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Take charity as a business and run it with an investment perspective

Today’s philanthropy is not just about giving money. As America’s largest foundation, the retired Gates runs it with a shrewd business mind. Custom high precision American Workmanship CNC turning part

The Gates have said that they should donate 95% of their total wealth in their lifetime. Custom high precision American Workmanship CNC turning part

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was formed by the merger of the Gates Education Foundation and the William Gates Foundation. Custom high precision American Workmanship CNC turning part

By the end of March 2006, the foundation had donated more than $10 billion since its predecessor in 1994, half of which went to global health and the top 1/4 to education.

But what they’re doing is not just paying. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is different from a mere donor. It’s the implementation of Carnegie’s modern concept of philanthropy, which looks at philanthropy in an “investment” way: the donor community must reach its intended goal.

The Gates couple set out several investment principles for the foundation’s assets: first, if the business is considered “evil”, then no investment. For example, tobacco companies. The Bill Gates have made it clear that investment in tobacco companies is prohibited under all circumstances. Second, they do not invest in businesses that are in conflict of interest with either or both of the Bill Gates. Custom high precision American Workmanship CNC turning part

The foundation conducts regular reviews as a basis for the next donation. To make their contributions truly beneficial to the poor, the Gates and Mrs. Gates carefully manage every external contribution of the foundation.

The investment of foundation funds is also the focus of Bill and Melinda. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation works in a way that makes good investments– high returns– some of the proceeds go to charity. Residual income and principal continue to be invested.

Large amounts of capital are invested in order for the foundation to survive and grow. The Gates Foundation regularly publishes its holdings of stocks, funds and all other investment products online on the tax returns. Custom high precision American Workmanship CNC turning part

At the SEC’s request, they file their investment positions with the SEC on a quarterly basis, and the public can find them on the SEC’s website.

Bill is a man of risk diversification and balanced investment, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s investments also follow Bill’s investment philosophy.

The foundation’s investments are known for its “diversity” and “conservatism.” part of the foundation’s money is also invested in China’s stock market through QFII through professional managers. Wechat ID: lean production Promotion Center.

Of the entire Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project, more than $6.43 billion was invested in short-term investments, and $21 billion in bonds, cash and other projects. Investments in stocks accounted for $5.24 billion.

The Bill Gates couple personally served as co-chairs of the foundation, spending more effort on monitoring the foundation’s foreign investment and donations, especially since Bill Gates gradually retired from Microsoft. In the specific asset management, will also give guidance advice. Custom high precision American Workmanship CNC turning part

According to the Gates’ wishes, the foundation’s assets will be donated within 50 years of their death, so that more people can continue to donate.

Shrewd business strategies and long-term vision allowed the Gates to set off a philanthropic revolution as great as Microsoft itself.

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