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[HR] year-end appraisal (3): How to do a year-end performance appraisal interview?

The year-end performance appraisal is a sensitive time appraisal. It not only relates to the employee’s year-end performance salary and year-end bonus, but also closely relates to the employee’s work and job changes in the coming year, salary adjustment and career development. The employees are generally concerned and sensitive to this. At this time, it is very important to flexibly use appropriate performance interview techniques. Because of a slight carelessness, it is easy to cause fluctuations in employee mood and even cause loss of staff or conflicts. So, please ask: welding sheet metal
1. What is the difference between the annual performance appraisal interview and the daily performance interview?
2. What are the different skills and special considerations for completing the annual performance appraisal interview?

Reference resolution:
Feedback on performance appraisal results is an important part of the performance management system. It is not only an important end stage of employee performance management, but also a transition stage that links up with performance. Through performance feedback interviews, the company feedbacks the evaluation results to the appraisers, helps them learn successful experiences, summarizes the lessons learned from failures, and identifies key problems and major deficiencies in the work, and proposes specific improvement plans. welding sheet metal

The purpose of performance feedback interview
1. Feedback performance assessment results to employees. After the performance appraisal is over, it timely communicates to the employees whether their performance in the performance cycle has reached the set target, whether the behavioral attitude meets the pre-determined standard, and whether the ability to work has been improved, so that employees can have a clear understanding of their work.
2. Pass the company’s development blueprint and goals to employees. In the performance interview, employees’ work goals can be combined with the company’s future development goals, allowing employees to understand the general direction of business development and feel their own goals.
3. Understand the reasons for the employee’s unqualified performance. The purpose of performance management is to improve performance. Before this performance, the appraisers need to be jointly analyzed with the appraisers to determine the cause of the non-compliance.
4, to prepare for the next performance cycle work. Performance management is a cyclical process, following the rules of the PDCA cycle. When a performance cycle approaches the end, managers need to pave the way for the work of the next performance cycle.
The purpose of regular performance interviews is to help employees improve their performance and work better in the next stage. The purpose of year-end performance interviews is more of the year-end bonuses, promotion of positions, changes in positions, changes in wages, changes in labor relations, etc. related. welding sheet metal

The role of performance feedback interviews
Effective performance feedback interviews play a very important role in the smooth implementation of performance management. The performance is as follows:
1. Provide a superior communication platform for superiors and subordinates to make the assessment open;
2. To enable employees to objectively understand the deficiencies in their work and help improve their job performance.
3. Through the performance feedback interview, the company’s development goals and personal goals can be well combined, which can unite people’s hearts and enhance the company’s competitiveness.

Performance Appraisers
1. The company’s performance appraisal committee: Appeals and rulings that deal with the assessment results.
2. The objects of the general manager’s interview: The deputy general managers, the directors, and the middle managers directly in charge of them
3. The objects of deputy general interviews: middle-level executives directly in charge
4. Interviews of middle-level cadres: squad leaders, team leaders, and employees of their subordinates

Performance assessment feedback process
A complete performance interview mainly includes three stages: interview preparation stage, interview implementation stage, and interview evaluation stage. Both the daily performance interview and the year-end performance interview include these three stages. welding sheet metal
1. Preparation for interview: The following tasks must be done during the interview preparation phase:
(1) Collecting data in an all-round way: It needs to prepare staff’s performance appraisal results, understand other staff’s evaluation of interviewees, evaluation indicators, and objective working data.
The specific objective data are as follows: absenteeism rate, quality records, reject rate, quantity of processing orders, production records, material consumption records, whether tasks or projects are completed in time, cost control or reduction, error rate, number of customer complaints, rework The number of products, the frequency of accidents and other objective data. Year-end objective data collection focuses on the above-mentioned data for the whole year. The performance interview on weekdays is the data on the weekday assessment cycle.
(2) Preparation of the interview outline: The outline of the interview should briefly outline the contents of the interview and the detailed process of the interview.
(3) Choose the right time and place and inform the interviewee in advance. Regardless of whether it is a day-to-day interview or an end-of-year interview, the time must be selected when both parties are free, and it is advisable to inform one week in advance; the location is best where there is no noise or interference. welding sheet metal

