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Leader of the team: Subordinates’ conflicts and cross-level reporting

The role of leader of production management

The workshop team leader is the main communication bridge between the company and production employees. The management of the company team leader will directly affect the production progress and product quality of the company’s products. Only team full of vitality, companies will have a strong vitality in order to fierce competition in the market for a long time invincible. 3D Printing

The special status of the team leader determines that he must take different positions on the personnel of the three levels:

The face of subordinates should stand on behalf of the operator and speak with the leader’s voice;

In the face of the operator, he should stand in response to the voice of the Ministry and speak with his voice.

In the face of his immediate supervisor, he should also speak on behalf of his subordinates and superiors. 3D Printing

Team leader is the smallest unit of production, team management is the basis of business management. No matter what industry or type of work, its common characteristic is that it has common labor methods and objects and directly bears certain production tasks, including service products. Therefore, the head of the team has three important roles:

The responsibility of a team leader in production management

The leader of the team is a very large number of employees in the company. The overall quality of the team leader determines whether the company’s policies can be implemented smoothly. Therefore, it is very important that the team leaders perform due diligence. The duties of the team leader include:
Labor management

Staff deployment, scheduling, service, strict attendance, emotional management of employees, technical training for new recruits, and safety operations, hygiene at the production site, and team building are all part of the labor management. 3D Printing

Production management responsibility

Production management responsibilities include field operations, personnel management, product quality, manufacturing costs, material management, machine maintenance and more.

Assist superiors

Team leader should promptly and accurately reflect to the higher level of the actual situation in the work, put forward their own suggestions, do a good job assistant consultants. However, at present, many team leaders just stay in the usual staffing and production scheduling and do not give full play to the leadership and demonstration role of team leader. 3D Printing

2 How to do a good team leader

First of all, you should know your role in the business. Accurately grasp their own rights and obligations, the leadership of the company and their expectations of employees. There are three aspects precisely:

Accurately grasp the norms, rights and obligations of your own role

The leader of the team should represent three positions: the position of the representative manager, the position of the representative producer, and the position of the direct supervisor not only representing the employee, but also representing the superior’s position as an assistant. 3D Printing

If the team leader is not clear about this nor knows how many rights, duties and responsibilities he has, what role he should play, then although he occupies the position of the team leader, he fails to play the role of the team leader and is not practical. Value team leader. Of course, in the grasp of their role can not be over-stimulated, the West called this phenomenon as an impression of the whole, put it plainly is “garlic”, or even do not know or do not understand the lower class.

Understand leadership expectations

As a subordinate, you must have an accurate understanding of leadership instructions, as well as the background, environment, and style of leadership. Sometimes as a subordinate you have to do a lot of effort to do something, but not what the leaders hope, the result of effort but did not achieve the desired effect. Of course, it is also possible that you are correct, but leaders do not understand how to do it? At this time to choose the right time to submit their own proposals, so that the leadership more fully and accurately accept or accept your suggestions. Now in the West there is a saying that to master your leadership well is to understand the style of leadership in order to better coordinate relations and carry out good work.

Understand the expectations of your subordinates

The lower level has the following five expectations for superiors:
1 things to be fair. It is easy to do things to be fair, but it is very difficult to do. Due to the long-term impact of traditional small-scale peasant economy and planned economy in the past, fairness in China has often been mistaken as an egalitarianism. Therefore, it is necessary for the team leader to do justice in the distribution work, make clear rewards and penalties, and be fair when allocating interests. Only Only in this way can you convince the public. 3D Printing

2. Follow your subordinates. Lack of care and understanding of employees in work and life. Naturally, employees will not be satisfied with you.

3. The goal is clear. A clear goal is one of the most important and basic prerequisites for leadership. As a team leader, the goal should be very clear, otherwise it is simply a confused officer.

4. Accurately issue the order. As the commander of the front line, the leader of the team should be as accurate as the controller at the airport to issue the order to the pilot. Otherwise, the team leader is prone to ambiguity. In the course of the command, one or more mistakes will inevitably occur. In the accident.

5. Timely guidance. At work, subordinates always hope that they can always receive guidance from time to time superiors, because the timely guidance of superiors is the concern and training of subordinates. 3D Printing

6. Need honors. As a team leader you should also be very generous in giving honors and bonuses to everyone. The more model workers you work in, the better your job will be.

In general, the team leader who is responsible for the production site should understand the above issues, but this is far from enough. It must also be more careful and accurate to understand the company’s corporate culture, leadership habits, and the character of the employees. Present and future situation, the use of workshop equipment.

