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What do you know about the commonly used quality management terminology abbreviations?

Common quality management terminology abbreviations

1.PDCA:Plan, Do, Check, Action planning, implementation, inspection, disposal

Approval procedure for 2.PPAP:Production PartApproval Process production parts

3.APQP:Advanced ProductQuality Planning product quality pre plan

Analysis of potential failure modes and consequences of 4.FMEA:Potential FailureMode and Effects Analysis

5.SPC:Statistical ProcessControl statistical process control

6.MSA:Measurement SystemAnalysis measurement system control

7.CP:Control Plan control plan

Evaluation of 8.QSA:Quality SystemAssessment quality system

9.PPM:Parts Per Million per million parts unqualified number

10.QM:Quality Manua quality manual

11.QP:Quality Procedure quality program file /Quality Planning quality planning /Quality Plan quality plan

12.CMK: machine capability index

13.CPK: process capability index

14.CAD:Computer-AidedDesign computer aided ability design

Total efficiency of 15.OEE:Overall Equipment Effectiveness equipment

16.QFD:Quality FunctionDeployment Quality Function Deployment

17.FIFO:First in, First out advanced first out

18.COPS:Customer OrientedProcesses customer oriented process

19.TCQ:Time, Cost, Quality time, cost, quality

20.MPS:Management Processes management process

21.SPS:Support Processes support process

22.TQM:Total QualityManagement total quality management

23.PQA:Product QualityAssurance product quality assurance (Exemption)

24.QP-QC-QI: quality three steps, quality plan – quality control – quality improvement

25.QAF:Quality AssuranceFile quality assurance document

26.QAP:Quality AssurancePlan quality assurance program

27.PFC:Process Flow Chart process flow chart

28.QMS:Quality ManagementSystems quality management system

29.JIT:Just In Time on time (delivery)

30.ERP:EnterpriseRequirement Planning enterprise demand plan

31.QC:Quality Control quality control

32.QA:Quality Audit quality audit /QalityAssurance quality assurance

33.IQC:In Come QualityControl delivery quality control

34.IPQC:In Process QualityControl process quality control

Quality control of 35.FQC:Final QualityControl finished product

36.OQC:Out Quality Control delivery quality control

37.4M1E:Man, Machine, Material, Method, Environment person, machine, material, method, ring

38.5W1H:Why, What, Who, When, Where, How why / what / who do / time / place / how to do it / how to do it

39.6S:Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, Safety collation, rectification, cleaning, cleanliness, literacy, safety

40.TRI value: Total Record Injury (three kinds) can record the work injury value

41.SMART: smart principle, SpecificMeasurable Achievable Result Oriented Timed (specific description, measurable, can be achieved through efforts, results oriented, timeliness).

English abbreviations commonly used in Enterprises

1.5S:5S management

2.ABC: operating system cost system (Activity-BasedCosting)

3.ABB: implementation of the operating system budget system (Activity-BasedBudgeting)

4.ABM: operating cost management (Activity-BaseManagement)

5.APS: Advanced Planning and scheduling system (AdvancedPlanning and Scheduling)

6.ASP: application service provider (ApplicationService Provider)

7.ATP: the amount of promise (Available ToPromise)

8.AVL: a list of approved suppliers (ApprovedVendor List)

9.BOM: Bill of materials (Bill OfMaterial)

10.BPR: Business Process Reengineering (BusinessProcess Reengineering)

11.BSC: a balanced scorecard (BalancedScoreCard)

12.BTF: planned production (Build ToForecast)

13.BTO: order production (Build To Order)

14.CPM: Critical PathMethod

15.CPM: every one million users will have several complaints (Complaintper Million)

16.CRM: Customer Relationship Management (CustomerRelationship Management)

17.CRP: capacity demand planning (CapacityRequirements Planning)

18.CTO: custom-made production (ConfigurationTo Order)

19.DBR: restricted displacement method (Drum-Buffer-Rope)

20.DMT: maturity verification (DesignMaturing Testing)

21.DVT: design verification (DesignVerification Testing)

22.DRP: the marketing and marketing resource plan (DistributionResource Planning)

23.DSS: the decision support system (DecisionSupport System)

24.EC: design change / engineering change (EngineerChange)

25.EC: E-commerce (ElectronicCommerce)

26.ECRN: original specification change notification (EngineerChange Request Notice)

27.EDI: electronic data exchange (ElectronicData Interchange)

28.EIS: the executive decision system (ExecutiveInformation System)

29.EMC: electromagnetic compatibility (ElectricMagnetic Capability)

30.EOQ: basic economic order quantity (EconomicOrder Quantity)

31.ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning (EnterpriseResource Planning)

32.FAE: an application engineer (FieldApplication Engineer)

33.FCST: prediction (Forecast)

34.FMS: FlexibleManufacture System (elastic manufacturing system)

35.FQC: quality management of finished products (Finish orFinal Quality Control)

36.IPQC: process quality management (In-ProcessQuality Control)

37.IQC: feed quality management (IncomingQuality Control)

38.ISO: International Standard Organization (InternationalOrganization for Standardization)

39.ISAR: the first batch of sample approval (InitialSample Approval Request)

40.JIT: real time management (Just In Time)

41.KM: Knowledge Management (KnowledgeManagement)

42.L4L: batch ordering method (Lot-for-Lot)

43.LTC: the minimum total cost method (Least TotalCost)

44.LUC: minimum unit cost (Least UnitCost)

45.MES: Manufacturing Execution System (ManufacturingExecution System)

46.MO: order (Manufacture Order)

47.MPS: main production scheduling (MasterProduction Schedule)

48.MRO: please repair (purchase) (MaintenanceRepair Operation)

49.MRP: Material Requirement Planning (MaterialRequirement Planning)

50.MRPII: Manufacturing Resource Plan (ManufacturingResource Planning)

51.NFCF: notification of changes in predictor Notice forChanging Forecast

52.OEM: OriginalEquipment Manufacture

53.ODM: entrustment design and manufacture (OriginalDesign & Manufacture)

54.OLAP: online analysis processing (On-LineAnalytical Processing)

55.OLTP: online transaction processing (On-LineTransaction Processing)

56.OPT: the best production technology (OptimizedProduction Technology)

57.OQC: delivery quality management (Out-goingQuality Control)

58.PDCA:PDCA management cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Action)

59.PDM: the product data management system (ProductData Management)

60.PERT: plan evaluation (ProgramEvaluation and Review Technique)

61.PO: order (Purchase Order)

62.POH: estimated at the hand (Product onHand)

63.PR: purchase application (PurchaseRequest)

64.QA: quality assurance (QualityAssurance)

65.QC: quality management (Quality Control)

66.QCC: Quality ControlCircle

67.QE: Quality Engineering (QualityEngineering)

68.RCCP: rough productivity planning (Rough CutCapacity Planning)

69.RMA: return acceptance (ReturnedMaterial Approval)

70.ROP: reorder point (Re-Order Point)

71.SCM: Supply Chain Management (Supply ChainManagement)

72.SFC: field control (Shop FloorControl)

73.SIS: the policy information system (StrategicInformation System)

74.SO: order (Sales Order)

75.SOR: special order requirement (Special OrderRequest)

76.SPC: statistical process control (StatisticProcess Control)

77.TOC: restriction theory (Theory ofConstraints)

78.TPM: overall production management (TotalProduction Management)

79.TQC: Total Quality Management (Total QualityControl)

80.TQM: overall quality management (Total QualityManagement)

81.WIP: the WIP (Work In Process)

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