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[Workplace Story] Without Innovation, It Perishes

Without innovation, it died – in the 1970s, when Ford was on the verge of bankruptcy, Henry Ford summed up his lesson. aluminum molding

Henry Ford is the only person in the world who enjoys the reputation of being the “car king”. He not only put wheels on the United States, he even said that he brought the human society into the automobile era.

Ford was the son of a farmer, but he had a keen interest in drumstick machines since he was a child. aluminum molding

When he was young, he worked in mechanical repairs, watch repairs, and ship repairs. By the age of 30, his gasoline engine test was successful, and his first car was also developed and tested successfully after more than two years. Subsequently, he successfully produced three cars.

Although Ford’s two previous car factories failed due to lack of management experience. However, after the sharpening of Ford finally rewritten history.

In June 1903, Ford co-operated with others for the third time to establish a car company in a joint-stock mode. Since then, his factory has successively produced stable A-type, N-type, R-type, and S-type vehicles. Sales are excellent. aluminum molding

Ford, born in a farmer’s family, also has a deep understanding of the rural areas of the United States. The land is sparsely populated. Farmers need cars that are simple, robust, and durable. Combining this feature, Ford finally produced a simple, durable, low-cost “T” model, which enabled Ford to quickly occupy 68% of the world’s automotive market.

In this process, the old Ford continued to innovate. At that time, other automakers were working for 10 hours a day, for $3 a day. He introduced the “eight-hour work system” and “$5 a day”. On the surface, he was unfavorable to his primitive accumulation. But on the other hand, he absorbed many skilled workers and improved his work efficiency. In addition, he also invented “production.” “Lines” also creatively put forward the concept of “scientific management.” aluminum molding

Under these innovations, the Ford family was once “rich in enemy countries.” However, the old Ford’s innovation has gradually become dogmatic.

In the 1920s, the United States entered the age of mass prosperity, but Ford still believes that it should work hard and continue to desperately produce T models, improve quality, and reduce costs. However, at the time, Americans needed speed, styling, environmental protection, and personalization. The demand was more and more diverse.

However, the stubborn Ford is still monotonous in color, consumes a lot of fuel, and has a large displacement. It is completely inconsistent with the increasingly tight oil supply market and the increasingly serious environmental protection. aluminum molding

Ford Motor Co., Ltd. proposed that Ford Motor Company launch a luxury sedan but it was not adopted. Old Ford even personally used an axe to dismantle his son’s new model. General Motors and several other companies closely follow the market demand and formulate correct strategic plans to produce energy-efficient, small-sized, lightweight cars.

In the oil crisis of the 1970s, General Motors jumped up and Ford Motor was on the verge of bankruptcy.

The old Ford only realized his own misjudgment and instead launched a luxury sedan according to Ford’s opinion. But the initiative has already been lost. Old Ford concluded with emotion: “If you do not innovate, you will die.”

Until today, Ford Motor did not return to its former leader. aluminum molding

Precise prototyping goes high-tech

Precise prototyping goes high-tech

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aluminium machining china

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