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Who will collect the quality of auto parts in English table

Estimation of the headache of the automotive industry quality is the beginning of the spate of English words. In fact, whether it is the automotive industry or as ordinary consumers, for the automotive industry in English words, it should have a understand! This is not, to welfare.

The system of Wheeling System

Hub Wheel Hub

Tire Tire

Tire valve Tire Valve

The rim of Wheel Disk

Wheel cover Wheel Cover

The tube (including lining) Inner Tire (Flap)

The system of Wheeling System

Electrical electrical equipment Parts

Battery Battery

The central Door gated Central Lock

Distributor Distributor

The spark plug Spark Plug

Electronic clock with Digital Clock

Car audio Car Audio

Alarm Car Burglar Alarm

Wiper linkage Wiper / Linkage

Fuseholders Fuse Seat

Fuse Fuse

Washing pot Windshield Washer

Line Wire Harness

Motor type Motor

High pressure group Ignition Cable

Speaker Horn

The generator (parts) Alternator (Components)

Switch Switch

Buzzer buzzer

The preheating plug Glow Plug

Instrument Combination Meter

Bulb bulb

Lamp Lamp

Ignition coil Ignition Coil

Relay Relay

Reversing radar Reverse Sensor

Battery charger Battery Charger

Flasher flasher

The appliance, Energy Saving Unit

Terminal Terminal

Power Seat Unit electric chair device

Motor parts Motor Components

Electrical electrical equipment Parts

With the CD Car CD car

Liquid crystal display Car LCD car

Regulator Regulator

Rectifier rectifier

The electronic igniter Ignition Module

Rear View Display reverse display

Governor Cruise Controller

HID lamp ballast combination HID Ballast Complete Set for Headlights

LED light LED Lamp

Lighting Controller light controller

Ignition Coil Module ignition coil module

The exterior product Exterior Parts

Radiator grille Radiator Grille

Antenna Antenna

The body guard Side Protector

Bumper pad Bumper Pad

The rearview mirror Door Mirror

Decorative stickers, signs of Ornament Mark

Round arc Fender Trim

Fender Mud Guard

Spoiler spoiler

Front bumper Guard Assy (Front)

Rear collision rod Grard (Rear) Assy

The exterior product Exterior Parts

Built in Interior Parts

The dashboard Instrument Panel

The central compartment Console

Plug Grommet Plug

Carpet Floor Mat

Security with Seat Belt

Door Armrest door armrest

The door handle Door Handle

The car door lock Door Lock

The roof lining Roof Lining

Window handle Window Lifter Handle

The window lifter Window Lifter

Waterproof lining Weatherstrip

Oil scale Fuel Gauge

The door trim panel Door Trim

Interior mirror Room Mirror

Speaker cover Speaker Cover

(electric) seat (Electric) Seat

Top Headlining

Ashtray Ashtray

All Kinds of Silencer all kinds of sound insulation pad

Trim trim / Garnish / Trim

The instrument panel Instrument Panel Garnish

The sun visor Sunvisor

Layering Moulding

The cigarette lighter Cigar Lighter

Trim for Spare Tire in the spare tire

Sun Roof.

The rear plate Rear Parcel Shelf

The rear panel of Rear Trunk Trim.

Built in Interior Parts

Instrumental Panel Mounting dashboard bracket


Vehicle tools Tools

Jack Jack

The nylon rope, tetolon rope Nylon Rope

The production, testing and painting equipment Production, Test & Painting Equipment

All kinds of covers Cap, Cover

Clip Cargo Lash

Clip, Clamp tube, Clip

Clay Model oil soil and the reference model of and Master Model

Seal Oil Seal

Door Hinge door hinge

Fault flag Reflector

Glass Glass

Repair of Repairing & Maintenance

Powder metallurgy Powder Metallurgy

Bearing Bearing

Plastic Plastic Parts

Insulation material Heat Insulator

Electronic Electrical Parts

Seal Gasket, Washer gasket, Packing.

Brush Carbon Brush

Tube Pipe, Hose, Tube

The copper sleeve Bushing

Spring Spring

Die, clamp, treatment, gauge Die, Fixture, Jig, Checking, Gauge

Rubber Rubber Parts

Pump Pump

Nut / bolt / screw Nut/Bolt/Screw

Forging parts (processing) Forging Parts (Processing)

Filter Filter

Lock Lock

Mirror Mirror

Casting parts (processing) Casting Parts (Processing)

Hinge of Engine Hood engine cover hinge

Hinge of Trunk Lid boot hinge

Support Mount of Bumper bumper

CAD/CAM CAD/CAM Car Body Design body design

Auto cleaning supplies Cosmetics for Automobile

Paints paint

Synthesis of wood Synthetic Wood

The electromagnetic valve Solenoid Valve

The hot water valve Heater Valve

The cold coal solenoid valve Refrigerate Solenoid valve

The glass slide Glass Run

Double sided tape Acrylic Foam Tape

Catalytic Converter Mate catalytic converter mate

Black smoke filter Diesel Particle Filter

Fire extinguisher for vehicle Extinguisher

Components materials Components Materials

Mobile phone Car Hand-free Mobile car Phone

Car security system Car Security System

Car navigation system Car Navigation System

Artificial leather Leather

The name plate Nameplate

Computer Car car Computer

Wireless tire pressure detection instrument Wireless Tire Monitor

The car equipped with leather Leather for Car Interior

Buffer waxing machine (Car Polisher)

Metal surface treatment (materials) Metal Surface Treatment (Material)

Connector Clip connector

Tire pressure warning device Tire Low Pressure Indicator deficiency

The temperature sensor Water Temperature Sensor

Oil pressure sensor Oil Pressure Sensor

Oil Engine Oil

The automatic transmission oil Automatic Transmission Oil

Oil additives Oil Additive

Heat treatment of Heat Treatment

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