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A new perspective on talent standards: emphasis on quality rather than qualifications

In the next 30 years, China’s talent competition is still the biggest competition between companies. However, at present, the enormous waste of human resources in Chinese companies is still an unavoidable issue. This is mainly manifested in the fact that outstanding talents either do not have the opportunity of a good platform, or that it is difficult for excellent talents to create synergies with the organization, and even worse, the contradictions between outstanding talents and enterprises and the contradiction between cultures and people. The conflict between the internal conflicts in the organization and the conflict with the positions. This is closely related to the level of human resources management. Now we will review the aspects that can be improved from the following aspects. 5 axis CNC machine

Recruitment selection

Is the diploma still a stepping stone?

Among the top 100 companies in the recruitment of talents, the focus is still 211, and the background of elite schools still excludes many students who have not graduated from these studies. In fact, most of the 211 graduates come from key cities and have a good family background. The proportion of rural students who can pass 211 is very low. This is caused by the imbalance of educational resources in China. Of course, there are many children from rural areas who are more diligent and motivated than ordinary people. They are motivated by the desire to grow up and that is the most important thing for a person to succeed is his inner driving force. 5 axis CNC machine

Does not have a good school background, does it mean that they have no practical ability? Cognitive ability can be equated with application ability in work? In fact not the case! According to the research of psychology, it is found that a person’s lack of emotional quotient will over-extend his IQ. In the enterprise, there are many excellent talents from ordinary schools, and they are more successful because of them: those who are eager to work, willing to pay, and they are highly demanding, motivated, cooperative, and bolder than themselves. Good at encouraging…

Can a company have a truly reasonable and scientific assessment before the talents are put on the job, instead of continuing to use diplomas and years of experience to give opportunities? This may give children who would have lost at the starting line an opportunity.

High salary excavation? 5 axis CNC machine

One of the common mistakes companies make when hiring senior talents is to dig at the talent of benchmarking companies. We all know that “Tangerine Health Huainan is orange, born in Huaibei is why”, but the company is still full of confidence in this area, and generous. Of course, the price is also very painful. “Airborne forces” cannot be recruited. Instead, companies must carefully measure the matching of the values ​​of the talents with the organizational culture, match the personality and style of the leaders, and how to help them to get on the job. Enterprises must at least think of the difficulties encountered by “airborne troops” in the coming year and the strategies that companies can apply. But in these areas, companies often do very little. The failure of airborne missions in key positions has caused great harm to organizations and talents. It has even led to the inability to achieve the entire strategic goals and the opportunity cost is incalculable.

Recruitment interview technique scarcity

Recruitment interviews are still dominated by a few people, “chat” mode with candidates, or will be combined with STAR technology. However, for the “face tyrants” that have been through the workplace, they do not work. Seriously designing a structured assessment question bank and conscientiously doing capacity assessment are few. Recruitment of the examiner himself has good assessment techniques, and his heartfelt love for this company to represent and promote the corporate image is even less. 5 axis CNC machine

The sloppy and casual nature of the company’s recruiting side often results in a huge price for the company. Once recruited, they would like to cultivate the dedication of a person. Serving their consciousness under these icebergs will quickly make the employing department and the company lose patience. Then they will have to change their position, look for someone, change it again, and be so vicious. cycle. This is a huge waste of costs. The biggest cost is the opportunity cost.

There is no standard for setting up talent

What kind of talent is suitable for this company, this position? Is the standard really combed? Who can do the standard? Who can create high performance? Most companies are currently based on their ability to serve as the basic requirements of the standard, and then from the candidates to “pull higher”. 5 axis CNC machine

If companies are based on basic requirements rather than the highest standards when setting standards for talented people, basically do not expect satisfactory candidate candidates to meet in subsequent recruitment interviews. (This is a question that many companies deserve to think deeply.) A front desk is still the case. If it is a marketing director? What about a CEO? How is the impact on the organization?

A small number of people will interfere with talent decisions

In the recruitment process, the boss’s personal preferences seriously influence the decision-making in the recruitment process. for example.

If the boss especially likes well-written people, he also likes to study writing to assess his personality. Therefore, when HR recruits, everyone who enters the company must have a beautiful hand. This time, we thoroughly rejected some 90-year-old computers who did not practice the word at all. There is also a very competent boss, who employs only people who do not have his own ideas, and who are determined to perform, who are 100% loyal and who are convinced of him. Beautiful name: Learn from Chairman Mao! 5 axis CNC machine

If you want to completely solve this problem, you have to solve it from the top down. From the organizational level, unified management of talent standards and other professional line key talent standards. Standards need not only basic conditions, but also competence standards (the best combination of capabilities). Moreover, this standard must involve the employing departments to jointly develop.

HR is often passive because of its own role. If we only target the executive roles serving other departments rather than the strategic talent management role of the entire company, the above status will continue to be miserable.

Talent development

Chinese companies have been barbarously growing up in the path of talent development. Only a few large and mature companies can use a regular army to play. This is also in line with China’s national conditions. Our economic development has always been sitting rockets rushing forward. Ten years of trees, a hundred years people. The growth of talent is of course a serious lag! 5 axis CNC machine

How to develop people scientifically, quickly and systematically is the most headache and most concern for Chinese companies. From the perspective of practical application, most enterprises still feel that it is more reliable to participate in classroom training and exercise on the job. These methods are indeed effective in the training of professionals in the professional line, because it is useful to cultivate these knowledge and skills in training icebergs.

When it comes to training future leaders, companies often have the most headaches:

The so-called “Easy to change the country, it is difficult to change the nature”, the manager’s own personality training is very difficult to break through;
The more the manager develops, the more he needs to have “pattern and mind”. This part is also difficult to develop.
Managers must break through the awareness of the department and form a team together. This part is the headache of many companies, and it is difficult to develop. 5 axis CNC machine
In the context of this Internet age, organizations and talents are in urgent need of the ability to transform and innovate, but many managers do not have these genes, and this part is extremely difficult to train.
There are also examples of “emotional intelligence” qualities that get along with others. This part is more than 80 percent relevant to the quality of leadership. If something goes wrong with this part, it is very difficult to develop and it will lead to low performance of the team he leads.

The above capabilities are the core competences of excellent executives. Usually these people are responsible for positions in the divisions and functional departments, and directly manage the number of tens of people. Because of the inadequacy of certain personal abilities, it directly leads to poor performance of the department, low morale, and frequent staff turnover. However, because of the outstanding ability of an individual, companies are reluctant to change positions.

When reserve talents reserve, selecting good seedlings will mean that you have successfully trained talents! When promoting a person, the internal evaluation team must strictly measure and never allow unqualified people to take the position. In this way, the company’s follow-up employees only need to focus on how to motivate people and develop their potential. Part of the iceberg is very difficult to develop. Smart companies know how to put 70 percent of their efforts on selection! 5 axis CNC machine

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