3Treat ten issues in production management in this way

1. When the subordinates are in a conflict, how to deal with it more properly?

The disagreement between subordinates is inevitable. Like the Empress Dowager Emperor Xiaozhuang of the Emperor Kangxi, who addressed the embattled problems between the emperor and the emperor Kangxi, put forward his own point of view: “You can’t hope that they can eliminate the contradictions. It is impossible. You can only control this situation to you. The range that can be controlled will not allow it to continue to expand, so that it will not be overwhelming. It will not affect Jiangshan community.” The same problems as those of Emperor Kangxi also existed in our surroundings. How can we deal with it more appropriately, so as not to make the situation rigid and uncontrollable? 3D Printing

“As a supervisor, we should face up to these subjective factors that affect leadership behavior. The most taboo is the attitude of being blind to subordinate conflicts. I have seen a squad leader and the contradictions among his three subordinates. One of them told him about them. The relationship between him and he was very impatient to say to her: “That little thing, you tell me. Can’t you handle your relationship well? The subordinate listened very unhappy and could not say anything. He left. A month later, the relationship between them became more and more severe. You took down my desk and I demolished your station. Finally one day at work, Caused poor quality and caused all the bales to be remanufactured on the same day.”

In fact, when subordinates raise contradictions, it is usually the case that he can not handle such a relationship before he can come forward. Well, if you do not do positive treatment, it usually leads to a more rigid relationship. He may break the jar and eventually work. As a boss, you should have a certain understanding of the relationship between subordinates. Frequently learn from their words and deportments to understand the relationship between them. When you find that there is an atmosphere that is not very harmonious, you should grasp it. This degree depends on the degree to which it affects work, and the other sees the longevity of this atmosphere. Depending on the circumstances, take a different approach to mediation. In summary, the following points must be remembered:

Do not evade the problem.

Do not blame them for not handling well. Because everyone’s personality is different, there are some people in the world who hate others. That kind of relationship is difficult to self-adjust. 3D Printing

Do not talk about the other party’s views on the conflicting side. In order not to let him be more jealous, he would push the relationship between them to a rigid state. “He said you again … you say he …” and the like, must not say to any one party.

In the process of mediation, treat as calmly as possible. Let them tell their point of view, from which objective analysis of their problems, pointing out their wrong views and behavior. Extremist behavior that has affected work must be harshly criticized and account for the stake in the outcome.

For those who cannot mediate, they should make organizational adjustments and transfer them away.

Lead by yourself and work with them to complete a highly collaborative task to strengthen their team spirit.

2. How do I schedule my work when I am on leave?

The work on the handle (items, progress) is organized into a list and handed over to the boss. The boss also explains his or her own ideas and arrangements in detail, reminding them of important matters and consulting with their supervisors.

Combined with the views of the boss is the line of specific work arrangements, and designated person in charge in order to ensure the progress of work. Leave your contact details and phone number, in case of abnormal workers can find themselves in time

3. What if the indirect boss personally directs himself to work?

First of all, I want to congratulate you. This shows that your excellent ability to work is seen by many supervisors. Therefore, you can not “severely reject” your indirect supervisor. Receive instructions from an indirect supervisor that you want to quickly determine whether this is an emergency event. If so, it should be dealt with as soon as possible: If it is not, it should report to the immediate supervisor, and arrange it with the approval of the supervisor. Regardless of the final execution of the instructions of the indirect supervisor, the progress and results of the work should be reported to the immediate supervisor and the direct supervisor should report to the indirect supervisor. 3D Printing

4. What should I do if I disagree with my supervisor?

As the saying goes, there are fights between teeth and tongue. It is unavoidable to disagree with the boss, to completely give up his point of view, or to hold the idea that “beheaded does not matter if the truth is true”.

Here we need to grasp the principle that according to the final outcome of different work programs, if the goals and outcomes of the two programs are the same, we may wish to integrate our ideas into the programs of our supervisors to achieve mutual benefits. If It is the boss’s idea that the program is wrong. It should be a reminder to the boss. But reminding him to remind him that he should let his boss recognize the lack of his own plan and rethink the new approach. If it is not the boss’s inquiries about his own ideas, generally do not propose his own plan, because it will make the boss feel unhappy, but may veto your idea.

So, when you disagree with your boss, you should do some communication. It would be best if the supervisor’s ideas were communicated to oneself by communication, and if it could not be agreed, the order should be executed unconditionally as a subordinate because the superiors stood taller and assumed more responsibility, and many considerations may not be obvious to us . 3D Printing

5. How to reflect the opinions of employees to supervisors?

Team leader is the bridge between the lower and lower levels, so that “under the conditions of” “order down” is a very important task. It is better to report the matter to the boss before reflecting the opinions of the staff. It is important not to be ignorant, should attach their own opinions and suggestions, because the boss is busy with work, facing a wide range of staff, if the decision according to your opinion, time will be faster, but also to prevent omissions.

In addition, as a manager, working as a “megaphone” is not enough. If opinions and opinions of employees are solved and clarified, they can be dealt with on the spot and reported to their superiors afterwards. They should not move all their affairs to their superiors and increase the administrative burden on their supervisors.

