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Do you believe it? The fourth industrial revolution is controlled by China.

When you look at the era of industrialization on a larger time scale, ten years, twenty years, or even fifty years, you will understand that the future of an industrialized society is ultimately human and industrialized. brass / bronze CNC machining

What is industrialization? In essence, industrialization is the use of machine-building machines. That problem arises. Who will design the machines that make machines? Who will build it? Who will eventually even operate?

I know that a lot of people in China have become very vocal about Europe, or that Germans have become worshippers. I also admit that in some areas at present, those European products that have accumulated over a long period of time are indeed better than ours. However, if we only see these, then I can only say that those blind worshippers did not understand even the most essential things of industrialization. brass / bronze CNC machining

The topic is “Controlling the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” But in my opinion, this topic is really a great irony when it comes to choosing the truth in Europe. If there is a place that is absolutely impossible to lead the fourth industrial revolution, I definitely vote for Europe first.

Which is the world’s largest industrial country? Is it the United States? Is it Germany? Is it Japan? Is it Russia? No, don’t look around, the answer is the country that stands under your feet, China. brass / bronze CNC machining

The scale of the big history

When you look at the era of industrialization on a larger time scale, ten years, twenty years, or even fifty years, you will understand that the future of an industrialized society is ultimately human and industrialized.

Whether in the United States and the Soviet Union, or in Germany, Japan, or any industrial society, the industrial population not only directly determines the size of the industrial economy, but also determines the complexity or advanced level of the industrial system. brass / bronze CNC machining

Because the development trend of modern industry is more and more detailed division of labor, more and more complex products, more and more basic accessories. To ensure the normal operation of the industry, it is not enough to lock the technology in the library and look for it when it is used. Even if it is found that there is a problem with practice and perfection, it is even more unlikely that there will be progress – no one can carry out secondary development based on unintelligible knowledge.

Therefore, in the core part of the industry, every basic accessory must have at least one full-time staff member to reserve and improve the production process. brass / bronze CNC machining

With the development of industrialization, the complexity of the industrial population and industrial technology that the core industry occupies and the number of basic accessories have increased in the same proportion. However, the core industry does not constitute a complete society by itself. It also requires the tertiary industries such as the consumer goods industry, construction industry, transportation, commerce, service industry, administration, military, and social security, as well as labor in the primary industries such as mining and agriculture. Cooperate. With these people in place, the entire industrial system can operate smoothly, and each member of society can have a relatively easy and rich life. brass / bronze CNC machining

Coupled with these labor-rearing children and the elderly, it can be roughly estimated that the population needed for an independent industrial system is about 10 times the number of basic parts, and at least not less than 5 times.

In the middle and late 19th century, the industrial system had only a steam engine. At that time, the most complicated industrial product was nothing more than an ironclad ship. There were hundreds of thousands of components in an ironclad ship. Therefore, an industrial country at that time needed nearly a million people to meet its core industries. The industrial country of Belgium also has a population of 4 million. brass / bronze CNC machining

After the second industrial revolution at the beginning of the 20th century, two categories of electrical appliances and chemical products were added. The types of basic components of the industrial system have also been multiplied several times. Ten million core industrial labor forces are required to maintain the integrity of the industrial system. At this time, the powers of Belgium no longer included the Belgians. The least populous country in France is 40 million people. Moreover, France’s industrial system is not complete. If Germany, with more than 60 million people, comes in, it must play under the support of Britain and the United States. World War I. brass / bronze CNC machining

During the “World War II” period, the number of basic components increased to several million. Correspondingly, 65 million Germans could wage a war, while France went out one month after the war. However, Germany must also abandon the development and production of super weapons such as strategic bombers, aircraft carriers, and atomic bombs. Japan, which has a similar population, can build aircraft carriers but does not produce decent tanks. Only the U.S., with a population of 100 million, is on both sides of the sea. The Soviet Union lacks a reserve in naval technology, but tanks, artillery, and rocket launchers can always put pressure on Germany.

