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From bounded to unbounded, three major trends in organization and human resources change

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Introduction: history always has its inner track

The Internet seems to have brought human beings into the super three-dimensional space. Everything seems to be different from before. I don’t agree with this view. I believe that history always has its inner track.

Every revolutionary technological innovation will bring a huge impact to social life. The age of the Internet, is the Internet as a means of reconstruction methods that meet the human way of life. With the application of the Internet era in human life continues to expand, Internet enterprises from simple information service, transaction service, social service. Quickly involved in tourism, energy, finance and other Home Furnishing, almost all of the traditional industries. At the same time, the traditional enterprise Internet trend of rapid fermentation in 2015, not the Internet, is the Internet. The so-called non-Internet Co and Internet Co from rapidly converged today has become increasingly meaningless.

What is the development logic of the enterprise’s organizational form and human resource management? What are the impact of organizational form and human resource management in the Internet era? How should we deal with and adjust it? Professional Manufacturer of an aluminum welding shop

First, the development logic of traditional organization

Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop. What is an enterprise? Drucker brilliantly presented, the enterprise value and mission is to “meet customer demand”. With continuous technological innovation, enterprises meet customer demand method is also in constant innovation, the organization will continue to evolve. My understanding of microstructure evolution, summed up in the following points:

(I) the essence of organizational change: to meet customer needs

Whether it is family workshops in the age of steam, or a large industrial era of tens of thousands of artificial plants, innovative team or the Internet era, small and exquisite, the value and purpose of its existence is to meet the needs of customers. However, too many enterprises in organizational design and change process but forget this basic principle, only consider from the angle of a combination of their own business, this way of thinking is wrong. Professional Manufacturer of an aluminum welding shop

For example, once customers asked me: what is the online sales division set principle? Is set by the industry, or by the locale? If set by the industry, the bank is a single division or unified set of financial departments? Did I ask him how, now in the fields of future achievements in various fields’ contributions to the performance? He replied: now the CCB largest contribution accounted for almost 60% of the banking sector, and the banking industry accounted for about 70% of all the financial industry, the future pattern of business will not be a big change. Then ask again, make a contribution to your clients, should not enjoy better service? The answer is of course sure. Then a simple setting, CCB division, bank division and Finance Division, and each division about 10 CCB, other banks and other financial companies will have the relative contribution to the performance and service. He After thinking for a long time, I finally recognized that the organizational system always followed the principle of satisfying customer needs rather than general social classification principles, which is the basic logic of organization design. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

(two) the trend of organizational change: specialized division of labor

In primitive times to the agricultural age, production and life of human society is the smallest unit of the family, people need to eat to pick, or need to grow; dress sewing skins, or textiles, self-sufficiency. It is said that primitive people’s happiness index was much higher than we.

In the industrial age, social division of labor is produced. Everyone does what he is best at and efficiency is the highest. He exchanges his products with other people’s products to meet his needs in other areas, so the whole social production efficiency is improved rapidly. Professional Manufacturer of the aluminum welding shop

Since then, it has been the general trend of the development of an enterprise to produce a product from one company and to produce only one part of a product, and constantly refining the specialized division of labor. Generally speaking, the organizational transformation of enterprises has gone through three stages.

The first stage: a single enterprise division based on activity. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

From home workshop to factory, the biggest change is the way a person completes the whole process of production, transition to a group of people in their respective division of labor and complete the whole process of production.

The most classic process of specialization is the Potter model. It divides enterprise activities into creative activities such as research, production and marketing, procurement, logistics and other supporting activities, as well as supporting activities such as finance, manpower and plan. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

The second stage: synergetic group division of enterprise division

The logic of production enterprise group is very clear. In a company as an example, the only operating a product first, only for a foreign service industry, its organization form is entirely consistent with Potter model. With the expansion of the business, product variety, production base is also increasing. At the same time, but also open up the domestic market and many other. Service object is extended to many other industries. So making production, sales, R & D collaborative creative activities itself, resulting in the problem of collaborative logistics procurement, and other ancillary activities as well as financial, human, plans and other supporting activities coordination problems. At the same time, also produce efficiency and quality and risk. Speed, the new coordination problems in planning and strain.

The third stage: multidimensional enterprise division based on value

Since twentieth Century, specialization is more sophisticated, enterprise organization presents more and more network structure. The sales line, along the region, industry, customers and other dimensions, subdivided into different tissues; the production line, along the way, regional products, and other dimensions, is subdivided into different groups of fabric; development along the line, varieties. The way, regional, also subdivided into different tissues. Even human, financial and other pure function system, according to different value creation, and the fine separation of strategic decision, different organization affairs services. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

(three) the internal logic of organizational change: realization of synergy

1, the coordination of leadership and planning restricts organizational change

The professional division of labor inevitably brings synergy. Simon believes that “the so-called organization is the way to solve the synergy.”