6. How to communicate to employees to implement the above resolution?

To communicate to employees that the implementation of the above spirit and resolutions falls under the category of “order down”. There are several key points to doing this job well:

Fully understand the purpose, requirements, and implementation methods of the higher-level resolutions. This is not a notification to the notice board or morning meeting, it does not matter what to say two things, if you do not fully understand the resolution, then how to implement the staff, whether to meet the requirements and so can not judge the evaluation, in case something wrong, things It’s even worse. 3D Printing

Can not sow the seeds and wait for harvest. Obviously, the work arrangement will not be able to wait for the results. Regular work progress tracking is necessary. After the work arrangement, the implementation status, the problems encountered, and how to solve them all require the team leader to identify and resolve an item.

Do a good job of clearing up and explaining to employees. Many of the company’s resolutions may make everyone comfortable, and emotions are inevitable. However, as managers, they should not show their emotions and fuel them. It is necessary to patiently explain the contents of the resolution to employees, reassure people and ensure the normal production tasks. At this point, we should stand on the company’s position.

Timely communication feedback. After the superior resolution is issued, the implementation process should be implemented and the result should be immediately fed back. For some issues that have relatively large repercussions and may cause serious consequences (such as strikes, damage, and personnel loss), they must report in a timely manner and seek effective countermeasures.

7. How to treat employee’s leapfrog report?

Asked by his boss something, know nothing about themselves, this embarrassment I believe many managers have encountered. Because many employees are at various levels for a variety of reasons and purposes, they often report that they have to work harder to make immediate supervisors hard. If you want to eliminate this phenomenon, the following aspects are indispensable.

Reached a consensus with their superiors and boycotted some ulterior motives. This is the most fundamental point. If your boss likes to leapfrog reporting employees, then this trend will intensify. But how to make the boss happy to accept this point of view is a very difficult thing.

Through morning meetings and other forms of publicity and education, a clear way to report the work. 3D Printing

Employees who liked to leapfrog reports were open and honest, and offered their own opinions and opinions so that employees could understand their own positions and feelings.

8. What should I do if a subordinate loves a small report?

Little love to play a small report staff, the team is only one or two only. With such employees, we must be cautious. Sometimes, employees’ reports can provide a lot of information we don’t have. Sometimes small reports can cause tensions in the entire team. So, for those who love to beat others’ small reports, the key points are as follows:

To deal with the cold-based treatment, that is, treat the employee with a lukewarm attitude, so that they eventually understand the boss’s position and ideas, and gradually get rid of the fault of love to play a small report;

Adjust their own management concepts and styles appropriately, carefully deal with the information collected, create a harmonious work environment within the team, and reduce each other’s opposition and friction;

Use the character that the employee likes to spread appropriately, and disseminate some information in the form of gossip, for the preview and transition of the official program. 3D Printing

9. How to deal with employee complaints

When an employee thinks that he has been treated unfairly, he will complain about emotions that can help ease his discomfort. Complaints are the most common and destructive form of venting. If you do not handle it well, there may be excessive behavior such as reducing work efficiency. Managers must take it seriously. Pay attention to the following points when dealing with employee complaints:

Patiently listen to complain: Complaint is nothing more than a vent, when you find your subordinates complain, you can find a separate environment, let him complain complain, what you need to do is to listen carefully. As long as you can make him complain before you, your job is half successful because you have already gained his trust. 3D Printing

Try to understand the cause: Any complaint has its root cause. In addition to understanding the origin of the incident from the complainer, the manager should also listen to the opinions of other employees. Before a matter is fully understood, managers should not make any remarks. Premature statements will only make things worse.

Efficient dredging: For complaints, it can be resolved through equal communication with complainants. Managers must first listen carefully to the complainers’ complaints and opinions, and then do a serious and patient answer to the complainants’ questions, and conduct friendly criticism of the employees’ unreasonable complaints. Doing so basically solves the problem.

Determined to deal with: Complaints because of contagious, so take timely measures to try to be fair and rigorous treatment to prevent the negative impact of further expansion. 3D Printing

10. How do I treat my employees?

Employees refuse to take more time to happen when the team leader has just been promoted. Some employees think they or some of their colleagues are more qualified to be promoted when they are often dissatisfied with their performance or have some hard problems with the newly appointed boss. When this kind of phenomenon occurs, some of the new leaders of the team leader are appointed to three fires, and they are often dissatisfied with the power to “suppress” them, causing extreme tension in the relationship between the upper and lower levels, and ultimately making it difficult to carry out work. 3D Printing

When this happens, managers need to have three kinds of psychological preparation: self-confidence, generous, differentiated treatment. Because of lack of management experience, mistakes are inevitable, but we must firmly believe that they can eventually do the job, confident managers, people will be convinced. For those who refuse to accept their own work, they should be generous, take matters into account, and not retaliate against retaliation. Only in this way will the employees be gradually relieved of their peace of mind. This part of personnel should be mobilized to carry out normal work. Everyone has the psychology of conformity, and seeing some people moving, they are forced to work under pressure from their jobs. Lean management consulting finishing release. 3D Printing

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