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Management taboo in the end

Many bosses, especially the bosses of some small and medium-sized enterprises, always feel that no one is available. Whatever they want, they must personally ask questions. After all, they are not good at authorization. welding shop

Talent is everywhere, see how we use people

The people used by the Huizhou merchant Hu Xueyan are useless in the eyes of others, and some are even rivers and lakes, but Hu Xueyan has created them all as rare special talents. Hu Xueyan’s employment is a strength of a dedicated person. For example, Chen Shilong once went in and out of the casino all day long. He was a gambler. However, Hu Xueyan saw that he was nimble, faithful, reliable, heeded, and bloody. Cultivate one’s own ability to become a business executive. welding shop
Some bosses feel that their middle management personnel can’t share their concerns for themselves. They always like to ask for reports when they encounter problems. Therefore, they have to make ends meet. However, they did not know that the reason why they kept asking for reports was that the boss himself had caused the problem. Some of them did not have the power of the bosses to give their middle managers the power to manage their boards. Some of them had given their middle managers the power to clapper their boards. However, once they had a problem, the punishment exceeded the responsibilities of middle managers and the benefits they should enjoy. Rights and interests are not equal. Over time, these middle managers wouldn’t dare to make decisions. They would look for their bosses for big things and small things.

The typical representative of management, in the end, is Zhuge Liang. welding shop

When Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi were confronting each other in Wuchang’s original army, Zang Jun repeatedly called for an array and Wei Jun had a high-fighting free-fighting card. Zhuge Liang then sent envoys to Sima Yi with the women’s clothes. Although Sima Yi’s subordinates were indignant, Sima Yi was glad to accept and entertain him. During the banquet, he learned from the mouth of the messenger that Zhuge Liang did not eat much and had insufficient rest. However, when he read the official document and made more than 20 fines, he knew that Zhuge Liang did not live long. Even Zhu Geliang’s main book, the Secretary-General Yang Jing, could not stand by. He advised Zhuge Liang that there is a system for governing the country. The work done by superiors and subordinates must not be confused. welding shop

It is because Zhuge Liang’s affairs must be married, resulting in excessive reliance on Zhu Liangge within the Sui and Han dynasties. The officers and staff officers lack sufficient opportunities for success. This has led to the lack of succession for the Suihan Group. As the saying goes, “There are no generals in Liaozhong, Liaohua is the vanguard,” Sima Yi used the little-known Deng Ai and Zhong Hui to easily wipe out the Lao country without Zhuge Liang.
The reason why some bosses like to die in the end is that they have the mistrust of their subordinates, they worry about their lack of ability, they fear that they will do something wrong, and they worry about what little tricks they have. welding shop

Not to say that people do not doubt, I advocate the use of people to be suspicious, but we can establish a management system, through the system to be bound. For example, when the company was young, employees traveled on business trips and did not have a business trip management system. Employees on business trips were all reported in real terms, and the boss’s review allowed reimbursement. The company is big, the staff is more, and the actual reimbursement, the boss is tired, the staff is also tired. welding shop

If you have a business travel management system, you can specify that different levels of business travel can use different modes of transportation. Different levels of employees can be accommodated in hotels of different grades, and exceed the cost standard of their own level, and employees pay for their own expenses. Some employees, he found those relatively remote hotels to stay, but still according to the standard reimbursement, what is worse, some sales staff live in the bathhouse when traveling, but also in accordance with travel standards reimbursement, how to do these, also to review it?

I think it is not necessary. He can reimburse the standard as long as he does not affect the work. Of course, some companies pay more attention to the image and must not allow customers to see that their company’s employees are doing such a chilling thing. This also has corresponding regulations. The company has such system constraints, employees are also more hard on business trips, bosses do not need to spend too much effort to supervise them, not to worry about them wasting or encroaching on the company’s resources. welding shop

When the company was very young, it was a matter of fact. The boss was still able to cope with it. But if the company is big, it will be powerless. If the enterprise wants to continue to develop healthily, the boss must be good at authorizing and refusing to make a final decision. When subordinates are granted certain work autonomy, their work will be more active and active, and the boss will be relaxed. v

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