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A story in the workplace one hundred thousand layoffs alert

Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

Because Yao Ming I began to look at the American NBA tournament, 2008 this season, the most surprising is the rocket “MM” always make people feel disappointed. If a careful analysis of the rocket wins, you will see “MM” appears in the dedication of the face, not to say who dominated the law, everyone to dedicate, results will win. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

A friend of computer engineers was cut off when his company was downsized, and he was very sad

“I’m not guilty of what fault,” he depression asked colleagues, “why the manager choose to cut me?” Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

The friend went home to think for many days, has been unable to get rid of the heart disaffection and the puzzle, finally decided to personally look for the manager to talk

“I just want to know what causes the layoffs. I know this in order to streamline the preparation of the company, somebody has to cut, but it is difficult for me not to cut the reason and my performance Lenovo together.” friends will be in the heart of the rehearsal long words breath all speak out: “if it is me the performance is not good, please the manager pointing, I hope to have opportunities for improvement, at least in the next work, I will not make the same mistake”

After listening to his words, the manager paused for a moment, and showed his approving eyes: “if you have been so active in the past year, the person who cut it today will not be you.” Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

This time a friend was stunned, looking at the manager be at a loss what to do.

“Your work ability is very good, all engineers in your professional knowledge is one strong, never made what major fault, the only drawback is that subjective consciousness is too heavy. The team had the ability of each person is different, but as long as the active cooperation, the Three Stooges will be better than one. If a team mate Zhu Geliang some people don’t understand the active contribution to the team always he must go out of coordination, even if the capacity is again good, also will become the team progressive resistance.” the manager asked: “if you were me, what would you do?” Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

“But I’m not a difficult person to communicate with.” my friend retorted

Compare yourself with your colleagues, 10 points for full marks, in positive enthusiasm, you will score points for yourself? “The manager asked

“I think I understand,” said the friend. “I’m a” dispensable “employee

This case reflects an obvious truth, ability is very important, is a necessary condition for you to do the job, but at the same time, there is a more important condition is to the organization you are willing to pay warmly, if you are not willing to pay, always let the organization adapt to your habits, then even if you have very strong ability, the organization is “not essential”.

Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops


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