Under the Potter model, leadership and planning are the main means to solve the problem of synergy. The organization is synonymous with the enterprise. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

Follow the leadership and collaborative planning, enterprise group most likely to think is to increase the group functions, strengthen the group program budget management approach. You can think of, as the company continues to expand the scale of cooperative collaborative creative activities and more and more auxiliary activities to sink into the region even molecular company, group headquarters has become more and more management single center, is mainly responsible for strategic traction, implementation plan, resource allocation, risk prevention and other functions. From the single enterprise gradually developed into a group of enterprises, often through the process from management to strategic management. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

All of these are synergies based on leadership and planning. Some people think that there are organizational synergy, conference coordination and so on. I think these are variant forms of leadership and plan synergy.

2, the cooperation of information technology and process makes the group enterprise organization reverse development. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

With the development of information technology, through collaborative processes, projects such as the new form of solution, a group of enterprises began to emerge from the strategic management to the operation and management of the reverse development. Such as Tsingtao Brewery split the original 75 branch functions, leaving only the production function, become the 75 production base; set up for all sales system logistics, system, service system, creative activities, all supporting collaborative activities and support activities, by the headquarters responsible for Haier. (before 2009), Shenhua and other large groups are also moving in this direction. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

Why a group of enterprises increasingly large scale can be from strategic management to operation management? The reason is very simple, the way to solve the collaborative not only rely on the leadership and planning. We found that there are many problems in the cooperation is routine, after the integration of information flow, only to establish information processing rules, can handle the problem of collaborative process, whether the staff where, according to the process can be coordinated like in an enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise group based on information technology and process, return to the Potter model.

  1. enterprise internal transaction mode expanded the synergistic boundary

As everyone knows, Kos pointed out that the boundary between market and enterprises is the relationship between transaction cost and cost, collaborative process, collaborative project type, expanding the boundaries of the firm, but there is still a ceiling. China in 2009 after the start of the internal trade organization change. The so-called Amiba, Haier’s “everybody when CEO” Septwolves “everyone when the partner, HUAWEI said,” the monitor “is actually one thing. This kind of organization mode, customer oriented line to become the starting point to integrate resources. Through internal transactions, complete support for the front desk business. This synergy is not completed by the plan and process, but through internal transactions to determine their own value, thus completing the collaboration. As you can see, this kind of organization mode, each part fully embodies its own value. The value of their own contribution to the greater contribution to the integration of internal resources. More sources. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

Two, the three features of the Internet age organization

From the above trend, we can already see the Internet era organizational change clues. Imagine, if a group of enterprises to expand indefinitely, process more and more, until the extension to the whole society, is not everyone can be included in the whole production process, into a single production unit?

Exaggerated, but the age of the Internet is an organization development along with this logic. Therefore, the Internet era organization is not a vacuum, each functional module in the organization continues to mature, the market can have a cooperative era. If the traditional cooperative relationship between enterprises is linear. So the age of the Internet collaborative between enterprises is solid, they began to show the following characteristics:

1, platform

In the traditional enterprise products to customer connection is linear. The understanding of customer needs, from design, procurement, production, packaging, sales, distribution, and customer service, the product is along the way to the client, and meet the needs of the customer. This line I have called the industry value chain the traditional enterprise or business. The entire value chain, or a link in the chain to achieve their value. The age of the Internet, enterprises realize connection between the products to the customers is the platform. From the understanding of customer needs to meet customer demand, is done on a platform. For example, millet mode, understand the customer no need to demand research, but the formation of the community directly collect opinions; no need to set up R & D team follow the prescribed order, but the integration of social resources quickly formed a professional opinion; without the establishment of factory production, but the standard processing sales; There is no need to open the channel, but the network platform directly to the customer.

By comparing the organization in the Internet era with traditional enterprises, the enterprises in the Internet era are more likely to integrate the whole society into a production link under a group enterprise, achieve resource integration through information technology, and complete collaboration so as to achieve the fundamental purpose of meeting customer needs.

