can turn waste into treasure and revitalize assets.

Rectify rate = clean out of non valuations / on-site all non object valuations * 100%

Fixed rate. The evaluation indexes of setting management, fixed rate is high, that the higher the level of management, reflect whether the location map of finishing, rectify.

Fixed rate = number of items has set (varieties) / the number of items must be in place (varieties) * 100%

The rate of rectification is one of the evaluation indexes of the field problem discovery and rectification, the higher the rectification rate, the greater the resolution of the problem and the effective measures.

Rectify rate: number of discovery / rectify number x 100%. Competitive welding fabrication near me China Manufacturer

The above conclusion is a summary of the main points from the perspective of the on-site management consulting project. Although it does not contain all the contents of the field management, it is concluded from the consulting practice of the large manufacturing enterprises that the introduction of field management can make the field effective and profitable.

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