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how do you create a top – class team by giving you a team ?

Always remember, no matter how successful you are, credit your team with all your gains and glory, whether it’s a kind of leadership or motivating team members. Think for yourself. welding fabrication shops near me

Team belief

There are two most powerful organizations in the world, one is religion and the other is the army. Why are these two organizations the most powerful? let’s learn that religion puts faith first, and the army puts its mission first. It is an honor for religious members to sacrifice for their beliefs, an honor for military soldiers to sacrifice for their mission, and what faith and mission is, a culture that allows the organization to continue. As I have said more than once, “in this world only culture is guided, unified, and passed on, and only culture brings these three together, all of which are the most effective means of obtaining leadership.” welding fabrication shops near me

So, what is behind the belief and mission, is the dogma, is the system, visible, the iron law canon and the strict system serves for the faith and the mission, does not exist reasonable unreasonable, does not exist the humanity. It is glorious to do any act for the sake of faith, or any act out of order, including offending the laws of the state and the world, although the law serves the ruling class, and faith is paramount in the hearts of believers. This is the power of faith. welding fabrication shops near me In the process of team management, if you want to find the faith of the team in this direction to refine, to explore, some people are really building the team, others are taking advantage of the human heart. In fact, there is a big difference between the two.

Two. Team values

Team value management is always the core power of team management.

Three. Team interests

After the wolf catches its prey, every member who takes part in the hunt can share the fruits of victory. This “wolf rule” continues from the existence of the wolf species to the present day, and the continuation of the wolf is the continuation of the “wolf rule”. Obviously, the reasonable and fair distribution mechanism is the long-term foundation of the team. welding fabrication shops near me

Four. Team honor

Always remember that no matter how successful you are, credit your team with all your gains and glory, whether it’s a leadership or motivating team. Think for yourself.

Five, the strength of the team

When a team goes beyond a goal, what we need is not a lion hero, but a team like an ant, because we are on the way to the goal. The ant team can forgive an ant member who is 100 times wrong, while the lion team may be out once. It is clear that team strength gain has nothing to do with size and bravery, it has to do with unity. welding fabrication shops near me

Six. On team power

“what is power? A man has committed a crime, and the judge has sentenced him to death according to law. In fact, this is not called power, this is called justice. welding fabrication shops near me. And a man has also committed a crime. The emperor may sentence him to death, or he may not be sentenced to death, so the emperor pardoned him, which is called power. So, when team members do something against the team, tolerance is far more rewarding than criticism.

Seven. On team criticism

Criticism is also sour, like a acid rain that has befallen employees. Criticism itself is a blow to the confidence of employees and makes them begin to deny themselves. There is a smart way to criticize yourself. The sleek way of dealing with relationships is called the “sandwich rule”: praise first when criticizing subordinates, that is, praise one before rebuking, praise one after rebuke, and place blame in the middle.

Eight, about team work

At the stage of the formation of a rough culture of the team, the team member has a question to answer: “what is a career?” “I often answer this:” career is to do what you don’t like to do well, and then insist on doing what you like to do; Persistence is very important. The success or failure of a person’s career often depends on persistence. “to put it more simply, the thing that can be done in succession is a career.”

Nine, eight driving principles of team Development

1. Core culture is attractive to team value; 2, the clear goal obtains the reasonable division of labor leading power; (3) to insist on the ability to act conscientiously and responsibly in the end; (4) the cohesion of Dadai Wujiang to gain a high degree of trust; 5. to gain the growth ability of high efficiency and enterprising; 6. To gain the teaching power of keeping pace with the times with great foresight; 7, listening to the ability to gain enthusiasm and open-minded communication; 8. Scientific decision-making should have the ability to think in consideration of the overall situation;

Ten.Where does the team’s “high performance” come from? welding fabrication shops near me

1. Form the values of the people, guide the team members to work spontaneously. welding fabrication shops near me. 2. Clear goals, give the team members the “present and future” accurate positioning. 3, only to find ways to difficult. Do not find reasons for failure, develop the habit of constantly helping the team to solve problems. 4, with “sincerity, unity, tolerance, no self” spirit of cooperation. 5.

Eleven. Five stages of formation of team leadership

(1) Self-growth and being ordered to face danger;

(2) Service and exploration;

3) bold practice and style formation;

4) Management innovation and keeping pace with the times;

5) understanding of human nature and governing by inaction.

Twelve, customary management of team members

1) Develop the habit of being an example;

2) forming the habit of putting the interests of the team above everything else;

3) forming the habit of following the system of service;

4) to form the habit of popularizing professionalism;

5)develop the habit of not looking for reason and no excuse; welding fabrication shops near me

6)Develop the habit of inheriting team culture anytime and anywhere;

7) Cultivate the habit of being creative and daring to take responsibility;

8) Develop the habit of practicing self and pursuing specialization in the team.

Thirteen, 4 laws of team Management

1, light wealth is enough to gather people;

2, the law is enough to convince people;

3. Wide enough to get people;

4, the body first enough to lead people.

Fourteen, three dimensions of efficient team trust

1. Keep your promise.

2, proactive (work and ability);

Faith comes first.

Fifteen, three rules for improving team execution

1. High level of team strategic consensus;

2High quality team strategy coordination;

3. Team strategy management of scientific system;

Sixteen, looking for the Source of team Innovation. welding fabrication shops near me

1, “love” their own team, “love” is the source of innovation;

2, the willingness to solve problems for the team is the cause of innovation;

3, opening the thinking space is the foundation of team innovation;

4, not afraid of failure is a team innovation;

5, dare to assume responsibility is the expensive team innovation.

Seventeen, why does the team member’s mentality change

(1) change for the sake of getting the trust of the organization and the boss;

(2) to change in pursuit of vanity;

3, change for the future development;

(4) change for the benefit of the present;

5, change for oneself dream;

6. change for power;

7, to escape the pain and change;

8, to pursue happiness and change;

9, will be affected by the environment and change;

10. influenced by emotion;

11. besieged by love and time-varying;

12, face pressure time-varying.

Eighteen, team listening tips

Stand not square, do not listen; face no smile, do not listen; eyes no contact, do not listen; heart no respect, do not listen; emotional excitement, do not listen; hold prejudice, do not listen; interrupt each other, do not listen; jump to conclusions, do not listen; welding fabrication shops near me

Nineteen, team learning tips

You can refuse to learn, but your competitors will never; Refusal to learn is a sign of aging; Learning is like sailing against the water. Study is the labor full of thought; Learning history makes people wise, learning poetry makes people bright, learning without thinking is lost, thinking without learning is perilous; He who does not eat is hungry, but he who does not study is foolish; Read a pen first, know to act in one; Knowledge is the source of strength, learning is the most profitable investment!

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