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The basic requirements of senior executives in 2018, have to admire after watching!

1 pattern    brass machining

People often say that when they are often mixed, they have no clinging. That is to say, during the work process, there are gossiping, criticism, helplessness, and behind-the-scenes that you are not good if you are an executive. It must have been a laugh. Someone who has heard about others saying bad things every day will be able to succeed. Who else has heard that every day, others are still able to perform, so they are broad-minded and not affected by some people. Degree, this kind of person can do the executives. This is a pattern. brass machining

2 sunny mood

Do not bring negative information to work. Don’t send bad information to Weibo and Wechat. Instead, learn to digest bad information, persist in the mentality of the sun, set the cloud to see the sun, and take everything you have in your youth. Demonstrated to this society, so that live in the moment, live interesting.

3 Days of Growth

Everyone grows every day and every day, use women as men, and use men as men, not real management. Treating ordinary people as outstanding is the real management. It requires us to grow faster.

4 Do an example first, then do management

First set an example, then do management, to the first line, to a new life, so only direct others, do not boldly do it, according to the system, will always be on paper, sooner or later is to be an accident. brass machining

5 Cultural Unity

It is believe that hard work, service, PK, such a culture, integrity, sunshine, and contagion, such a culture, is a very good culture, is the crystallization of the vast number of outstanding employees, is the embodiment of the value of each individual, all adherents Both have good performance, strong teams, and destroyers or non-executives. They are either very dangerous or have poor performance. Therefore, the culture is unified.

6 spiritual contract

Between executives, executives and companies, there are sometimes not many contacts, but there is a spiritual contract, do not depart, do not worship, pragmatic, support each other, the key time for the sake of the other side, this is the mind contract, represents the responsibility I believe that the spirit of commitment and love has been reflected. brass machining

7 Which

There is an important idea that we are a brick, where we need to move, jobs are not fat, do not talk chaos, follow the company’s unified arrangements, do things without complaints, the action is very simple, only in this way, the company’s vision With unified arrangements, corporate actions can be increased in efficiency so that the value of another executive can be maximized. The company’s sincere help to employees is to put employees in the best place, but may not be the favorite. But excellent executives accept, support, and have consistent interest points.

8 heart has ideal, spring blossoms

Those who have goals are motivated to do things seriously and step by step. Although they are far from the road, they are not big and they don’t do fake, they seriously build the system, and they complete the mission step by step. Only if they have ideals can they blossom. brass machining

9 every day, everybody makes a purchase

No sales, no good companies, no orders, no good employees, as a marketing company, do not have to discuss, that is to do their own performance, take the team forward.

10 pairs

It means that we must have the same capabilities, temperament, conditions and growth as people in China or in the world at the same level. If we want to be top executives, we must be good executives to be on the right place, take a look at our shortcomings, and then we must grow and we must be good. The company is on par. brass machining

11 head on the sky, face close to the ground

With your head on the sky, you stand up and do things. Faces are close to the ground and they are done one by one. Don’t look down, otherwise someone will laugh at you.

12 Germans must be coordinated

The greater the responsibility, the higher the position, the higher the morality requirement, and the more we must cultivate ourselves. We are all mortals, but we need constant efforts to grow up.

13 as parents

To be a parent and not to be a child, not to say that the company is not good every day and to say that others are not good, but to work hard to build our homes and improve the competitiveness of the company instead of seeing that the problems are not resolved, and seeing the lack of criticism. brass machining

14 help

To help the word is too good, that is to want others to help us, we must first help others, we must first let others feel our help, so employees we need help, customers need our help, only to help do our company Lively.

15 weakness

Learn to show weakness, learn to praise other companies, learn to share other companies with others, do not enemies, then you are excellent. brass machining

16 others as wealth

You treat others as gods of wealth. Others are gods of wealth. You treat others as enemies, and others become enemies.

17 stew

stew is a very great word. Only those who come out are the ones who respect people. Only those who are destitute can succeed. If you look at it all the time, if you look right, there will be great risks. So, let us linger together and enjoy your happiness. brass machining

18 can afford little money

Let you look down on the little money, then you can not earn big money, the money is not earned all of a sudden, but accumulated little by little, you understand the significance of this little money will become the real rich. brass machining

19 The Power of Belief

Only people who believe in strength can communicate with zero, without the power of believing, the other party will surely feel bad energy and unhealthy energy. In this way, it is difficult to make a major event. brass machining

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