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Mechanical Chinese Workers in German Mechanic’s Notes: Please respect technology and be kind to China’s future

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“The hug wood is born at the end of the mill; the nine-story platform rises from the soil.” The team of mechanical technicians is an important foundation for supporting China’s manufacturing and the key to the national rejuvenation of the country’s development. However, looking at today’s industrial field, the lack of talents and contempt is still there. The prejudice and injustice suffered by technical workers seem to have never slowed down for more than a decade. Sourcing where to buy sheet metal near me, Manufacturer, from China

The mechanical Chinese workers in the notes of a German mechanic made the world focus on them. As one of China’s core competitiveness, high-quality industrial workers often cannot wait for the soil suitable for their growth. The resolution of the crux should not only rely on the simple copying of foreign systems. Only by respecting technology and treating China’s future well can artisans of great powers succeed.

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The current situation is not optimistic

For a long time, Chinese manufacturing has been in a barbaric era. Corporate capitalists have raised the efficiency of the assembly line to the extreme, and they only care about the word efficiency. In the cold workshop, with the annoying roar of the machine, the technical workers degenerate into rigid machine parts, repeating the mechanical work day after day, week after week.

The days of two o’clock and one line wiped out the ambitions of the past, but in order to live, they can only continue to move forward on the closed loop tirelessly like a clockwork doll. This is the current situation of mechanical Chinese workers portrayed in a German mechanic’s notebook, simple and straightforward, but so thought-provoking.

For the industrial field, the normal ratio of talent structure should be a scientist: engineer: skilled talent = 1:10:100. However, the actual situation in China is slightly embarrassing. According to a survey report, the proportion of senior technicians in the entire industrial workforce is 50% in Germany, 40% in Japan, and only 5% in China. Sourcing where to buy sheet metal near me, Manufacturer, from China

However, the more shocking fact is that as early as 30 years ago, the proportion of senior technicians in China was already 5%. This also means that we have to admit with frustration that in the three decades of rapid development of industrial technology, we have actually made no progress in the construction of the technician training system.

It is difficult to attract the phoenix when building a nest with a high salary. Faced with the huge gap of 20 million talents in China, the development of enterprises has been hampered, and the transformation of the manufacturing industry has been repeatedly restricted. In this context, we deeply felt the importance and urgency of training “senior technicians”.

Is it really impossible for our country to cultivate highly sophisticated skilled workers? In fact, not all. As the technical backbone of the final assembly of the Jiaolong manned submersible, fitter Gu Qiuliang can’t remember how many hours he spent in the deep sea.

Jiaolong Manned Submersible

Assembling the submersible needs to face hundreds of thousands of parts, withstand the huge challenge of sealing, and even more to meet the “silk” level precision requirements. Among the assembly team of China’s manned submersibles, only Gu Qiuliang can achieve this precision.

As a welder, Gao Fenglin performed tens of thousands of “precision operations” on the Zheng 5 rocket engine. Gao Fenglin, who is bold and daring, needs to perform more than 30,000 weldings to weld hundreds of hair-thin hollow pipelines on the engine, and the time error left for him is only 0.1 second.

Manned spaceflight, high-speed railway, nuclear power technology… the rise of Made in China is obvious to all. From learning from the West to the East, blindly worshiping, to advocating made in Japan and Germany, and now raising our heads for “Made in China”, our self-confidence has never been so abundant. Sourcing where to buy sheet metal near me, Manufacturer, from China

However, behind the handful of craftsmen from big countries, there is a black hole of 20 million talent gaps that cannot be ignored. Only by respecting technology can China’s development have a future. The great craftsman of the country must never succeed, and it is urgent to make up for the shortage of skilled workers.

A job no one cares about

In fact, under the background that the shortage of senior skilled workers in our country has reached 10 million, the salary offered for them is no less than the group of fresh graduates. But an embarrassing phenomenon has also arisen from this. Even though companies have offered such salaries, the current skilled worker positions are still not cared about. Behind this absurd phenomenon, what is at work?

The most obvious reason is the deformed concept of talents that the Chinese have formed for a long time. “Everything is inferior, only reading is high.” Since ancient times, scholars are the highest, agriculture is the second, and work is the second. People in the world nowadays also generally agree that “reading changes destiny”, academic qualifications are equivalent to knowledge, and only after graduating from university can you find a glamorous and good job.

The poor working environment and often oily technical positions are naturally not decent to college students. Therefore, although there is a great demand for skilled workers, and the salary is not less than that of fresh graduates, and some senior skilled workers earn more than 10,000 a month, there are still very few young people who will look at factories and enterprises, let alone come to work.

Second, it is difficult for our vocational education to attract outstanding students. Against the background of the hustle and bustle of reading, “choose colleges and abandon technical schools” is still the best choice for many parents.

At this point, the practice of German academies is very promising. German universities are divided into applied technical universities and comprehensive universities. The former is biased towards technology and the latter is biased towards academics. Moreover, graduates of the former tend to be more popular in society.

Another reason is that the development channels for skilled workers are narrow and the end can be seen at a glance. The unsatisfactory prospects of skilled workers are mainly reflected in the single type of work and the duplication of work. Under the current system, no matter how much their monthly salary is, they are like prisoners confined to the front-line workshops, living together with the endless overtime system.

Although the country has introduced a series of measures in recent years to promote the development of vocational education, it is still in short supply compared with the demand for high-skilled talents brought about by industrial upgrading. For companies, it is extremely difficult to recruit high-quality vocational college graduates, and the retraining of graduates will also make the overall workforce difficult to stabilize.

Faced with the upcoming implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” policy, we must realize that it is urgent and imminent to realize the transition from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power” and to build more “big country craftsmen”. Only by respecting technology and the future of China’s manufacturing industry can our road to revival be a bright and smooth road.

The future of great power

“Science and technology are the primary productive forces.” From the country to the enterprise, talents from all walks of life are indispensable. We need leaders such as scientists and engineers as well as front-line performers such as skilled workers. The two are indispensable and equally important, otherwise the product will not be produced and the company will stagnate.

The importance of the role played by technicians is self-evident on the journey from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power”. As far as the current situation is concerned, the level of first-line technicians plays a decisive role in the level of product quality. The level of product quality determines the level of development of an enterprise, and even represents the country’s external appearance.

Skilled workers are a well-deserved backbone of the enterprise, and this cannot be questioned. Abandoning the outdated concept of talent is the key to fundamentally cracking the “skilled shortage”.

The social status of the technicians must be taken seriously, the working environment of the technicians needs to be improved urgently, the income of the technicians should be improved, and the development channels of the technicians urgently need to be optimized… Only in this way can the “skills shortage” be alleviated and the manufacturing The road to a strong country will only be high!

We sincerely hope that when we publicize the glorious deeds of great scientific and technological workers in the future, we will rarely see such words as living frugal and being content in poverty. Chinese craftsmen should be treated with courtesy, and their quality of life should be improved in line with their contributions. Our society needs to give more attention and support to technical talents.

“Ten years of trees, 100 years of people.” The cultivation of senior skilled workers requires time and social approval. Only by letting professional skills reflect their due high value can we truly respect talents and knowledge. Only in this way can there be successors to the craftsmen of the great countries and the future of Chinese manufacturing!

Sourcing where to buy sheet metal near me Manufacturer from China
Sourcing where to buy sheet metal near me Manufacturer from China

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