2, interview implementation stage:
(1) Create a harmonious interview environment for both parties;
(2) Explain the purpose, steps and time of the interview;
(3) discuss the results of each task evaluation;
(4) Analyze the crux of the performance gap;
(5) Negotiated solutions;
(6) Intensive discussion with reviewers of strengths and weaknesses, existing difficulties and problems, and areas for improvement, and reach consensus;
(7) propose the goals and plans for the next step of performance improvement;
(8) Discuss the issues that the appraisee needs to provide support and help from the superior and make specific suggestions.
In this stage, there is a difference between the performance interviews on weekdays and the end-of-year performance interviews, which are mainly different in content:
Performance interviews on weekdays are performance appraisals of employees’ weekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annual performance. The year-end appraisal is a comprehensive assessment and summary of the employees’ performance during the year. welding sheet metal

3, interview evaluation stage:
After the interview is over, supervisors should evaluate the effectiveness of the interview. Such as whether the interview reached its goal, whether it had a deeper understanding of the staff, and how to improve the interview. There are usually four types of interview evaluations:
(1) Satisfaction—can be promoted. The performance of this individual is satisfactory. According to the individual’s career development, he can consider promotion of his position.
(2) Satisfaction—Not promoted. This type is for employees who have satisfactory performance but they cannot be promoted, or there is no room for their promotion within the company, or they are satisfied with existing positions and do not want to be promoted. For such employees, they may be given higher wages, more bonuses for year-end bonuses, rewards for recognition within the company, paid treatment, or vacation.
(3) Dissatisfaction – retention. Such people have room for improvement and are willing to continue to serve in the company. At the end of the interview, they must formulate an improved performance plan or a performance contract and submit a formal written warning.
(4) Not satisfied – dismissal. Such employees are very dissatisfied, their performance is really bad, and there is no need for improvement. I also have no intention of staying in the company and I will just dismiss.
The above four types are used in the evaluation of year-end performance interviews, while the evaluation of the performance interviews on weekdays is less. welding sheet metal

Performance feedback interview notes
(1) The mode of praise and constructive criticism should be adopted. While affirming the performance of employees, it is pointed out that they can improve and point out that employees can avoid conflict.
(2) Focus on solving problems. The ultimate goal of negative interviews is to improve performance, so analyzing the causes of bad performance and discussing solutions are the core of the interview.
(3) Encourage the examinee to actively participate in the feedback process. During the interview, in a mutual respecting atmosphere, the problems in performance are jointly solved.
(4) Do not subjectively criticize. The performance of employees should be compared with the standards. Don’t feel free to compare with other employees or decide freely.
(5) Do not bend around. To allow employees to clearly know what is wrong and what is correct, and to ensure that they can understand the intent of the examiner and prevent them from being circumvented, instead affecting the outcome of the interview.
The performance interviews on weekdays and the year-end performance interviews are consistent at this point, with almost no difference. welding sheet metal

Performance feedback interview skills
1. Appraisers must place themselves and the examiners. Both sides should be in the same direction and complete equality communicators. The interview is not preaching but communication.
2. The examiner should listen carefully. Listening should pay attention to: candid communication, careful analysis of the problem; not the right people; more to listen to less, so that subordinates to fully express their opinions; avoid blindly compared with unrelated personnel; talk about the merits, should not “pour cold water”; attention Speaking skills and attitudes can be communicated through body language and facial expressions to ensure full and effective communication.
3, through positive encouragement or feedback, attention and affirmation of the strengths and advantages of the examinee.
4. It is necessary to provide evaluation results to the appraisers in advance and emphasize objective facts.
5. Encourage the examiners to participate in the discussion and express their own opinions and opinions in order to check whether the evaluation results are appropriate. welding sheet metal
6. In accordance with the results of the evaluation, negotiate with the examiners and propose the work goals and development plans for the future planning period.
7. End the dialogue in a positive way. Appraisers give employees the necessary encouragement rather than blow when they finish the interview, because performance management pays more attention to the future performance rather than the present.

The performance interviews on weekdays and the end-of-year performance interviews are not much different in terms of interview skills. The difference is mainly that the improvement goals and plans are different: the assessment on weekdays is the next assessment cycle (week, month, year, quarter, and half year), and the end of the year It is the general plan and goal of the next year.
In short, the annual performance appraisal interview is very important. In any case, we must make overall plans, make reasonable arrangements, and maintain an equal communication in a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere. Only in this way can we do a good job in year-end performance interviews, so as not to create conflicts and conflicts. welding sheet metal

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