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Once you start doing something or decide to do it, stick to it.

Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin is an excellent costume designer and an excellent manager. In his life, he had many innovations, and he often went against the wind and was hit and rejected by the same industry. However, because of his insistence, his innovations that seemed impossible to achieve had been successful for many times. 5 axis CNC manufacturers

In the early 1950s, Paris’s fashion industry was shrouded in splendour and brilliance. Fashion is only serving a small number of nobles and rich people, and the general public simply does not dare to care. This makes the market extremely limited and the way out is getting narrower.

Another absurd view has dominated the French fashion industry for a long time, that is, real fashion designers can only design women’s clothing, otherwise they will be treated as deviant. 5 axis CNC manufacturers

Peel Cardin, who has been in Paris for many years, is also aware of this. However, the strong desire for innovation prompted him to boldly subvert these “traditions.”

In post-war France, the economy quickly recovered, and a large number of women broke out of the family’s barriers and merged into social life. Social consumption in Europe as a whole has greatly increased.

Pierre Cardin keenly seized this opportunity and resolutely put forward the slogan “popularization of garments”. He put the design focus on the average consumer so that more women and men could afford it and wear it. 5 axis CNC manufacturers

This is a historic breakthrough, whether it is from the social point of view, or from the point of view of the clothing itself, it can be considered a feat.

Pierre Cardin had produced a white-collar red coat and sold it to the US Messi Department Store. It was mass-produced and sold at a price affordable to the middle class in the United States.

Cardin’s example from Messi’s success is that if he sells a large number of clothes he designs, it may be a way to get rich.

Soon, Pierre Cardin launched a steady stream of ready-to-wear garments in a variety of styles and materials. These inexpensive and affordable garments are popular among consumers. Pierre Cardin’s boutiques are on a daily basis. At the same time, those who are in possession of the disabled are ignorant and have few customers. 5 axis CNC manufacturers

This bold initiative of Pierre Cardin angered the conservative and embarrassing counterparts. They attacked him in a group and said that he was deviant and infuriated. He also teamed up to remove Peel Cardin from the Parisian fashion women’s wear syndicate.

In the face of secular prejudices and peers, Pierre Cardin did not give in and retreat. He said: “I’ve been used to it. Every time I innovate, I’ve been criticized by the people for being completely skinny. But, those who blaspheme me then do what I do.”

Before Pierre Cardin, French fashion can be said to be the domain of women. There is no place for men at all. This is a tradition that French fashion history has maintained for hundreds of years. No one can change it.

But Pierre Cardin does not believe this evil. After the “popularization of ready-to-wear clothes”, he set off a whirlwind of male fashion. 5 axis CNC manufacturers

In 1959, Cardin held a fashion exhibition, a series of women’s clothing and a series of men’s clothing. The exhibition failed. Conservatives in the fashion industry also attacked it again and cancelled the membership of Pierre Cardin’s “Clothing Owners Association”.

But Pierre Cardin still had no choice but to give up. He said confidently: “The popularity of men’s clothing is a matter of time. The Federation of Owners will have to invite me back sooner or later for up to 35 years!” He continued to design men’s and women’s fashion and hired men and women. Fashion models showed up, and sales of men’s clothing gradually increased.

Around 1960, Pierre Cardin opened two well-known fashion retailers: “Adam” specializes in men’s clothing, ties and tunics, and sportswear; “Eve” is a high-end women’s clothing store. His reputation is also increasing day by day. Many movie stars, singers, gentlemen, and bosses all patronize his fashion store, so that even though the increase in manpower is still insufficient to meet demand.

Two years later, Cardin returned to the “Owners’ Federation,” and was appointed chairman. His perseverance and patience for innovation finally came in exchange for social recognition. 5 axis CNC manufacturers

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