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Workplace Old Bird Talk: Regarding work, have you done it, or have you done it?

Sister had a monthly salary of three thousand, edited the manuscript full of loopholes, my anger pound the table, she was back to the sentence: “Three thousand a month salary, you go nuts,” her words very interesting brooding, as We bought a shop, and It took two days to break, and then we calmed down: what would you like to spend on the money to buy it? Of course, their subtext is that if you give me 8,000, I’ll do it well, of course. But the problem is that the boss has paid a penny, you have to take three thousand wages, the first manifested the value of eight thousand, the boss was ready to pay. assuring the quality

When I joined the company, my salary was also 3,000, but I rose to 8,000 in the second month. Because each time to copy, the boss, I not only wrote on the spot, but also with two or more versions let him come get: one, as he was asked to write, and the other is my proposed solution.
At that time, I did not think of them openings, just because I like to write, will ponder how to write better, and because you appreciate your own text, that text from my hand, my personal brand relationships are so cautious. In my opinion, this is a matter of course, but after more than 20 Chinese doctoral students, they found this attitude scarce. Those who read more than the average person seven languages, write their own do not want to see things, words, punctuation, grammar mistakes shocking, ignorant about the relevant background knowledge, let alone take care of the layout really It looks gorgeous out, but it’s not nice with pictures. assuring the quality
They worry about whether they want to work overtime or not, and those who want to do their paperwork will not think about it. As the text below the grinding effort may not see in the end – otherwise it will not Cao Xueqin “overtime” Ten years, also could not finish a Red House. Ask what to do, is not the case? Judging whether a person who works well or not does “not work overtime” is by no means a talent the company needs because their attitude to work is more “done” than “done”. assuring the quality
For example, at the door of the McDonald’s near our company, there is an aunt who looks at the bike. In the summer she will give all the cars covered with plastic tarpaulins that she brings. If the customer removes the car, she will laugh with a damp cloth and wipe the pillow so you can cool off. She never spoke, but many people volunteered to give her a dollar, and she kept saying thank you. see aunt and other people the difference between the car is “good” and “to do” gap – in the form of money, the gap is doubled, in terms of performance, the gap can not be estimated.
I completely understand the idea of ​​some new people: do not want to mix long here, why so hard? Who will work in a company for a lifetime? In China, less than 10% of companies can live longer than three years, and each of us is on the way to better companies and better jobs. The difference is that great people everywhere are given a solid foundation. assuring the quality
“If you do not like it, you can not take it with you.” This “industry” might like to explain this: First, the skills that are well done and the first that is good. With this “industry” you can not find the stage. However, this “industry” is not white – if you earn 3,000 yuan a month, you have to do something like a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan. The 5,000 that you do not get is teaching for the cultivation of the “industry”. assuring the quality

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