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The chairman’s working time WeChat sent a red bag for the fastest staff of 500 yuan

“It was recently pulled into the group by employees, so this time it was tested with this’ novel ‘method.” China Manufacturer of  precision machining

Chairman Luo said that the company belongs to a special industry, and it is closely related to the safety of thousands of families. It can not afford to be careless.

Grab grab or not? “On the morning of 4 at about 10, Yang Hai (a pseudonym) of the WeChat group, the chairman made a red envelope, he fought his excitement, not the nerve to this is the first bite to eat crabs.

Next, his embarrassment was transformed into congratulate: in the afternoon, the company issued a penalty notice, and the first three cards of the red envelope were fined 500 yuan per person. The reason is to play cell phones at work time.

More than 10 yuan in the morning was punished by 500 yuan

In the afternoon of January 4th, a group of company’s punishment bulletin was circulated in a company in Chengdu. According to a person familiar with the matter, a company had punished 500 yuan for robbing a red envelope in WeChat group. China Manufacturer of  precision machining

It is understood that the 3 men robbed the envelopes in the working time, the rest of the staff at about 12 to start. In the afternoon, 3 people work in time to grab the red envelope received a penalty notice. “The best of luck, will grab 10 yuan.” employees said, it’s not worth it.

The employee also said that the company sent a notice before QQ group, one of which is “from January 1, 2016, during the period of work, it is forbidden to play cell phone, chat WeChat, make friends circle. The company headquarters office receives anonymous reports at any time.”

Employees said that three thousand or four thousand of the wages, if a penalty was 500 yuan, or some pain, but “private enterprise, the boss said the calculation.”

Boss: the red bag is still in the middle

After tossing and turning, the reporter contacted the chairman of the company Mr. He said, more by the end of things, oneself are now on a business trip on the way. He told the Chengdu Daily reporter, red is his own hair, red envelopes at 10 o’clock in the morning, “I want to send a red envelope to see which work in earnest.” he said, the company announced that the work banned from playing mobile phone, “since I announced a red envelope try”. As a result, he made a 60 yuan red envelope in the group, just send someone grab hands.

In the afternoon, he informed the office of finding red envelopes during work and punished according to the relevant regulations. He thought he would not work seriously if he played the mobile phone.

“Recently, employees were dragged into the group, so this time we used this new method to test.” Mr. Luo said that he didn’t play the mobile phone at work time and usually didn’t make good spot checks. I didn’t expect a red envelope to try out.

“If it’s young people, even if they are, some of them are thirty or forty years old. They are also middle-level cadres in the company. Some of them are still at the headquarters of the company.” Mr. Luo said that the members of the group whose red envelopes are in the middle of the company.

Reason: the company belongs to the special industry

Mr. Luo said that the company’s gas industry is a special industry, which is closely related to the safety of thousands of households. It is not allowed to be careless. It is always strict in peacetime. When managers work at such a level, the employees below will surely not manage well.

Mr. Luo said: for example, one night he went to a station check in Gansu, have come to the front of the employees, employees are still playing mobile phone, finally the employee was discouraging. “We all emphasize the sense of responsibility, slightly careless accident is easy.” he sighed and said, now a lot of employees are not to understand.

50 years old this year, he also said that his own early, now feel more and more difficult to manage employees, especially employees things much too large pressure, little thing and not to work seriously. At present, a total of more than 600 people, he in order to understand the thinking of you, will join the various staff in the group.

During the interview, the company in charge of the office of Mr. Yi also told reporters asking, “what is the staff said to you?” he explained that enterprises usually strict, can not alone in an interview, “the industry is rather special, but disclose other information. When reporters are in my circle of friends to see information and in the chat, he asked the reporter said,” listen to your accent is Leshan? We have a company in Leshan. “The reporter denied, he asked:” you live in the south? XXX also live there. ”

Lawyer’s opinion: occupation of working hours is not punishable by the labor law

There had also been cases in which employees had been fined for robbing red envelopes at work, a labour dispute lawyer said at the time: “there is a labor employment relationship between employees and companies, and the company pays wages and benefits. It is not right to work long hours in private work, but on the other hand, the company penalizes employees to comply with the Labor Law. Fines need to be assessed, capped, and not too arbitrary. That’s how we can protect the interests of both parties. ”

Mr. Yang of real estate agency: this is only a means of management, in order to facilitate management, any method can be tried.

Citizen Liao Lei: this method can really make an example of a hundred.

Onlooker’s opinion: red packet fishing

Citizen Mou: “this is too impersonal, feel a little fishing law enforcement.” this way of drawing the snake out of the hole is likely to cause staff aversion.

Company employee: I hear this group is set up to send red envelopes, the boss also likes to give a few when drinking and drinking.

Ms Chen, bank clerk: we should establish more channels of communication and keep the communication open up and down, so that we can get together with the masses.

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