2, specialization

Still follow the organizational specialization tradition, the age of the Internet to the extreme. The traditional division of labor, products and services to meet customer demand for large, more comprehensive, enterprise development more protection. The age of the Internet, not seeking, and refinement; is not comprehensive for the extreme. As long as a point to do the best. There is living space. The traditional, dingzuerli phenomenon is very common, outperforming a regional rival, you can focus on one side; the age of the Internet is the winner of the law, the platform can easily penetrate anywhere, no other irreplaceable bright spots, can be integrated. Such as the 2005 visit of a regional recruitment network I have questioned how they, in, qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin and other giants to survive, the other national recruitment network not to regard it as right, that can not completely replace the regional recruitment network. The reason is good, but if you do not The distinction between positioning does not embody its own specialization, and eventually can only be either annexed or squeezed out of the competition. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

Comparative analysis with the Internet era organization and the traditional organization can be seen, the age of the Internet business is more like the whole society as a group of enterprises, its focus on a more detailed requirements, professional division of labor; on the basis of specialization, to complete the whole process to meet customer needs through the integration of resources.

3, speed up

If there are many points for traditional enterprises to win competition, speed is almost the only point of competition in the Internet era. Speed is the only way to build platform before competitors. Only speed can get the expertise before competitors.

Once met a foreign company, only more than 20 people, the annual income of nearly ten billion to create a miracle. How do you do? The company for curriculum developers and the audience dispersed equally dispersed, to create online and offline platform, for the global collection of original programs, and for the global release. Some courses only two people then, some courses are three points. As long as the value, the audience will give evaluation. The president of the company told me that they want to do is with the most original course from the signing of a cooperation agreement, and then packing course, sold out. “More than 20 of us is to do the decoration and sales work,” he told me this.

The age of the Internet even very modest demand, will create tremendous business opportunities. However, the Internet era and fully embodies the rule of the king of speed, First impressions are strongest, the winner takes all. For example the recent Wework model Chinese fire, many companies have entered this field. Think, developers can use this or incite another a resources boom, but doing this mode, I’m afraid is over.

In view of the three characteristics of the enterprises in the Internet age, the enterprise organization in the Internet era also presents different and traditional characteristics.

1, organization without boundary

In the traditional enterprise, people, money, has a clear boundary, what you are, not what you, the platform itself is very clear. “But it is not for me, but all the” specialization and speed more requirements to maximize the integration of the best resources to win the initiative. If the minimum the traditional cell in economic society is the enterprise, then the minimum cell of the Internet era has been refined to the individual, each person gives full play to its unique value, and provide professional service to many different organizations in a particular field. Such as home delicacy sinks, full use of the local district retirees, full-time wife and other resources, not only to save the maximum the cost of labor, but also solve the problems of customer trust. Of course, various acts of the age of the Internet is also giving the traditional social norms of the impact of labor relations, how to define the future, do not need to define the problem and so on All of them will be research subjects. From the perspective of human development history, social norms have always been subordinated to the development of social life, but not the contrary. When social norms can not adapt to social life, they will either change or revolution. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

2, management has no hierarchy

Traditionally, in order to ensure the efficiency of strategic inheritance and implementation, enterprises should establish layers of organizations, often form a high-level decision making, a middle level management and a grass-roots implementation of the Pyramid model. Even if the network group has already developed into a netted organization, there still exist hierarchical relations inside.

The age of the Internet, to meet the customer’s way itself has a platform, each unit, each individual to realize the value of their professional ability, more and more management contract, mechanism, non professional, to the management of students in senior, is also more natural lack of existence value. Enterprises in the age of the Internet, more and more reflect the management level. For example, there are no characteristics of catering enterprises called everlush sent it, making the process of product is almost completely standardized, the service is the basic standard, then remove all the middle, performance management directly to the attendant, greatly improves the response speed, reduce operating costs; the implementation of Haier inverted triangle the organization mode, is said to cut more than 700 middle. The Internet era everyone is business, management more than an occupation.

3, running cannot be done

In the tradition of “there is a line regulation”, each industry has the common mode specific. The age of the Internet, not only the general thought of common mode, a lot of thinking with the Internet and the original industry bound enterprises, but to get success. Beyond all expectations through cross-border traditional financial field enterprise must have qualification, to ensure the safety of investors and the Internet. Financial P2P, O2O, rising to raise public mode of the increasingly blurred financial enterprises and non-financial corporate boundaries.

Three, the three trends in the organization of the Internet age and the change of human resources

In order to cope with the impact of the Internet, many so-called concepts of organization and human resource management need to be abandoned and updated. Let’s take a look at the changes of human resources under the above characteristics of the Internet age.

