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99% of the business with the customer relationship is not good, because they ignore these …

Customer demand-oriented is through the market, research and development, sales, manufacturing, services and other companies of the whole process, companies must be full business processes to customer demand-oriented. Customer-centric is a business to continue to change, dynamic management, continuous improvement process. Why do we emphasize that we are customer-centric? People are self-centered, once the business to a certain extent, business managers often hear the voice of customers. It can be said that most companies today to “customer-centric” as a business philosophy, they put these words hanging on the wall, the company’s core values, but they did not really do. “Customer-centric” has become a pretext …

Why should the customer be the center?

The root cause of the existence of the enterprise

Customer-centric is the fundamental reason for the existence of the enterprise, or even the only reason. The reason Drucker Masters explores the existence of a business is to create a customer. In his view, the customer did not exist, is the business and entrepreneurs through the market and customer needs insight into the products and services to create a customer and market.

While Michael Hammer’s proposed customer-centric essence is to create customer value.

To create customer value is the essence of the achievements of customers, so that customers succeed, to help customers make money, not manufacturers to self-centered customers to earn money, nor is the profits of manufacturers to profit-oriented pursuit of maximization, but we want to pursue profits In the achievements of customers at the same time to obtain a reasonable profit.

This essence is to require enterprises to do Lei Feng, is to require enterprises to empathy, to help customers succeed in the process of self-achievement. Need to enterprise sense, seriously to achieve customer value.

But whether it is individual or organization, its core essence is with selfish and greedy profit, in this nature to achieve customer-centric should be how to do?

Customer needs and services

“I live in a cell story”

I lived in Shenzhen, a new district, just stay in the time, the district who lived many people, the vehicles are very orderly. But with the people began to stay up more, the district’s road has become very crowded. In fact the district underground garage is a parking space, but we are reluctant to go to the underground garage to stop.

In this regard, I went to pay the time to ask the placement of financial vehicles, financial said the vehicle thing, need to be handled by the security, she can not control. So I went to security, security, said the need to communicate with the captain of the security.

I went to the captain, the captain said the need for district management office director to give them the task, they can do. So so you push me, I push you, this event no results.

When the customer has a problem, in the end should be to whom the demand, the customer how to do? Enterprises should be how to receive and manage this demand, who again back to the needs of customers to be satisfied?

From this story to see this is a very typical leadership-centric, management-centric management approach. So the customer experience is very poor, is not satisfied, of course, not to customer-centric.

“The story of the old lady to buy dates”

An old lady to sell fruit, from one to another, the results did not buy what you want. Originally when the old lady said to buy dates, and then sales staff immediately told her that our date is Shandong, or Beijing, or Hebei, and that the date is very good, crisp and sweet and sweet. But the old lady shook his head, do not buy.

This time, there is a young man to ask, “aunt, you in the end what kind of date?” This time aunt said, because her daughter-in-law pregnant, want is not sweet dates, but jujube.

So the young man will understand, tell her that we have a jujube, you can buy a little taste, but we also have a very good product, nutrition good, slightly sour, that is kiwi, Australia and New Zealand.

So the old lady was very happy to buy kiwi and dates to go home. The next day, the old lady came to buy kiwi, because her daughter told her that kiwi is more delicious than the date.

This is a very successful case, that is, when the customer to buy things, we need to understand the real needs of customers. Work, in communication with customers, customers buy any product, he is a demand, are the need to produce customer value.

But sales to sell products to customers, often forget to ask the real needs of customers, will not ask customers to buy this product in the end what is the use of blindly selling their own product benefits, and no use.

From the above two stories, we are customer-centric understanding, one is leadership, one is self-centered.

Why do we have a customer-centric service?

Customer service is the only reason for the existence of the enterprise
All the business, its income comes from customers and users, but also the only source of income for the enterprise. And from the customer and the user’s income, mainly in our customers to deliver products and provide services to achieve the value.

That is, for customer service is the only reason for the existence of enterprises. Some people say that there are other reasons for the existence of the existence of the enterprise, there are other reasons, but for my understanding, including from my understanding of the practice of Huawei, the customer service is indeed the only reason for the existence of the enterprise.

Customer and user relationship: In fact, enterprises to create all the products and services, are for the user service, but also for the user to create value. All the services between enterprises, and ultimately must also be converted to serve this line for the user. That is, the value of the customer, and ultimately by the user’s value to achieve.

How to tap the needs of customers?

What are the end users’ needs for the product?

1. The simplest is the functional demands

Including the main function of the appeal, the auxiliary function of the demands, as well as the relevant special features of the demands. For example, we use a mobile phone, you must meet the call, run the software, video, transfer files and so on the demands.

