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Leader of the factory excellent class, please remember this “five-questioned seven-word”

It is not difficult to find that the level of the team leader determines the level of the team. Because people think you’re the best of them, you’re their “head”. The following “five-words and seven-characters” must be remembered by an excellent team leader. aluminum components

First, the team leader management “five questions”

1st question: Is this the goal?
Each has their own ideals and goals, understood as “above” the thoughts and ideas of subordinates, when in line with their goal, team goals, we must actively promote and support their efforts to achieve, if their personal goals and team goals are not clear, or if they are inconsistent, use team goals to guide and influence minions, set goals that align with the team, work hard for team goals, and achieve individual values ​​as team goals. aluminum components

At the same time there may be different stages of the child’s goal is not the same, different positions, different ages, different personalities of the employee goals are not the same, superimposed, as a team leader, stratification guide to learn and help them in line with their actual development The goals are ideal and consistent in each phase of the team goals. Only in this way can personal motivation be maximized and individuals and teams can develop together.
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2nd question: Did you specify the method?
The team leader plays another important role in management: coaching. It is often observed that some team leaders use the following methods when they encounter human error:
(1) criticism! Criticism!

(2) criticism, but afraid of hurting his heart. aluminum components
(3) Question: You should not be like that! Can not do that! How many times did you say that?

Sometimes we think about it, the mistakes of the employees can be conscious or technical. He does not master a certain method, a certain ability, it is possible to do something wrong. Which method and technique can improve its performance? At this point, the team leader must “teach” and “train”.

“To him said,” “to do it,” “Let him try,” “well done praise, do not improve,” “testing and advice,” the process is simple, but it is a front-line staff to master One of the best ways to develop your skills.

Question 3: Do you have a chance of making mistakes?

There are usually two main issues about errors:
1. You do not make mistakes, everyone can not make mistakes.
2. You can make mistakes, but do not repeat mistakes. aluminum components

It is expected that the team leader will carry out the work under the guidance of the two points of view.

The first can not make a mistake, the result of the staff can think: you can not make mistakes that makes so little wrong, multi-less attitude, all right, I should not do so much, so I do not take the initiative , Over time, the work enthusiasm of the team will continue to decrease.

The second one, you can make mistakes, but do not repeat mistakes. Give employees opportunities to make mistakes. It is synonymous with the willingness of employees to “test”. The motivation of the employees will improve. The premise, however, is that the team leader should rely on reducing the occurrence of low-level errors.

As the saying goes, “Eat a meal, grow up with wisdom,” and the lesson of failure is more important than the successful experience. The excellent team leaders dare to give opportunities to subordinates and take courageous tasks, they are not afraid to make mistakes – this is the key to excellent managers who build excellent teams. aluminum components

Question 4: Give him encouragement and support?

When everyone does something, especially a challenging job, fear, fear, lack of self-confidence and giving up easily, this time is a special need for someone, even for a person with a team behind it, give it strength in silence.

When an employee always does bad things. Do you think I gave him positive feedback? Did I encourage him? Did he help him when he needed help? Can he feel my support?

Question 5: Did I give him a role model? aluminum components

Doing grassroots training time, time to do the front-line research, asked the general staff, team leader in the eyes of the staff is what the picture that many people responded: “better than me,” “I control things “I will do it, he will, I will not do it, he will,” “If something happens to find him” … …

It’s not hard to find that your level determines the level of the team. Because employees feel. aluminum components

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