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Who is hotter in the Internet economy and manufacturing industry?

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The international investment forum, known as the soul of “9. 8”, is not only an authoritative publishing platform for China’s investment policy, but also a “weathervane” of international investment. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

The morning of September 8th, the highly anticipated debut on the International Investment Forum main forum site, hard to get a vote, All seats are occupied., more than 1700 participants experienced a wonderful brainstorming. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

The theme of the forum is “smart create new pattern of international investment”. After a speech delivered by guests, an interactive dialogue with “investment attraction of manufacturing return” is on the stage

Topic 1

Internet economy

And who’s hotter in the manufacturing industry? Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

In the interactive dialogue forum, CCTV host Chen Weihong to two manufacturing entrepreneurs “attack”: the present investment hot words almost all of the Internet, the manufacturing sector seems to suffer, you feel? Took over the incumbent, GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu was not unhappy, she said: “we believe that the manufacturing industry is slow to make money in the industry, the Internet is fast dream of getting rich, but the Internet cannot do without the real economy, the manufacturing industry is the most important pillar of the Internet Era”

Szev said: “I think China’s manufacturing industry has great prospects, China is the world’s largest market, the world has accepted the development of China’s economy, China’s manufacturing industry, especially China’s equipment is equipped with the world.””

“I think now the real economy and digital economy is opposed, in fact, it is not necessary.” Ma said that the Internet economy to combine virtual and real, in line with the development of the times. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

Topic 2

Investment entity economy


“Smart investment should be invested in the real economy. Take GREE, GREE ten thousand yuan of stock, now is 18 million 200 thousand yuan, do you think investing in the real economy is not good?” Dong Mingzhu said, at present, the capital investment is not a big component of the real investment, but in the machine. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

Some people say that today’s investment will be a big fortune tomorrow, he is through packaging, rendering attractive to others, and then the stock price speculation, may earn a lot of money. But we want to build a hundred years of business”

“We all want investors to be smart, but to be honest, there are few smart investors today,” Ma said. “In fact, no matter how good the Internet is, there’s nothing left to do without manufacturing.” Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

Ma Yun also said that at present, to see a good trend, that is, the Internet industry people are moving to the manufacturing industry, “the past ten years, smart people have gone to the Internet, so now back to the manufacturing industry is a good opportunity.”

Topic 3

What to deal with?

Labor costs rising?

The labor cost issue, guests were repeatedly mentioned. Stseve said, Boston America said Chinese manufacturing cost is close to that in the United States. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

In the discussion, GREE group, Alibaba employee pay level unexpected exposure, Dong Mingzhu said, GREE employees annual labor cost is far more than $10 thousand. Ma said, Alibaba staff income is almost no difference with the United States Silicon Valley

For enterprises, rising labor costs, how to maintain competitiveness? The guests agreed that the answer cannot do without “transformation of structure”. Dong Mingzhu cited the GREE machine substitutions example. “We do a lot of innovation, a lot of the workshop has been completely unmanned.” Dong Mingzhu said. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

In Ma’s view, high income may not be able to create high-quality, but if there is not enough income, it is impossible to attract talented people, there is no excellent talent is impossible to innovation. It is important, but also need innovation, production of higher value-added products, attract talented people


Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, UNIDO director general Li Yong:

“The Belt and Road” strategic opportunities

The project The Belt and Road “strategy, helps to attract more foreign direct investment, but also to help the various regions to establish a cluster of small and medium enterprises. China is a very good example, create a lot of successful industrial park, and has brought rapid development. I believe that this kind of development mode can be successfully copied to other countries. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

Liu Cigui, governor of Hainan province:

“9. 8” extraordinary influence

I used to work in Xiamen, deeply felt Xiamen “9 – 8” influence, status and role. “9 – 8” is a barometer, political and business elite rujierzhi, you feel the pulse of the international situation, especially in the field of investment situation, promote regional development, regional integration and the integration of the global economy.

Zhu Xian, vice president of New Development Bank of brics:

Continuous improvement of products and technologies

In my opinion, China manufacturing must first have a professional spirit. Industrial manufacturing powerhouse Germany is go to the high-end, it is because of their professional spirit. The second is to have the innovation, said innovation, we generally think of revolutionary innovation and new technology, but another innovation is diligently, i.e. continuous improvement on existing products and technology, continue to control the cost and improve the quality. Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

Szev, general manager of Dongfang Electric group:

Craftsman spirit is needed in this era

Different times call for different heroes, we applaud the wonderful September 3rd parade, which is a kind of behind the intent to get things done. Because this is the spirit of China artisan spirit efforts to progress and development. The current society, I feel more need this artisan spirit.

Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops

Professional Manufacturer of welding fabrication shops


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