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Rapid improvement in 5 days: Lean Office improvement

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Weekly improvement of office business process. aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer

Definition: the breakthrough method of enterprise office process improvement is to use the lean production principles and tools to break through the office process of enterprises. aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer

– improvement tools: flow chart, process flow chart, histogram, brainstorming, impact / difficulty analysis, standardized operation…

To improve the goal: the rapid improvement of office business process focuses on shortening business cycle time through the optimization of enterprise office process to enhance the efficiency and information flow of non production sectors. aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer

Quick improvement method of office business process (5 days improvement)

Preparation stage:

  1. improve project selection, that is, the selection of topics

Select according to enterprise target strategy;

Select the key performance indicators (KPI) according to the department;

Find the project by VSM method, the more close to the client project, the more priority

Requirements from other departments; aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer

Problems frequently encountered within the company, such as the following possible improvement projects:

Warehouse inventory to reduce the production of materials, process improvement, process improvement to reduce cash reimbursement, Department of archive information, process evaluation model for new product, reduce the mold verification cycle, shorten the cycle of supplier certification and so on.

  1. objective formulation

Establish clear and challenging goals;

  1. resource preparation

Include data preparation related to office process, preparation and preparation of related departments and suppliers; aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer

  1. team

Identify team members according to the selected project, for some projects, members need to have the right of deciding and other departments to promote the work of power. In addition, the same team do not have too many similar functions, to avoid bias, not easy to break, pay attention to the proportion of distribution, personnel from 12 to 15 people.

Implementation stage:

A quick improvement breakthrough in 5 days, and its daily agenda is as follows:

1.first day training

Train the concept, principle and tools of Lean Office business process improvement for all team members

2. second days to understand the status quo, to find opportunities for improvement

Defining goals and scope; aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer

Draw the current business flow chart of the enterprise;

Define each step;

– calculation process steps, VA, NVA, handover, delay, etc.;

Calculate the current cycle time;

Defining waste;

Review the objectives and scope and work out a preliminary improvement plan;

Improving communique

3. third days to implement improvement, develop new office processes

Logo can reduce steps;

Continuously optimize office processes, eliminate delays, reduce approvals, and reduce long cycle time steps;

Make new office process;

Recalculate the steps of new office processes, cycle times, value added ratios, and the number of documents;

Simulating the new office process;

Review objectives. aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer

4. fourth days continuous improvement, standardization

To simulate and implement some new office processes;

Setting up standardized documents;

Review of standardized documents;

Optimize the new office process and summarize the improvement effect;

Improving reporting preparation;

Setting critical control points

5.fifth days routine, if the first 4 days go smoothly, the fifth day is basically a meeting to report to the management of the company

Standardized office process;

Follow up 30 day tracking list;

Report improvement results to management

The office business process improvement and production process is basically similar to the rapid improvement breakthrough, but the tools used are not the same. Problems in production more easily with the eyes and clear data points, and the office of business process is not easy to find the problem. Only by VSM, flow chart and other tools, the problem of visual. To find the real problem.

aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer

aerospace precision machining OEM Manufacturer


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