1, from organization control to partnership mechanism

In the traditional enterprise, due to organizational boundaries, how to achieve effective control is the key proposition of organization development. How to provide continuous service, how to improve the efficiency, how to create culture, how to allocate the resource effectively, how to control the reasonable decentralization and so on, around the organization has produced numerous topics and methods. The age of the Internet, the mode of operation the ultimate platform, professional services, speed of response, are required to maximize the integration of resources, to maximize simplify the organization. Thus, the partnership mechanism for transport and health, not only to become the enterprise Internet era to meet customer often and become the ecology, establish a collaborative model of enterprise interior. Haier from 2007 to 2009 invited IBM to help build control model group, and other enterprises, the integration of research and development, production, sales and other functions, the formation of integrated business model group. In 2009, Zhang Ruimin realized that This mode can make Haier continuously improve efficiency, but it doesn’t support or even kill Haier’s innovation. Therefore, he resolutely stopped the project. (when Haier started in 2007, I just had discussions with the head of IBM and the head of Haier for several days. Professional Manufacturer of aluminum welding shop

As everyone knows, Zhang Ruimin put forward the concept of independent management body, like Amiba began planning the small accounting unit within the organization, the implementation of.2012 enterprise internal market operation, in order to eliminate the traditional concept of strengthening platform awareness, Haier will all subsidiaries, departments of unified called Moumou appellation removal, also no longer call platform, director general manager, director so, for a certain and unified platform for people.

Now, the partnership has almost become the symbol of Internet organization change, not to mention all feel shy. I personally believe that the partnership is always a mechanism. But Chinese often speak, so speak before the light. The mechanism of partnership, is that we do things together. How to do, how the distribution of benefits, are “good buddy talk. So Xu Xiaoping has lamented, looking for a partner is more difficult than to find a wife.

The age of the Internet business partnership and mentioned before, but absolutely different. It is a kind of cooperation mechanism, a coordination mechanism, an evaluation mechanism, a distribution mechanism. This mechanism, who are the same, in turn, this mechanism to maximize the integration of all resources. So, the Internet in the enterprise, no boss, no employees, no executives, no grassroots. Only the common partner, everyone made a contribution in the process of creating value, through the transaction or transactions in the form of complete synergy. Big changes in the Internet age organization and human resources partnership derived second – sharing mechanism.

2, from performance incentive to sharing mechanism

In the traditional enterprise, strategic planning budgeting performance incentive is the main line of business operation, focus on the main line, how to decompose to the strategic objectives of the organization, how will the goal is to refine the executable program, how to reasonable allocation of budget resources, how to realize the process management in order to implement the plan, how to effectively motivate, are the core problems enterprise management, also produced a series of tools and methods. The age of the Internet, the implementation of the partnership in the professional on the basis, the implementation of accounting based on partnership, based on the implementation of accounting clear share into the law within the organization operation simple.

Thus, more and more enterprises to give up the KPI, balanced scorecard and other traditional management tools, began implementing the internal market operation pattern, and according to their contribution in good agreement to share common value share. Such as Haier’s “people, single, for integration, regardless of position, regardless of the organizational level. The company shall be in accordance with the object under each service value, realize the value of obtaining the corresponding returns.

3, from the management of human resources to the development of talent

The partnership mechanism, sharing mechanism, nature also had a major revolution of Internet enterprise human resources direction is from taking performance as the main line to the talent development as the main line. The main value of the old human resources incentive light development, I think everyone is feeling, that talent is very important, but today is still ism, the formation and development of effective system of real talent not many enterprises, but how to do the evaluation, how to do a good job motivation, continue to improve the value of each one of these contributions, is the focus of the work of human resources. But in the Internet era, the value of evaluation and incentive problems have been solved: class market mechanisms for everyone how much income, the contribution value depends on the make, instead of human resources through job evaluation, operation ability evaluation such as to measure. At the same time, the Internet era innovation, Ping The characteristic of the winner to eat, the need for talent is unprecedented. Therefore, the acquisition and development of talent is the theme of human resources in the Internet age.

In the traditional enterprise, human resources management in solving the enterprise labor compliance, internal harmonious atmosphere, personnel management on a regular basis, around the value creation, value evaluation and value distribution line, in order to better radiate employee passion for the purpose of conducting a series of management activities. After 1990s, the innovation has become the enterprise the theme of business background, and increased around the talent standard, personnel selection, personnel training and the use of a line, with the purpose of enhancing the ability of sustained, another series of management activities. The age of the Internet, the two line is the essence of human resource management has not changed, but the method has undergone a tremendous way change. The former is based on partnership mechanism, sharing mechanism to implement, will be changed to the original management behavior of market behavior, which is based on specialization, partnership for the protection of the original Management behavior is converted to collaborative behavior.

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