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This is a decline in a factory. . .

When a factory is in the development stage, some factories are advancing steadily toward higher goals, but many factories are still declining in expansion! The following story may be seen many times, but this phenomenon is a true portrayal of many factories, it is worth every plant manager to think deeply! brass fabrication

Once there was a hill, there was a temple in the mountain, and there was a monk in the temple.

A monk carries water to eat, two monks carry water to eat, and three monks have no water to eat! brass fabrication

OK, the story begins!

When the abbot of the Zongsi learned that the poor water of the mountain could not be eaten, he sent a presiding officer and a secretary to jointly solve the problem.

After the abbot took office, the key to finding the problem was that the management was not in place. So he recruited some monks to set up a temple management department to formulate the division of labor.

In order to learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries, the temple selected Tang and other leading cadres to go abroad to study and learn from them; in addition, they also specifically paid for the Catholic Church, the priest of the Christian Church to teach MBA.

The foreign priest stayed away and left a few farts before leaving. One fart was called BPR and one fart was called ERP. brass fabrication

The secretary was not idle. He believed that the key to the problem was that the talents were not fully utilized and the temple culture was not well-established. Therefore, the Ministry of Human Resources and the Temple Trade Union were established, and they conscientiously took up positions for appointment and appointment. Transitions.

A few days later the results came out and the three monks began to desperately take water. However, the problem is how to pick and drink is not enough.

Not only that, the young monks are busy with water and no one reads the scriptures in the temple. As time goes by, fewer and fewer guests come to burn incense and incense money becomes more limited.

In order to solve the income problem, the Temple Management Department and the Human Resources Department held several meetings in a row, and finally decided to set up a special water-pulling department responsible for logistics and a dedicated burning department to take charge of the market. brass fabrication

At the same time, in order to better carry out the work, the temple promoted more than a dozen monks as deputy abbots and abbots’ assistants, and appointed small abbots, deputy abbots, and small abbots’ assistants in each department.

The old problem has finally been eased, but new problems can follow. Monks in charge of chanting at the front desk always complained that the thirsty water was not enough to drink, and the monk in the background was also complaining about the shortage of manpower, the demand for water was too large and there was no standard, and it was not good to wait.

In order to better resolve this contradiction, after a meeting and research decision, a new department was set up: the Drinking Water Response Department was specifically responsible for coordinating the contradiction between the front and back offices. brass fabrication

In order to facilitate communication and coordination, each department has set up a link with the monk. Although coordination has been achieved, the effect is not ideal. After careful study, the original result was due to the inaccurate water demand and insufficient number of wells.
Then each department held several meetings and decided to strengthen the forecast of drinking water at the front desk of the chanting monks and the chanting monk’s satisfaction rating on the water-fighting monks, so that the front and back offices could sign agreements, score each other, and improve the assessment mechanism.

In order to facilitate the assessment, the monastery has purchased several computer systems, including the water collection statistics system, the incense counting system, the general pilgrim donation analysis system, the big pilgrim donation analysis system, etc. At the same time, the incense money management department and the incense money account department have been established. , Drilling Strategy Research Department, Drilling Construction Department, Drilling Maintenance Department, etc.

Since the numbers of each system are inaccurate and inconsistent, a technical development center was established to take charge of the maintenance and secondary development of each system.

Due to too many departments and insufficient office space, the monastery set up a comprehensive ministry to solve this problem, and finally decided to turn the monastery into an office area. The pilgrims burned incense only outside the gate. brass fabrication

There are many departments and officials, and there are naturally many documents and meetings. In order to reduce the Wenshan Sea, the General Office took the lead in convening N meetings to reduce the number of meetings, and issued a “document on reducing documents.”

At the same time, in order to streamline the organization and improve efficiency, the monastery has also set up a streamlining agency office, an organizational reform research department and other departments.

Everything seemed reasonable, but the issue of incense money and drinking water could not be solved. Where are the problems? Some monks proposed to open a monthly analysis meeting, so the Business Analysis Department came into being. brass fabrication

Analysis requires a lot of data and reports, but the system can not always do, so each department has assigned some monks manual statistics, fill in the statements, and work for the system.

The monastery is bustling with unprecedented popularity. Some monks are desperately fighting for water, some monks are desperately chanting the Scriptures, some monks are desperately coordinating, some monks are desperately analyzing… busy and busy, the water is not enough to drink, incense money is not enough use.

What are the reasons? The monk said that the process was not smooth and that the monk said that the task decomposition was unreasonable. The monk said that the department’s duties were unclear and the monk said that the assessment was not enough.

Only three people know the key to the problem. The three people are the first three monks. To tell you, there are too many fucking idlers! They said: “Analyze the farts all day long! What fucking process problems, responsibilities, interface problems, assessment problems, obviously the problem of institutional bloated! It’s not as good as we used to think about self-discipline! Now it’s good to get such a large group of brain damage, one after another fucking people five to six, with dumplings are thrown off! brass fabrication

The three people were unbearable, reported boldly, and asked for more manpower to carry water. After crossing several levels, the chair and the secretary finally received this request, after summing up and analyzing quarterly meetings of various departments.

After several fierce discussions, some monks could be drawn from other departments to support them. However, these monks who came from across the departments did not pick up water, but they also asked the monks who took the water and asked the water-fighting monk to ask again. , He is the person in charge of the monk team who is carrying water. After the assessment of the organizational department of the Directorate General, the three monks were more than professional and had insufficient managerial capacity. After encouraging and persuasion, the status quo was maintained.

After another year, the monastery was yellow and most of the monks died: People found several dead bodies by the well and were exhausted; thousands of dead bodies were discovered in the temple and they were thirsty. brass fabrication

There are still a few monks who are not thirsty. They have moved to other monasteries. They are “high-level monks” and have brought “advanced management experience.”

This is why many factories are closing down: The headquarters is getting bigger and bigger, the grassroots is getting more and more busy, the costs are getting higher and higher, and customers are getting more and more dissatisfied.

This is the characteristic of many Chinese factories. If we talk about individual things, everyone is sensible and clever. Once they are combined together, they can get a big eye and change their eyes. You count me, I count him, he counts you. As a result, these cleverness and intelligence have offset each other!

So, a group of smart people add up to a pile of two fools. brass fabrication

Who do you fall?
In the development of the factory, do not forget about the core of your survival. When your management is out of this core, the road to decline of the factory has already begun! brass fabrication

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