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[story] workplace refused 1850 times, still did not give up

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In the United States, there was a poor young man who, even if he did not add up all his money to buy a decent suit, wholeheartedly stuck to his dream: to be an actor and to make a movie. Be a star.

At that time, there were 500 Hollywood studios. He counted them one by one, and more than once. Later, he followed his carefully drawn lines and arranged lists. Visit with a script tailored for yourself.

But for the first time, none of the 500 studios would hire him.

Faced with a rejection of 100%, the young man was undeterred and, after coming out of the last film company that was rejected, continued his second round of visits and self-recommendations from the first.

In the second round of visits, 500 studios still rejected him. 4 axis machining

The third round was still the same as the second. The young man clenched his teeth and began his fourth round, when he visited 349. The boss of the 350 th film company promised, for the first time, to let him read the script.

A few days later, the young man was informed to go over for detailed discussions. 4 axis machining

In the talks, the company decided to invest in making the film and asked the young man to play the leading role in his script.

This movie is called Rocky. The young man’s name is Sylvia Stallone. Now turning to the history of the film, this movie called Rocky is on the list with the star who will become a world star.

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