When the world enters the nuclear age, a complete industrial system needs to be composed of tens of millions of industrial basic accessories. This determines that only the industrial country with a population of 100 million, that is, the United States and the Soviet Union, is eligible to become a world class. Other industrial countries can only be vassals. . Although both Britain and France are permanent members of the Security Council and have strategic nuclear weapons, they can only face the fate of the world. brass / bronze CNC machining

In the middle and late Cold War period, the number of industrial parts has further increased to more than 30 million, and the population of about 200 million people in the United States and the Soviet Union has been fully occupied by various industrial sectors, and it is difficult to further develop into a more complex industrial society. However, both the United States and the Soviet Union are absolutely not willing to maintain the situation in this bipolar world. They all hope to continue to expand industrial forces, develop more new types of weapons, extend the industrial chain, continue to increase their industrial complexity, and technically overwhelm each other. Incorporate more industrial population into its own Cold War confrontation system. brass / bronze CNC machining

Under such circumstances, the United States has shifted the civilian industry abroad, while continuing to possess the products of these factories with financial means, supporting the local population, and concentrating its efforts on engaging in an arms race with the Soviet Union. This is equivalent to increasing the industrial population of the country without introducing immigration and increasing pressure on agriculture and social welfare.

In this way, Japan, Germany, and China in the 1980s all contributed to the U.S. industrial labor force needed for the Cold War, increased the industrial complexity of the U.S. side, and promoted U.S. high-tech upgrading. brass / bronze CNC machining

On the other hand, the population of the Soviet Union has only 200 million of its own plus tens of millions of Eastern European countries. It must compete with the global system under the control of the United States and can only continue the kind of technological industry system that was more suitable for combat readiness before the Second World War. The way to achieve high efficiency in the application of technology, so that their own industrial systems have lost the ability to upgrade themselves.

On the other hand, the lack of population also forced the Soviet Union to concentrate its limited population on military and heavy industries. At the time of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the total population of the Soviet Union was only 280 million, but there were 70 million industrial workers, with an average of four Soviets. There are 1 industrial workers, the vast majority of them in the military and heavy industry sectors. This directly led to the long-term shrinkage of the civil industry in the Soviet Union and eventually collapsed. brass / bronze CNC machining

The empire under the river

From the above perspective, Europe’s ultimate integration process is not because of the EU’s thinking. It is that if the industrial population and manufacturing capacity of the 20 or more countries in Europe are not integrated into a multi-billion-scale entity, Europe cannot sustain itself. .

However, according to the current EU birth rate and population size, the third industrial revolution, that is, its limit, the fourth industrial revolution requires the complexity of the entire industrial chain and the number of industrial workers, the EU can not afford . brass / bronze CNC machining

The industrial revolution is a process of accumulating from quantitative changes to qualitative changes. After each industrial revolution, new technological means will greatly increase manufacturing precision. Once the accuracy of the machine is increased, the next change is the machine that can make more complex products. The more complex the product, the more parts it contains, and the parts need to be manufactured. Therefore, how many parts in an industrial system basically require the number of workers and technicians to master the manufacturing process.

In the final analysis, a country must maintain a sufficient industrial population to maintain the continuous upgrading of the industrial system. Whenever a more complex machine emerges, only if enough workers and technicians are recruited can industry upgrading be carried out. Only a country with enough population can spare all its opponents in the industrial upgrading again and again. brass / bronze CNC machining

On the contrary, if the industry chain has been lengthened to use up the population base, it will only be able to dismantle the old ones. Every country will keep the military industry that is used to save lives in its hands. The industry that has been demolished is first and foremost a civil industry that can make money and roll forward. When the civil industry is demolished, the machine tool and industrial equipment manufacturing industry will chase it. Civilian industry is a big customer, leaving only the military industry.

Although the military industry often represents the highest level of technology in a country, guns made by the military can no longer be used to build other machines. Once there is no civilian industry in the country, the military industry cannot transfer military advanced technology to other industries. There is no way to realize the industrialization cycle by using machines to build machines and using older machines to build more advanced machines. As long as other people’s industrialization cycles are working and new generations of technologies have been accumulated, those former empires will soon be nothing. brass / bronze CNC machining

In the foreseeable future, the whole Europe will be like a domino array, one country after another, from Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, these swine countries, to England and France, and finally Germany. If there is anything that is irresistible objective historical law, this is the case. brass / bronze CNC machining

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