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Tencent internal talent management secret

As the top boss of talent management work, Pony has been pondering how Tencent can help senior talents grow continuously. automotive parts
In addition to the well-known CEO of China’s largest Internet company, Ma Huateng is also the head of the Executive Committee of Tencent Human Resources Management. automotive parts

From this identity, it is easy to see that Ma Huateng pays attention to internal management. Among them, the training and management of senior personnel is the top priority of Tencent human resource management. Low-profile and pragmatic Tencent does not deliberately pursue subversive innovations. From the management point of view, it does not play earth-shattering actions and seeks continuous optimization.

However, observing Tencent’s talent management strategy, giants have been cautious in seeking innovation, such as the guidance of the annual plan, the most simplified assessment tools, and the matching of senior talent needs, all of which are characteristics of Internet company management. automotive parts

1 from top to bottom
Lead by example
Ma Huateng bluntly
“The biggest challenge I face is the scarcity of talent. It is a headache. We have always welcomed talented people to join us and we all work together to make a difference.”
In order to solve the problem of shortage of talents, Tencent has continuously introduced professional managers in recent years. These senior talents complement Tencent and make up for the shortcomings of Tencent. Chen Shuanghua, general manager of Tencent’s human resources department, said in an interview earlier that Ma, the highest boss in talent management work, has been pondering how Tencent can help senior talents continue to grow. automotive parts

Since 2005, Tencent has begun to consciously find professional managers and founders Ma and other “doubles.” Ma Huateng, who specializes in product technology, matches Liu Chiping, who is good at corporate operations, and has become Tencent’s most successful working partner. Ma Huateng believes that high-level professional managers can solve the company’s professionalism in management, but “the company’s ‘elders’ have professional managers do not have the advantages,” just as he himself can grasp the user needs and other technical aspects can be done well, these The advantage of “abandonment is very wasteful.”

In the face of senior talents, the traditional training methods are no longer applicable, and deliberately making a difference is not Tencent’s style. Therefore, a concept that has been brewing for a long time – the “Guiding Year” has been raised and recognized by Ma Huateng. automotive parts

The so-called guidance year requires leaders at all levels to use the standardized tools and processes developed by the human resource team to provide coaching services for subordinates’ performance and development. He began with leaders such as Ma Huateng at the highest level and implemented them in the core team of the General Office. Thanks to the good results, these two years have spread from the top level to the middle level. The human resources department has designed a high-level forum for this purpose, and has customized tutorials and opened a tutorial area on the intranet. These tools and methods allow the company’s founders and executives to provide guidance for subordinates. “If Tencent pays attention to the guidance year, it depends on whether the boss pays much attention to it. Then, does Pony (Ma Huateng) have any guidance for other people?” Chen Shuanghua said. automotive parts

How does Ma Huateng coach subordinates? Just as he is often given the “top product manager” role, the exchange of products with Ma Huateng is most valuable.

It is in the participation of Ma Huateng that QQ Mailbox has evolved from an early clumsiness and complexity into a simple and refreshing version that is acclaimed today. Now the most popular mobile instant messaging application WeChat is also from Tencent Guangzhou R&D Department where QQ Mailbox is located. This unique product is called “Tencent’s Most Literary Fan Product” by Ma. automotive parts

As closely communicated with the QQ mailbox team that year, the interaction between Ma Huateng and the WeChat team is also frequent and full of passion.

Zhang Xiaolong, vice president of Tencent and general manager of R&D in Guangzhou, said to Ma that “he will spend a lot of thought on it and any comments will be made”. Ma Huateng often e-mailed to discuss the user experience of WeChat seriously, such as WeChat’s shake function, really good, but to do the most extreme simplification, so that opponents do not want to micro-innovation when they want to imitate. Ma Huateng pursued the perfection of details. Many of his details on Wechat such as fonts, pixels, dialogs, etc., will bring inspiration to the R&D team. automotive parts

Although this is not a direct and explicit guidance in terms of form, it has spread Tencent’s “product first” culture and way of thinking deeply into the company.

Starting from the company’s top leader, Ma Huateng, he carefully counseled the actual work of subordinates, and Tencent’s emphasis on implementation and guidance in the implementation of the guidance year is evident. Tencent implemented the “Year of Coaching” project, which did not spend too much cost, but received good results. It not only reserves the leadership talent for the company, but also promotes the development of Tencent’s corporate culture – leaders should be responsible for the development of employees. Tencent’s success in recent years is partly due to Tencent’s strong implementation of the coaching year program from the top down, and the company’s continued emphasis on the corporate culture of team building and development. automotive parts

2 simple and effective method
Comprehensive assessment of talent

Just like the user experience of WeChat, Tencent’s ability to evaluate high-level talents and implement the simplest and most effective tools are used to evaluate the overall capabilities of radar charts. automotive parts

“Frankly speaking, Tencent is not a company that pursues innovation. In terms of human resources, Tencent’s strength lies in the fact that we continuously and steadily implement our approved evaluation ideas. After each year of mechanism optimization, we will use some basic and relatively simple scientific tools. , To make the project better and better.” Chen Shuanghua said.

The radar chart method is a method of comprehensive evaluation of financial conditions adopted by the Japanese business community to evaluate the overall strength. The integrated financial figure drawn in this way looks like a radar, so this is the name. Due to its powerful multi-dimensional comprehensive analysis capability, radar charts are widely used in product competitiveness analysis and other fields. In the field of human resources, in recent years, some creative large companies have used radar charts as a tool for employees’ comprehensive ability assessment. automotive parts

Tencent’s comprehensive assessment of the comprehensive capabilities of senior personnel can be presented using only a radar chart.

such as:
Tencent has seven dimensions of vertical assessment of senior personnel, namely: integrity, passion, team management and personnel training, overall view, forward-looking changes, professional decision-making, and user experience;
There are four dimensions of horizontal assessment, namely: management of self, management work, management team, management strategy/change. automotive parts

Tencent’s annual 360-degree competency assessment invites the appraisers’ superior, level, subordinate, and inter-departmental partners to perform a 360-degree comprehensive evaluation of the appraiser from the above dimensions. Finally, the assessment results of four horizontal dimensions and seven vertical dimensions are connected together to form a radar chart of evaluation results.

Chen Shuanghua introduced: “For example, for a project that is being evaluated, there will be an even score for the person who is being assessed at the same level. If the score is higher than the average, the radar chart will tell you where the higher score is, and the benefits are Where does everyone comment on you? If your score is below the average, the radar chart will tell you where the low score is, what is bad, and how people are evaluating you.” automotive parts

The human resources management methods used by large enterprises are the same. Tencent implements the idea of “using the most simple and effective tools continuously and steadily”. The radar chart exactly meets the needs of Tencent.

The multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation method of radar charts allows Tencent to evaluate the dynamic trends of the comprehensive capabilities of talents. The appraisers themselves can use this to clearly understand the changes in integrated capabilities and the good and bad trends, and see where they need to work. automotive parts

3 Respect for individual differences
Flexible matching to optimize employee experience

With the continuous influx of senior talents, their differentiated needs become more apparent. How can we match various needs due to new challenges? “This is the key to determining whether Tencent can use advanced talents,” said Chen Shuanghua. automotive parts

They must consider the possibility of various forms of recruitment and use more flexible modes of cooperation. automotive parts

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