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Who is hotter in the Internet economy and Manufacturing?

abs molding Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

abs molding Manufacturer in Xiamen, China.

The International Investment Forum, known as the soul of “9.8”, is not only the authoritative issuing platform of China’s investment policy, but also the “wind vane” of international investment.

On the morning of September 8th, the much-anticipated International Investment Forum appeared as scheduled. The main forum was hard to obtain, and more than 1,700 participants experienced a wonderful brainstorming. abs molding Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

The theme of the forum was “the New pattern of intellectual International Investment”. After the guest’s speech, an interactive dialogue on the topic of “the return of manufacturing to investment attractiveness” was launched.

Topic 1 who is hotter in Internet economy and Manufacturing?

In the forum interactive dialogue, CCTV host Chen Weihong to two manufacturing entrepreneurs “hard”: the current investment hot words are almost all the Internet, manufacturing seems to be a cold reception, how do you feel? Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Group, was not displeased, saying: “people think manufacturing is a slow profitable industry, the Internet is a dream to get rich quickly, but the Internet is inseparable from the real economy. Manufacturing is the most important pillar of the Internet age. ” abs molding Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

“I think China’s manufacturing industry has great prospects. China is the largest market in the world, and the world has accepted the development of the Chinese economy and the Chinese manufacturing industry,” he said. In particular, China’s equipment is equipping the world. “

“I think it’s not necessary to often put the real economy and the digital economy against each other now,” Ma said, adding that the Internet economy combines reality with virtual reality in order to keep pace with the development of the times.

Topic 2 is there any profit in the real economy?

“A smart investment should be invested in the real economy. In Gree’s case, the 10,000 yuan stock is now 18.2 million yuan. Do you think it’s good to invest in the real economy? Dong Mingzhu said that at present, a large part of capital investment is not real investment, but speculation. abs molding Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

“some people say they’re going to make a lot of money by investing today and tomorrow, and they’re making a lot of money by packaging, exaggerating, and then driving up the stock price. But we’re trying to build a century-old business.”

“We all want investors to be smart, but to be honest, there aren’t many smart investors today,” Mr. Ma said. “in fact, no matter how good the Internet is, it’s nothing left to do without manufacturing.”

Ma also said that a good trend is that people in the Internet industry are heading for manufacturing. “the smart people of the past decade have gone to the Internet, so now it’s a good opportunity to go back to manufacturing.” .

Topic 3 what to do with rising labor costs?

The topic of labor costs was repeatedly raised by guests. Mr. Szef said Boston said manufacturing costs in China were close to those in the United States.

During the discussion, the pay levels of Gree Group’s Alibaba employees were unexpectedly exposed. Dong Mingzhu said Gree’s annual labor costs were well over $10,000, Ma said. Alibaba’s income is mostly the same as that of Silicon Valley.

For enterprises, labor costs have risen, how to maintain competitiveness? Participants agreed that the answer to the question could not be separated from “restructuring”. Dong Mingzhu cited the example of Gree’s “machine replacement.” “We have made a lot of innovations.” Many workshops have been completely dehumanized, “said Dong Mingzhu.

In Ma Yun’s view, high income may not be able to create high quality, but it is impossible to attract excellent talent without sufficient income, and there can be no innovation without excellent talent. Production of higher added-value products to attract outstanding talent.

Voice Li Yong, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Director-General of UNIDO:

“Belt and Road” has plenty of strategic opportunities. abs molding Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

“Belt and Road” strategy related projects, to help attract more foreign direct investment, but also to help regions to establish small and medium-sized clusters. China is a very good example. Many successful industrial parks have been built and have brought about rapid growth. I am convinced that this development model can be successfully replicated in other countries.

Hainan Provincial Governor Liu Qigui: “9 ·8” extraordinary influence

I have worked in Xiamen, and I deeply feel the influence, status, and role of Xiamen’s “9 ·8.” “9 ·8” is a weather vane. In particular, the situation in the field of investment to promote regional, regional and global economic integration development.

Zhu Xian, Deputy President of the New Development Bank of the BRICS countries: continuous improvement of products and Technology

In my opinion, the Chinese manufacturing industry must have a kind of professional spirit first. The reason why Germany’s manufacturing industry has reached the high end is because they have the professional spirit. Secondly, there must be innovation, which refers to innovation. People generally think of revolutionary innovation and the emergence of new technologies, but the other innovation is tireless, that is, in the existing products and technologies to constantly improve, constantly control costs and improve quality.

East Electric Group General Manager Szef: this era needs craftsman spirit

Different times call for different heroes. In September 3rd, we applauded for the wonderful military parade. Behind this was a spirit of dedication to doing things right. China is because of this craftsman spirit. In order to develop and progress. In the current society, I feel that this craftsman spirit is all the more necessary.

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