2. Formal demands

This is a lot of consumers in the quality of the demands, there is the appeal in the brand, the other is in the media or communication carrier demands.

3. The need for extension

Is the user’s emotional demands. This aspect is mainly reflected in the psychological, cultural and feelings of their own needs, which are our users outside the demand.

4. Price requirements

There is also a very important appeal, that is, all users want to buy cost-effective products, expect the same quality, the best price.

Through four levels to focus on user needs, continue to meet user needs, in order to continue to expand the market space, enterprises can be developed and survive.

When I was working in Mexico in 2007, I saw an article about what was a hundred years of business. In this article, said that the success of North American companies gene is the vision of the enterprise, market space, leadership and the implementation of the enterprise built.

What is the essence of customer demand?

Just now we talked about the structure of customer needs, including the function, form, extension, value and inner and other aspects of the appeal, the essence of these demands?

The essence of customer needs is reflected in several aspects:

The first aspect, it is very convenient to obtain the product;

The second aspect, the product performance, operation, business, to be very close to the times or fashion and so on;

The third aspect is that we buy the product, its reliability, quality, service, security and life cycle, to be protected, these are required.

The fourth aspect is that the customer needs to be valuable. Specifically embodied, is the customer needs the value of the product.

On the basis of the four main levels of convenience, value, application and reliability, we also need to adopt the customer experience, get through the channels, through the formation of the corresponding products and programs.

In other words, the needs of all customers, ultimately, a series of activities and products to create a customer experience, from the experience of the final formation of the company’s customers, products, programs, services and value perception.

We are in the promotion of customer awareness, enhance customer products, quality, service and cost perception, and access to a high degree of customer experience and recognition.

What is the customer-centric connotation?

Four aspects

Customer-centered content has four aspects:

The first aspect is to customer demand-oriented.

The second aspect is to deliver high quality products and services to customers.

The third aspect is to respond quickly to customer needs.

The fourth aspect is to achieve end-to-end low-cost operation.

1. To customer demand-oriented

Customer demand-oriented is through the market, research and development, sales, manufacturing, services and other companies of the whole process, companies must be full business processes to customer demand-oriented.

Customer demand is the driving force behind the development of enterprises, customer demand-oriented business growth is an indispensable driving force.

2. High quality delivery of products and services

There is no demand, there is no products and services; customer needs, not necessarily enterprises with high-quality products and services to meet, otherwise there will be no fake and shoddy goods. We create products that meet customer needs through customer needs.

Enterprises have to be responsible for the business philosophy is to deliver high-quality products for customers, a high level of service, no matter what business, must do so.

3. Quick response to customer needs

Customer needs can be made to the enterprise at any time, how can we quickly respond to customer needs? How to meet the needs of customers?

Once, I bought the refrigerator in the control panel above the problem, is a well-known domestic company, I called for help, it’s very fast response, so I suddenly felt very good.

But once my water purifier out of the question, I call the company, his reaction is very slow, the manufacturers name I do not point. Water purifier need to replace the filter, I called to the manufacturers, he said after a week to send people.

But after a week, no one came. I called again, he said a few days to send over to you. After half a month yet to come. The third time I called, it was very angry.

After the product is sent to the user, is our service started or is it over? In fact, when we deliver the product to the customer, our real service, the real customer experience began.

Especially the Internet era, how we can serve customers, how to allow customers to truly feel our services, the real customers to create higher value, which we each need to think about.

For example, since 1999, Huawei began to use the system to manage customer needs, coupled with customer demand processing mechanism, so that the customer’s needs will not be lost.

The first person received a demand, whether it is not his own handling, or someone else to deal with, as long as the system which records, can be timely with the customer feedback.

We have to customer needs through the rapid response mechanism to build a unified perception of the company’s customers.

4. Low cost operation

Internal operations, internal end-to-end management, to minimize costs. Internal operating costs of the level, reflects the company’s operational level and management level.

In the same quality of the product under the circumstances, the company’s best price, customers will be able to buy more of our products, our products will be the greatest competitiveness, customer purchasing power will be strong. What kind of quality, what services, it means what kind of price and value.

So that our company’s product quality and service level, determines the level of our value. We must, and must clarify the value of our products to our customers.

In fact, the amount of money a customer pays for a product depends on the value of the product in the customer’s mind. “The same quality and service, the best price” is the enterprise management and operation of the active pursuit.

Our end-to-end low-cost operation is to make more benefits to the customer. The price is more reasonable, can attract more customers. This is actually one of the important customer-centric management ideas.


Customer demand-oriented, to provide customers with high-quality products and services, rapid response to customer needs and end-to-end enterprises to achieve low-cost operation, customer-centric four core content.